Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Scene

Late night

= late start this morning

Decided to brave the midday heat and check out The Viceroy.

Nabbed a table under a scary mirror that also provided a front row seat to some fright fest sights by the pool.

Thankfully the food and drinks made up for the Ed Hardy-ness all around us.

Regretfully, this was the end of the road for Mr. Architect and Silver Haired Fox. They had to head back to L.A. after lunch. Boo hoo.

They didn't miss much. Just more glorious lounging and laughing in the pool until dinner time.

Me cooking the most I've ever willingly cooked.

In my life.

And Mr. D eating the most he's ever eaten.

In his life.

The Outfit
Marc by Marc Jacobs dress

The Accessories
J Crew belt
Alice Roi clutch
Chloe sunglasses
Cole Haan sandals

The Grade

The Commentary

Wanted to rock summer edgy like Rihanna today

Maybe attempt the see-through trend ala Gwen

But the end I went for what I do best: classic girly princess.

I'm more of a Blair than an Amber Rose after all.

Nothing wrong with that.

Just could have upped the ante by pairing the floaty dress with more of the moment shoes.

Love that my attempt at edge - a neon belt - matched Daisy Duke's neon bandeau.

Just like my graying puppy and Silver Haired Fox were both pretty in plaid.

Nothing like fashionable hot chick besties.


Unknown said...

this is too cute. I love your commentary on it ...and that shot of you in the chair ...stunning!

Jean Bean said...

Oh neon. I have neon yellow toes and they are a giant fail. It took a ton of coats to make them neon, not jaundicy. Big mess.

Rosemary Brennan said...

After my one time at Coachella three years ago, I swore off Palm Springs. The heat is brutal! But, perhaps I can venture out there again--once it cools down. Considerably. Ed Hardy in Palm Springs? I'm surprised! And disappointed. Glad you to hear you and your pals had such a great time.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

That dress is divine on you. The halter type neckline really flatters your face. You look lovely. And your holiday sounds divine. I must do a mini break soon.

lookrichbitch said...

how cute are you just lounging in that chair all nonchalant??


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