Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Scene

Brunch at The Chateau Marmont with Mr. NBC. A story brought him out West and he decided to spend a few days in L.A. before returning to NYC. Finally a chance to catch up with him about vacations and family and boys and work.

I've decided if I could have any one of my friends' careers, it would be Mr. NBC's. Sure he works non-stop in a high stress environment but god lord, The Peacock has been good to him over the past decade. And he STILL gets glowy when he tells me about news stories he's working on. LOVE his passion and talent and face!

As we part today, I get surprisingly choked up. Want to tell him to take me with him, back to New York, somewhere I can be as glowy and happy as he is about what I do all day. ANYWHERE but The Office here tomorrow.

The Outfit
People Like Frank shorts
Et Vous blouse
The Accessories
Ray Bans
Chanel earrings, necklace and purse
Stuart Weitzman gladiators
The Grade

The Commentary

This was one of Friday's resale purchases. Had to have it.

I mean it's black and white with contrasting polka dot prints, a bow, puffy sleeves and sparkly buttons. It practically screamed my name from across a crowded room.

Had shorts on the brain after all the unexpectedly edgy looks I spied at yesterday's party.

But today I went for a more classic look

Like I do most days.

Love dressing up shorts with a blousy button down.

Especially in black and white.

Will likely have at least another month of shorts weather here in L.A.

Next time I want to try them with a belt.

And when the weather starts to turn, I'll add a cardigan

Maybe boots and a blazer

Hopefully tights tooo - polka dot ones preferably.

But for now bare legs, gladiators and neon orange toes will do.


Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

OMG! You know I love that top, like LOVE it. And the orange toes are fab too.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

That top is lovely! I want it!

I'm sad I didn't buy enough shorts this summer, and now it's too late. The weather is already turning. This whole week we're in the week, I'm guessing 60s...

Kristin said...

I'm thinking I'm going to have to get a pair of sequin (have you seen the Gryphon pair?) or satin shorts and rock them with tights this Fall! Love that orange pedi. : )

weezermonkey said...

Neon orange toes rule.

amber said...

That top is gorgeous! Nice pick!

Milly said...

pretty top


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