Friday, October 23, 2009

Fashionista Cooking

The Scene
Freaky Friday again. Which means I cooked again.

Tonight's recipe Miso-Soy Glazed Salmon. The delish little dish Peach whipped up for my mom during our March trip to NYC.

Tonight's liquid courage: tequila.

Final product: another Mr. Diabolina pleaser. Yay me!

Thinking I'll have lots of time to practice my cooking when my mom has her surgery. We're thinking early December. She'll be in the hospital about 4 days. Recovery is a couple of weeks. I'll likely take a leave from work...

Life is a blur right now. Apologies in advance for falling way way behind on the blog.

The Outfit
Madewell jeans
Thrifted turtleneck
Behanz Sarafpour for Target jacket

The Accessories
Nordstrom rack heels
Chanel bag and earrings

The Grade

The Commentary
No fashion mojo this morning. Freaky Friday, remember ;)

Kept things simple with black pants

And a black jacket. Chose the neutral shoes and top because I just wanted to blend in today at work. Get out of there in one piece and hit the weekend. Misson accomplished.


Juana said...

I could eat you up (and the salmon, too)!

Jean Bean said...

You're baaaaaaack! Does that tequila say Conde?

Liz said...

Love today's outfit. Something I could actually wear in flyover country. (To be clear, I enjoy seeing your non-flyover country outfits as well!)

Nice job on the salmon!

Kate of All Trades said...

Uh oh...first comes love, then comes cooking, then comes a baby who's really good looking.

amber said...

Miso glazed salmon is about the best thing ever! I make it every so often and then always wonder why I don't make it even more frequently. ;)

Victoria said...

Mama comes first! And congrats on your cooking!

♥Rosie said...

Missed your blogging but praying for everything to go well with your mama!

Lisa said...

Missed you, but so glad you're getting things squared away with your mama. You're lucky to have each other..

Fashion Intel said...

I really hate Kim K's new nose. Self-loathing is the worst.

Your fish looks quite delicious! I know you've mentioned you don't consider yourself much of a cook but the meals I've seen you prepare look great!


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