Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Going Green: Fashion and Makeup

It started with Chanel. Most of my naughty obsessions do.

Can't seem to get enough of green lately - dresses, jewelry, shoes, jackets. You name it, I'm loving it and wanting to eat it like a Big Mac.

And since I've been more focused on makeup lately than ever I've also been seeking out inspiration for incorporating green into my beauty arsenal. Finding that it is one of those colors that is equally flattering on light and dark eyes.

I've been applying a light touch to keep it from looking too dated and severe. Layering it over black shadow and mixing it with brown to match my accessories.

The products I've been playing with are all rediscovered gems already in my makeup bag: a Bobbi Brown eye palette, a Chanel eyeliner in Jade, L'Oreal HIP dual shadow and MAC shadow in Swimming. Ironically all gift bag scores.

Some other pretty ones I've been stalking are by Chanel and YSL at Sephora

The next makeup color I'm thinking of giving a whirl: purple. Have never been able to apply it without looking like I've been punched in the eye. F. Maybe it's a look that works best on blondies? Think keeping the shade of purple I use on the lighter side might be the best way to avoid looking like I've joined a fight club.

Thankfully I just scored the perfect palette: Anastasia Illumin8 with Youthful Synergy Complex Eye Shadow Palette. Got it as part of my Grammy's gift bag haul.

You see, the PR company my friend Daughter D works for puts together all the different gift bags for the Grammy's. And since I'm a sucker for free sheot, the Saturday before the show I volunteered to join dozens of other girls to help assemble hundreds of FABULOUS gift bags. My reward: a few of the goodies the celebs nabbed.

Big kiss to Daughter D. So proud of the fancy connected Trojan lady she's become. Love that when we hang out it's in Malibu or at Hyde, with Ludacris or Mr. Dylan McKay himself. I remember when she was just the little 10 year old down the hall and I was her 16 year old nerdy babysitter.


Anonymous said...

I have also been loving green, but can't get purple to look good.

Is that Luke Perry??!?!?! (Flashback to high school crush!!)

Sheila said...

Dylan McKay!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE GREEN! And purple!! In all of their shades. I am totally obsessed too. I have that Rachel McAdamns pic on my desktop to recreate the make-up. And I am totally craving and olive or bright green Balenciaga right now! Still can't believe you turned it down! AGHHH! :)

Rosemary Brennan said...

holy moly, that's one of the best swag bags i've ever seen. loving the green trend. and dylan?!?! so jelly!!

Ronida said...

I love all the green that going around and Lea Michele's dress was to die for! I wish I could pull off that purple/black shadow/liner combo that Rachel McAdams is rockin' though.

InnyVinny said...

Green looks great on you. Purple will too. Even better when it comes from swag. =D

And Dylan still looks good after all of this time. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Adeleno5 said...

That Bulgari ad is crazy - the earrings are good crazy, the birds? and the weird pic of Julianne Moore are just crazy.

Blicious said...

it's seriously one of my favorite colors!!!


♥Rosie said...

Green and Purple are my two favorite colors right now.. but I use the no fancy-schmancy Avon palletes :o)

Jean Bean said...

I think I gave you the Bobbi Brown palette.

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