Monday, September 7, 2009

The Scene
Wake up to this dynamic duo making steak and eggs.


Hung out by the pool for a few hours.

Then said see ya suckers to these pretty faces.

I had some serious shopping to do at Cabezon.

With this cabezon.

Gorgeous Spring 2009 options at DVF at 70 percent off.

Alas I didn't get anything.

I just never feel comfortable shopping with Mr. D.

Feels like he's breathing down my neck, appraising the fit of things, saying "Don't you already have that?" Ugh. What hot chick needs a conscience when she's outlet shopping?

YSL was also a treasure trove of delicious.

But all the cage shoes and belts were STILL too rich for my blood.

Did find one little > $60 trinket I wanted.

As I paid for my bauble, Mr. D wiggled himself into this gorgeousness. Nearly had a heart attack that he'd even consider buying YSL.

Alas, he walked away empty-handed. He doesn't want things that excite me just like I want things that don't excite him. It's a vicious circle. We both get an F.

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress
Brass Plum wrap sweater

The Accessories
Claire's headband
Fashion District flip flops
Yves Saint Laurent bag

The Grade

(Sorry, apparently I couldn't be bothered to stand for any of my outfit shots this weekend.)

The Commentary

Always feel like Dita Von Teese in this dress.

It's just got so much feminine fuss going on at the neckline

Plus the flared retro mini-skirt makes me feel like a hatcheck girl.

But I love a colorful strapless dress

Should get a few more in solid colors.

Maybe one with a fitted bodice...

Currently keeping my eye open for a strapless evening gown.

If I buy it, the the fabulous holiday party will come. Like Field of Dreams:)


swl said...

way to utilize the pool noodles Mr. Diabolina!

Diabolina Da Fashionista said...

Hahahha swl. It's like he had a blue wenis all weekend.

WendyB said...

God, I could use some steak and eggs now. Sounds delicious.

amber said...

You didn't pick up any pretties at DVF or YSL?! I'm sad. :(


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