Thursday, March 25, 2010

New York City Day Two: Besties in the City

When you live thousands of miles away from your best girlfriend, even a rainy day spent lolling around not doing much but doing it together is a dream.  And that's exactly what Jean Beaners and I did the Friday I was out in NYC.

As the rain began to fall we had nomnomnommy breakfast at Balthazar. First star sighting of the trip: artist  Rachel Feinstein. She was surprisingly average sized for a fashionista and sheathed in a Burberry trench.  

Then Jean Bean and I hit our SoHo favorites.  Left the dressing rooms at Top Shop less than thrilled, fell in love with Rebecca Taylor prints and mini Foley + Corinna bags at Bloomie's, and worshiped all the punchy lips, bed head hair, stripper-cum-chandelier heels and silk screened prints at Prada's altar.

My Miu Miu bird heels, the ONE thing I was ready to plunk down some serious change for, were nowhere to be found.  Wah!  The sweet shop boys told me they had sold out in NYC a few hours.

And when I told him I was from L.A. he confirmed he was pretty sure they were sold out all over the country.  Then, with stars in his eyes, he asked me what the Rodeo Drive Miu Miu store was like. Ha!

After several hours of window shopping in the rain, Jean Bean and I were parched and weary so we ducked into The Mercer Hotel for several rounds of cocktails.  For a couple of hours, we sprawled out like we owned the joint and intently discussed everything from careers to Italian to weddings to books to turbans to real estate to Lanvin.  I heart her.

During our time at The Mercer, we  had our second star sighting of the day:  Adam Levine of Maroon Five.  He was uber grungy and skinny and tatted with a bunch of similarly bearded hipsters.  I used to think he was hot but now not so much.

Before we knew it, it was time to pig out again.  So we braved the elements and ended up at Momofuku Noodle Bar.  We had pork and chicken buns and ramen.

Neither of us was too impressed.  Much preferred the ramen at Ippudo during my last trip to NY and the tasty pig dinner we all had at the other Momofuku outpost.

After dinner we met Jean Bean's work husband and her real life hubby-to-be at a total dump and kept the party going.  Had so much fun that I stopped taking pictures. A+ for living, F for blogging!

Wonderful  - if even for a day - to be part of a friend's life that you don't get to see every day anymore. Especially a fashionista friend who shares my love for bold lips.

You move back here nooooooooow, Bean!


WendyB said...

Just got a new lipstick today...purple-ish to match my new purple shades.

Anonymous said...

Love this post! Being away from your BFFs SUCKS! Glad you guys got to visit. Love the outfit you're wearing in the dressing room, you look so skinny!

Jean Bean said...

Sigh...perfect day, except for my hair. I miss yooooooo!


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