Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Scene
I had grand plans for my morning. Alas, the FIVE rounds of drinks I imbibed last night had a different plan for me. F. And to make matters worse I had a first round phone "meeting" scheduled!

Not sure how I managed it but I nailed the phone "meeting" and eventually got out the door. Tip: NYC is not the place to be hungover. Something is always flying at your balls and being a beat behind is not an option. For example almost got run over by a cab and caught in the subway doors within 5 minutes of leaving my hotel.

I eventually made it to Norma's at Le Meridian - busted but alive. Fell in love with Norma's during our December trip to NYC. Knew the crunchy French Toast sans the carmel would be the perfect cure for what ailed me.

Feeling a little better, I headed uptown to the Guggenheim for the Kadinsky exhibit only to find the museum is closed on Thursdays. Ughs to being hung over dumb.

Wanted to lay down in Central Park and take a nap but instead headed over to the Met.

Alas no Gossip Girls on the steps ;)

After getting my smart on, decided to get my bargain shopping on. At Century 21. Tried on loads of 60 percent off Marc but didn't find anything I absolutely loved. Left with only some Pucci and Missoni scarves for my mom and myself.

Peaches texted me with a tip that Racked was reporting Loehmann's had received a big shipment from Barney's. Love the Interwebs, love a Peach. When I got to the Chelsea Loehmann's the shoe department was a MADHOUSE. Wadded through alot of gross to get to these beauties. Prada. $199 down from $800. Only problem? They felt a bit tight. I rationalized that I had been walking around all day plus my feet were probably extra swollen with olive juice from last night's martinis. So I snapped up the heels and figured I'd check in the morning if they fit any better. If not, I could always return them. Fingers crossed.

Barely had any time to head to the hotel and get ready for another night of fun. Tonight, I met up with Mr. NBC in Soho. He nabbed an invite to his first fashion party ever: the opening soiree for the Seize Sur Vingt's new Soho store sponsored by Rolling Stone.

LOVED how natty all the hotties looked in their fancy pretty boy duds.

Did NOT love the vagines plastered all over the store. I am no Georgia O'Keefe.

After the party we met up with Jean Bean and Peach for a late dinner at Ippudo.

Almost died when I noticed I matched Bean's McQueen for Target leggings. A+++++

Didn't quite know what to expect from a Ramen place.

But let me tell you, I could eat it morning, noon and night. DEEEEEEEELISH! Love how Jean Bean ate it like a geisha and Peach like, well, the pig man he is.

We were all so busy eating and frankly still drunk from yesterday that we hardly drank our sake. Which meant SOMEONE had to stick the half full bottle in their purse. The things I do for my friends ;)

After dinner, Jean Bean suggested we hit the gay Thursday night dance party at B east. She heard Gaga had made an appearance a few weeks ago.

Sadly, Peach had to get up early for a doctor's appointment and Mr. NBC didn't have his, um, I.D. Epic fails on both their parts. But that didn't stop Jean Bean and I from partying beast style. Nearly died when I heard Tardy for the Party.

And then to make the night complete, Jean Bean's work bestie showed up.

LOVE THIS GORGEOUS SWEET TALENTED MAN! The first thing he did was ask me how my mom is. Adore.

Too bad Jean Bean and I couldn't keep up with him. When he headed to the dancefloor at 2 am, our old asses got in a cab. Lady Gaga we are not.

The Outfit
Forever 21 tank and jacket
Old Navy jeans

The Accessories
Tiffany knock off necklace
Chanel bag and sunglasses
BCBG boots
Anthropologie circle scarf
Fashion District bangles

The Grade

The Commentary
Felt like a damn mess all day. Not a hot mess. A drunk fugs PMSing mess with bangs that are growing out. The worst kind of mess.

Built the outfit around the gray jeans. So comfortable. And so do not scream Old Navy.

Figured gray would be a chic alternative to black in New York.

The green was my attempt at a bit of flair. Ironically it matched how I felt all day.

Been loving green lately.

So has Jennifer Garner and her stylist

Probably has alot to do with the furor over Chanel Jade.

For the evening look, I would have liked to rock Soho sassy

But who am I kidding - I'm more uptown princess

So I opted for the DVF animal print dress

Figured I had a great time in it during my last vacay in Palm Springs.

For tonight, I transitioned the dress from summer to fall by adding a blazer

And tights. The debut of the polka dot tights. YAYAYAYAY!

Never underestimate the power of tights to completely transform an outfit.

Think I fit in pretty well at Mr. NBC's party

The biggest trend I observed: oversize nerdy cool glasses. Loove. Need me a pair.

Also love the fact Jean Bean and I are both officially vintage. Tonight we were rocking blazers we bought over ten years ago. Hers is Jones NY. Mine is bebe. Both have just the right amount of shoulder pad.

Tonight I was reminded how blessed I am to have a girlfriend who despite a decade of living on different coasts, always has my back, always knows what to say, always makes me laughs, always inspires me. She is not a fre-nemy, she is not competitive or jealous or passive aggressive. She is not all the lame things women can be.

She is one vagina I love ;)


cyberob151 said...

Big fan of Ippudo. Even bigger fan of Ramen Setagaya on St. Marks but not the same atmosphere. It's more about the Ramen at Setagaya.

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Sounds like a rather busy day!

Ana said...

I'm loving your Diabolina in the City series! I'm headed to NYC in about a month and mentally planning my wardrobe already. Keep it coming!


Superlong post but loved all pictures, feeling closer to NY now :)

Rate Your Hairdresser said...

Fun and funky tights got me through last winter. Everything I was wearing was black, purple, red or gray, so some patterned tights well broke up the monotony.

Jean Bean said...

It's like amniotic fluid! I KEESS you.

Jean Bean said...

P.S. I learned it by watching you!


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