Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ludacris Party In Malibu

The Scene
Ludacris par-tay today.

At Cher's former manse in Malibu. Uber fancy schmancy!

LOOOVE that Daisy Duke's daddy was as excited as we were. He called her up this morning to make sure she was still hanging with "Ludi."

Thank goodness for Daisy Duke's. When we arrived at the party (fashionably late, of course), the valet situation was hairy. Without batting an eye, she told me to drive up a few houses and park at her friend's house. Um, talk about fancy schmancy ;)

When we walked in to the house, there was Luda - getting his picture snapped and meeting and greeting guests.

Including Gene Simmons of Kiss. Random - si. Amazingly random - si si! Amazingly random hair: SI SI SI!!!

I guess there were other celebs in the house who, um, I'm too old to recognize on sight. I think this is Ciara. Or is it Cassie? I always confuse those two.

This pretty girl is also famous. Somehow. All I know is I looooved her Marc romper.

Thank goodness for young chippies who wear a sash to clearly identify why I should pay attention to them.

Would've helped identify this gaggle of underage bikini girls as contestants for next week's Miss Teen Malibu pageant.

Though no teenage bikini queens, Daisy Duke's and I managed to rock the red carpet for our very own photo shoot.

When there's a step and repeat, YOU BETTER WERKKKKKKK! It's like the law.

After doing a lap through the maze of beautiful people, we eventually found the most beautiful of all: Mama and Daughter D - old family friends who invited us to the party in the first place.

Daughter D was heading up publicity for today's event benefiting the Ludacris Foundation. Sooo proud of her.

Her events just keep getting bigger and bigger. Can't imagine what next summer's event will be.

I'm praying for, say, a Gossip Girl screening at J Lo's house.

Daisy Duke's and I filled the time leading up to Luda's sunset performance eating and drinking and peeping fashionable pretties.

This hot pink asymmetrical dress won my best dressed of the day. PERFECTION!

As sunset approached, we settled in by the pool.

And had a front row seat to one of the BEST live performances I've ever seen. Click here for a video of Ludacris killing it in Malibu.

Daisy Duke's and I were in seventh heaven. It was like Ludacris came to a friend's house and performed just for us.

Had forgotten just how many FUN hits Ludacris has had over the years.

You know it's good when even white boyz get down ;)

After he performed, Ludacris got the party started at the casino.

A bunch of us groupies ran over there to try to get pictures with him.

Unfortunately this is as good as we could do.

F to me.

At least we helped Brother D and his buddy do some photo stalking of their own.

Nabbed this picture of them with some NBA player. At least someone got their starf*cker on.

Daisy Duke's and I skipped the after party and went back to my place where the table was set and a harem of five pretty boys was waiting for us.


Sable Crow's baby brother was in town so Mr. D made his world famous enchilladas. f

And for dessert, we took Baby Crow to pop his Pinkberry cherry.

Our favorite dynamic duo, Mr. Architect and his Silver Haired Fox also joined the festivities.

They flew helicopters, fell in love with Daisy Duke's, made us cackle, snarfed down food and booze at an alarming rate. You know their usual.

OUTSTANDING DAY filled with toooo many of the people I heart most! Needed it.

The Outfit
Fashion District tunic

The Accessories
Fashion District bracelet and necklace
Chanel sunglasses
Marc beach bag
Stuart Weitzman sandals

The Grade
B is for Busted Beachwear and Bangs

The Commentary

Chose this tunic based on the Malibu beach party Daughter D invited me to last year.

Was going for J Lo beach chic.

Told Daisy Duke's I anticipated alot of bikinis but I wasn't planning on showing any more flesh than absolutely necessary.

I was apparently the only one who thought a burka was a good idea.

There were legs

And boobs

And tummies

And tushies everywhere.



I didn't expect the edgier crowd in attendace.

Girls that read Nylon not Vibe, who rock Doc Martins not platforms, who you'd think listen to Kings of Leon, not so much Ludacris.

This girl was probably the fiercest.

Love how she rocked her Docs unzipped. Absolutely fab.

But my favorite boots of the day: Christian Louboutin fringe.

Completely impractical for teetering around on grass and next to a pool but YUMMMMMMMM!

Loved spying the bevy of sensible but still fabulous flat sandals.

And duh all the fancy bags in attendance.

Think these two girls rocked my Missoni meets Pucci tunic vibe much better than I did.

Their tushies were significantly tighter, after all.

My tunic was too sheer according to Mr. D and Sable Crow aka my grandfathers.

Don't they understand that sheer is in this summer.

And that I am in denial about the size and age of my caboose.

Next time I'll likely be more appropriate, wear the tunic with white pants.

Gene and his hair seemed to like that look today.

Daisy Duke's and I noted there were a disproportionate amount of men in white pants too.

Ah Malibu.

I probably should have just done a romper

With a cool necklace

Maybe a fabulous hat

Or at least edgier shoes.

At least, my blingy bracelet was the perfect choice for a bit of day in Malibu sparkle. Mr. Architect looooved it.

So did this lady. She walked up to me within five minutes of us arriving and asked to take a picture of my tunic. Said she felt inspired by the print. Said she is a designer for brands like bebe and um, Forever 21. AAAAAAA!


amber said...

That is one fancy shmancy party. I love me some Luda and you're right, he has a staggering number of fun hits. I think the tunic was perfect for the event. Very cool.

weezermonkey said...

I love that a designer asked to take a photo of your outfit!

Juana said...

I hate that I know that the bball player is Jalen Rose.

Jessica Love said...

I saw Luda live one time, and I of the best performances EVER. He's great. What a fun party! You looked fab!

WendyB said...

I'm distracted by the fact that at first I thought you said, "The valet is hairy." I was like, "Ugh! Get a wax, man!"

lookrichbitch said...


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