Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Scene
Woke up exhausted.

But ironically got more done at work today than I have in months. Funny how my workload is one thing that never feels overwhelming to me. Getting things done and done well at a job is something I can control, something that's always a no brainer. Can you imagine how much ass I'd kick professionally if I was doing something I actually loved? Sigh.

For now I'll settle for people I love. Like Mr. Architect. Had a lunch planned with him today. Of all days. We talked about our mommas and their brain tumors, about Halloween and our boyfriends, about exercising and working for ourselves one day. We also ate quite a bit. It's how we do.

After work I felt exhausted but I had a date. With The Sartorialist. Me-ow.

Got to his Beverly Center book signing at 8 pm, when the event was supposed to start, but the line was already unbearably long. Who ever heard of fashion people being early? Or waiting in a food court? YES A FOOD COURT. (Love the title of this Blackburn and Sweetzer post: The Sartorialist, Part II, Beverly Center, Past Panda Express, It Gets Stylish.)

Apparently Mr. Roboto and Sable Crow figured things would be a cluster and showed up early. By the time I got inside they had already stood in yet another line on the outside terrace and gotten their books signed. Knowing I'd had a rough 24 hours, Sable Crow got his inscribed for me. Love that bitch.

Spent the rest of the time sipping wine, eating cupcakes and peeping the fashionable crowd.

Lovely trite way to end a tough day.

The Outfit
Betsey Johnson dress
Emporio Armani blazer

The Accessories
Me&Ro necklace
Dior belt
Tory Burch heels
Forever 21 bracelet

The Grade

The Scene
Going to a party for THE style blogger of the moment didn't faze me much today. Probably because I realized in the grand scheme of things, in the context of everything happening in my life, what I wore today didn't really matter. It's JUST fashion, people.

I wanted to look good and feel stylish. Like I do every day. But I didn't have the energy to try too hard or throw on a "look at me" costume. Like some folks - mostly guys - did. I had zero delusions that Scott would see me and just HAVE to photograph me. I'm cute but not THAT cute ;)

My favorite outfits were ones I would have worn. Simple and chic. A well cut neutral dress (Rag and Bone) with heels that popped. Leggings with a backless, drapey vest that looked oddly familiar ;)

For weeks now, I've been wanting to transition this dress, my first designer purchase when I was a weeee 16, into fall. By adding the black blazer buttoned up, I think I successfully created a completely different but on trend look. Very different from the other summery times I've worn it (see here and here.) A blazer is such a simple way to transform a warm weather look.

Decided to up the degree of difficulty and try a belt over the blazer. Typically a look that works on smaller waists than mine. But figured the thickness of the belt helped offset the thickness of my waist. Thinking it worked. Got lots of long appreciative looks at the event. Alas The Sartorialist didn't chester me once.

The shoes were a no brainer. Black booties are the footwear of choice for fashionable chicas this fall. Infinitely more wearable for most of us than the other trendy alternatives: flat oxfords and over the knee boots. Ah to have the 16-year-old legs I did when I bought today's dress...


WendyB said...

You ARE That Cute! So there. I think so.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

When Scott was in Australia for Fashion Week, I was gutted he didn't want to photograph me. And I tried hard every single day. You can't win them all and I loved what you were wearing.

Ajira said...

Love that blue wall... how awesome that you got your book signed and all. :-) Adore the outfit you wore. Those booties are never going to be on my feet this fall though. Not with a 25lb baby to carry!! LOL.

I am glad to hear that you and your mum are fiercely facing whatever is coming her way healthwise... enjoy each other. She's beautiful, by the way. Not that you didn't know that already.

p.s. I'm with you on the comments thing... :-)

ms.perfecto said...

this may have nothing to do with anything but i have to have the boots in the last photo in my life...


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