Friday, May 22, 2009

The Scene

Today I went from this maddening unruliness

to this glorious straightness! YAYAYAY!

I started hearing about Brazilian Blowouts last year. Heard tall tales from the likes of Nicole Richie that these new hair treatments actually improve the condition of your hair while straightening it for up to 3 months. Inconceivable, thought this curly sue. I've battled frizz for 31 years and know there is NO such thing as a magic curl-be-gone potion.

Take the straightening I had done 4 years ago when I was in Japan for work. For nearly a year, yes, I had wash and go hair for the first time in my life. Stick straight hair without any blowdrying or flat ironing required.

But (there's always a but with straightening) there were definitely down-sides: damage at the ends, weird regrowth at the roots, couldn't dye my hair at all. And well, my hair was soooo straight it didn't DO anything. This was a dream at first for someone whose hair always DID too much. But unnaturally flat hair got pretty boring once the novelty wore off. Eventually had to cut it really short.

Recently, as my hair has gotten longer, I've been missing the days of not having to spend an hour on it every other day to make it look decent. Not good, mind you, just decent. Started doing more research on this new modern hair miracle and couldn't find any cons, only glowing pros. Unlike the Brazilian waxing, with the Brazilian Blowout there's no threat of re-growth or damage ;)

Your hair actually looks healthier and is able to hold some body. Plus it takes 90 minutes, costs between $200 -$400 and lasts for up to 3 months, longer after the first time you do it. Decided to take the plunge and risk growing a third eye when I saw this $100 discount at the posh Argyle Salon courtesy of InStyle.

Sooooo pleased with the results. This is what my hair now looks like blown dry WITHOUT A BRUSH!!! If I did that normally, my hair would look more Albert Einstein crossed with the Bride of Frankenstein than Jennifer Aniston meets Jennifer Connelley. Can't wait to really test it out during our trip to Hawaii in a month!

If you're in L.A. and interested in saying goodbye to frizz this summer, I highly recommend Nelly Mollison at Argyle Spa and Salon. She is THE Brazilian Blowout guru. And hilarious and adorable to boot. We discovered she lives on my street and needs help starting a blog. Think this is the beginning of a beautiful Brazilian/blogging relationship...

After terminating my curls, Mr. D and I met the Robotos to watch Terminator. Oy. Just as bad as we imagined.

Terminator 2 is one of my all time childhood favorites. And Christian Bale may be hotness personified but he is no Edward Furlong. Wish I could go back in time to the 90s and tell them to terminate things right then and there.

After the movie we decided to try Boho for a late dinner.

LOVE the Robotos intensely surveying the menu with their new wedding bands!!!

The service was a boo at Boho but the Hollywood people watching made up for things. And I looooved my Fried Oyster ‘Po Boy’ Sliders - with gougeres, tartar sauce, applewood bacon, arugula!

But Mr. D was the winner with the pan roasted Pork Chop with a fuji apple-fig jam compote, cider jus, sweet potato puree and spinach. YUM.

He needs to keep eating like this. Looks like he lost some weight over the past week. Ugh. Think I gained what he lost. F.

The Outfit
Image dress and wrap sweater

The Accessories
Me&Ro necklace
Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch
Sam Edelman sandals

The Grade

The Commentary

Wore this little $32 jersey dress two other times last summer

Both times with curly hair. Much prefer it paired with today's Brazilian ;)

The print of my dress reminds me of this Phillip Lim mini

Crossed with this Milly maxi

Last year's Chloe

Meets this year's Matthew Williamson for H&M.

Very ikat-licious.

Perfect for this season's tribal trend.

For months, I've been looking for just the right tribal accessory. Wanted to rock the look on vacation in Mexico and Hawaii.

Found just what I'd been searching for on super sale last week at Bloomingdale's for under $40. Meet my new Sam Edelman sandals.

Had been seeing the heeled version of this shoe in all kinds of editorials this spring

Love the detailing of them. They are one part Louis Vuitton, one part Masai warrior.

In fact a guy looked at my feet today, confuzzled and said he thought for a second that my feet were tattooed.

I seriously don't know how straight men manage to put on their pants every day.

Thank god for women - fabulous, fashionable and FANCY women. Fancypants was wearing her own fabulous new summer sandals tonight. Hayden-Hartnett. AAAAAAAAAdore.

She'd bought them to debut in Mexico too ;(


Victoria said...

your hair looks great! my sister had the same treatment and is loving it!

Anonymous said...

Delicious shoes. You look Brazilian bee-u-ti-ful.

Tiffany said...

pretty hair!!

Lotus said...

LOVE your hair- it's so shiny..going to look into this brazilian blow out:)

weezermonkey said...

This gives a whole new meaning to "Brazilian." :)

WendyB said...

The hair looks great! I am doing it at La Belette Rouge's salon when I get my ass to LA to visit my friends there.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Wow I absolutely ADORE this new 'do! Actually I've been annoyed with my hair too--I've been straightening it with a hair iron but am afraid of damage. But I did the Japanese thing too, and I agree: I don't like flat hair, either.

And why is this look only a Pass?! It's fab!

Unknown said...

ooh, a brazilian blowout souns fantastic! i am going to look into this!!!!

Jadelily said...

Wow, gorgeous hair!

ShoeZQ said...

You cheeky monkey those Sam Edelman's ARE fab and so is the hair my friend. BTW loving the additional pics of how you previously styled things. Very inspiring:)

Milly said...

The Sandals are the new do, i should look into it..need to give the frizz ball mane of mine a break lol

Ivy said...

Your hair looks amazing!

Fabulosity said...


Rosie said...

you should be editor in some magazine I swear everytime I look at your blog it makes me want to up my look for the day!

Fabianna (H.Finn Jewelry) said...

I love your outfit today! So so perfect in sooo many ways. And WOW to your new pretty hair :) Ive been thinking about doing it too, but I just finally started loving the wave I have going on. I think I'll do it for the fall. :)

Anonymous said...

Just asked a co-worker if she had heard of a brazilian blowout before adn she looked at me like I was talking dirty! It looks fabulous.

Also, love your shoes!! I have the heeled ones on my wishlist, but may get more use out of the flats.

amber said...

Loving the hair and the dress!

lookrichbitch said...

i need to book my tix to LA.



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