Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Scene
Started the day in the Village with our favorite boys.

Cafe Cluny was the perfect brunch spot for a lazy, hazy Saturday morning. Highly recommend the heavenly short rib hash. Try to sit near the Marc drawing on the wall. His withering stare will keep your pig ass from eating too much.

Another good appetite suppressant: an engagement party sitting at the table next to you. Blech. The men were wearing Burberry checked shirts, the women pearls and the table was covered with a bunch of stuff emblazoned with "SHE SAID YES!" on it. And the bride-to-be kept going over and over the engagement story. LOUDLY.

Peach and I wanted to throw up. We also wanted to walk around the city holding a balloon with "SHE SAID YES" on it. It's apparently a license to be obnoxious.

After brunch, Peach gave us a lovely tour of the Highline. Wished Mr. Architect had been there. Such an inventive use of public space.

Plus it gives you a great vantage point to see the city. And peep DVF's private glass encased apartment

After a good solid hour of walking without food, it was time for a little nibble

The only thing better than all the nomnomnoming this morning? Mr. D and Peach being adorable besties all day.

I mean it doesn't get much cuter than baby boys shopping together at Loehmann's while their mom returns her too small Prada shoes.

Well, actually it does. Picture those two pretty babies resale shopping. At the Decades Two popup store in Soho. I'm pretty sure I got a partial chubby.

And it wasn't just the sight of my two favorite boys pawing through Prada, Marni and Tom Ford. The selection at the Decades Two pop up was pristine. We're talking Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Louboutins, Lanvin, Balenciaga, Rick Owens. All 70 percent off retail.

Left with a new YSL animal print tote, Tory Burch patent leather booties, purple Marni platforms and a photo with the very sweet Christos. Remember him from the last Rachel Zoe Project episode with the Decades Two jewelry event?

Then it was time to - you guessed it - eat again. But Peach didn't have just any piggie meal planned for us. He had THE piggie meal planned.

Three weeks ago Peach snagged a highly coveted reservation for 7 of us at Momofuku (which means 'lucky peach': Coincidence? I think not!) He thought our visit would be the perfect excuse to try the bo ssam, an entire slow-roasted pork shoulder,

Ironically, despite being world class pigs, all of us were pretty nervous about what to expect. I mean have you ever eaten an entire pig? Like on purpose? And in public?

So we had a round of cocktails in nervous giddy anticipation

Then it was time for the defining moment of all our pig lives.

We got beautiful lettuce and sauces to make little piggie tacos.

But the unexpected treat none of us saw coming: OYSTERS. Brilliant.

That first bite of pork with oyster was quite possibly the most unique, most delicious, most unexpected thing I have ever put in my mouth (that's what she said.)

Brought a tear to my eye.

Left Peach speechless

The 7 of us didn't do alot of talking during the meal. We were all hard at work pigging.

Afterward we popped next door to Milk Bar for dessert. Yes, dessert. How can you pass up something called Crack Pie?

Mr. D was quite afeard but he was soon lapping up the yummy with the rest of us. So proud of him.

Since it was such a pretty night - and since we'd inhaled an entire pig and crack - we decided to walk to Peaches' house.

On the way home, we stopped by Fishs Eddy for one of the most random shopping sprees of all time. For nearly an hour, all 7 of us wandered around the store squealing like bougie pigs at all the adorable flatware and kitchenwares. God we are old and domesticated.

When we finally made it home, the unthinkable happened: we couldn't find the USC game on TV. Turned into command central as the boys tried to find a solution.

Meanwhile I went into a food induced coma and Jean started drinking

Thanks to Mr. Producer and Slingbox we finally found the game. Which ended up being a blow out.

Beautiful night for a Trojan smackdown. Perfect end to a wonderful trip.

The Outfit
Forever 21 tunic, sleeveless vest and jacket
American Apparel leggings

The Accessories
Chanel bag
Tory Burch flats
H&M scarf

The Grade

The Commentary

Knew there was the threat of rain today so I opted for my new green jacket over my leather jacket.

Thought it'd be a cool alternative to a trench coat

Didn't want to wear just another leggings/boot look today for the rain

So I opted for the faux leather ones from American Apparel and my Tory BUTCH flats. Hipper, more water resistant look :)

The hat also came in handy to protect the Brazilian Blowout from the rain.

Though I wish I rocked it as cute as Fashion Bananas does.

Best accessory of the night goes to - duh - Jean Bean. But tonight it wasn't her usual fashionable flair that caught my attention. It was her DISTURBING monkey's paw socks. Creepy, no????

The best animal accessory of the day would have been the piggie snouts I wanted us all to wear at dinner. Spent a good hour looking for them at several Ricky's. This pacificer was the closest thing we found. Can you imagine how aaaaaaaaaamazing a table full of pigs eating pig would have been?


weezermonkey said...

(1) I am very excited that you got to visit The High Line. I'm sure dapotato is, too.

(2) Which momofuku restaurant did you visit? Was it ko? If so, I am so jealous! We had lunch at ssam bar and weren't impressed, but I know that ko is all the rage.

ShoeZQ said...

I just had an orgasm looking at that sea of shoes. Seriously.

Kimberly said...

Looks like another fabu day in NYC. I have that same H&M scarf - love the mix of colors it has!

Jean Bean said...

I broke the leggings/pants rule but it was a special day.

Rachee said...

Can't wait to see all your goodies! mmm, pig and oysters? sounds nom nom.

Kate said...

Super entertaining post! Loved it. Especially loving Trojan-ness of it all. God, I love USC.

Sable Crow said...

I'm so excited!!! What a night! I've been spying the Fishs Eddy site for months now!! Loverly.

Kanishka said...

Monkey paw sucks are the strange but fascinating. I want.


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