Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Scene

Started the day at The Parker.

As we arrived, Donovan Leitch and Kirsty Hume were leaving with their daughter. Perfectly fabulous young bougie California family style.

Don't know how I was the only one in our perfectly fabulous young bougie California family who knew who they were. Too much random useless knowledge in my head. TOO MUCH!

In looooove with The Parker. It's like David Lynch meets Willy Wonka. Retro Rat Pack random crossed with drag queen opulent chic

Jonathan Adler on drugs is what it is.

In other words, it's exactly what I want my dream house to look like.

And breakfast at Norma's was my dream breakfast.

Glorious, gorgeous company

And incredible enormous plates of food

Braved the heat and toured the rest of the property

Peeped the restaurant as a possibility for dinner

Even trippier than the rest of the hotel. LOVE.

Headed across the street to Resale Therapy on a tip from the loverly Fashion Intel

Love the uber friendly staff and the bucket o' booze. Our kinda spot.

Great shoe and bag selection. Found brand new Burberry patent peep toes for $200 and Miu Miu bag for $1000. But decided to pass. Frankly it was too hot to make big purchases. Probably why the staff was pushing the sangria.

Headed back to the house for some football and serious lounging by the pool.

Daisy Duke's introduced us to cheese crisps.

It's an Arizona thing, according to fellow Tucson native Mr. Architect.

Incredibly beautiful and balmy desert evening.

All of us pitched in and made a Mexican feast for dinner.

Then the six of us stayed up talking and swimming and laughing and listening to music until...wait for it...5 am. God we like each other.

Only sad note of the day: Shamu was accidentally killed. Someone who shall remain nameless might have gotten overexcited and might have overinflated her causing a tear which lead to a slow but deadly leak. RIP SHAMU. It was fun while it lasted.

The Outfit
Diane Von Furstenberg dress

The Accessories
Alice Roi clutch
Stuart Weitzman sandals
Dior sunglasses

The Grade

The Commentary

Today I dressed for my boys. My gay boys.

No offense to my straight boys but we WERE in The Springs.

Found today's little dress at Haute Seconds a few weeks ago.

A bit of a funky shape but couldn't turn down DVF for $75

Especially when leopard was all over the DVF fall runway.

Truth be told spent most of the day in the pool or in a blousy cover-up

Wasn't feeling bikini confident AT ALL. Must stop eating like an animal at Animal.

Funny to walk around the house and see all our funny Palm Springs accessories strewn around.

Flip flops galore.

Also tons of sunglasses

Mr. Architect had the best selection.

Didn't want to take this pair off. Especially after Mr. Architect said they made me look like an infamous call girl.

He knows flattery (i.e. comparing me to a SKINNY prostitute) will get him everywhere.


fshnonmymind said...

Ahh, Le Parker, it brings back memories (of ridiculously hot desert heat at a ridiculously fun hotel). Looks like you guys had a fabulous time! What I wouldn't give to be laying in that hammock under the trees.

lookrichbitch said...

mmmm... i'm still thinking about that fois gras loco moco you mentioned a ways back...

amber said...

What a fabulous day!

RemainingNameless said...

Sometimes when you love something SO much you overlove it and kill it.

This is an important lesson for everyone.

P.S. It wasn't SHAMU it was his girlfriend.


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