Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Scene
In very exciting lawyer news, Mr. Diabolina is going to second chair his first trial next week. All our friends and family are atwitter. His mom, my mom and I want to go to the courtroom and watch. Maybe bring popcorn. Definitely noisemakers.

Three weeks of looming court dates meant one thing this morning: panicked boy shopping.

It's not super sweet shoe shopping for Diabolina but if Mr. D is shelling out cash at a clothing store, I AM THERE ;)

Picked out four ties and two shirts for an obscene amount of money. Ugh. Made me wonder: Do men get gouged because they never shop or do men never shop because they get gouged? A riddle as old as time...

Headed to campus for homecoming in the afternoon. Ran into Mr. Pope and Mr. NBC but forgot to snap pictures thanks to the green accessory in my hand. Also caught up with a hot chick who revealed she hasn't done much with her journalism degree since we graduated. Well except invent a product in her kitchen that's turned into this global brand- Lip Scrub by Sara Haap. So cool!!! Need more female entrepreneurs around me. Maybe inspire me to get off my duff.

Speaking of inspiring, kick-ass women, I also got to catch up with FancyPants for the first time in forever.

Even the rain couldn't dampen our tailgaiting gabfest.

Though this costumed Trojan and her lower half almost did. Grody.

In the evening, Mr. D and I took my mom out to celebrate her birthday which is tomorrow. YAY!

She requested Lawry's and we happily obliged.

Guess who was there, rolling super incognito three booths over? Paris and Nicky Hilton!! Crazeee, right?

I mean girls like them cannot possibly eat food like this, right??? I mean I weigh more than the two of them combined and I could barely eat half. F.

They were with Nicky's boyfriend who I swear registered recognition when he saw me. They couldn't possibly have seen my salsa monster post from our Poquito Mas encounter right???? Gulp!

The Outfit
Kay Unger dress

The Accessories
Chanel bag, tights, earrings
Marc Jacobs shoes
Garter worn as headpiece
Vintage coat

The Grade

The Commentary
Been saving the debut of the two tone Chanel tights for a damn special occasion.

My momma's birthday dinner was perfect. WE MANAGED TO MATCH AGAIN TONIGHT! I swear we don't plan this!!

Adore these tights more than I thought it was possible to love hoisery :) Initially planned to wear them with my platform YSL Mary Janes. But I had visions of falling and tearing the tights like the clumsy ape I am so opted for the more sensible Marcs.

Glad I did. Nicky and her red YSLs would have been pissed. My tights alone garnered the stink eye from her!!! SECOND time my Chanel has offended her. HA! Tonight she was vibing insecure lame chick energy AGAIN. Sad for her. Poor little rich girl.

Paris, on the other hand, was much too preoccupied with her phone to notice what I was wearing. Found this picture of what she had on today. Super caz.

Was pretty disappointed I didn't get to see her all turned out. She is one fierce bitch.

Dug out this LBD for tonight. Knew my mom would heart it. Snagged it resale two years ago for less than $40. Kay Unger must retail for 10 times that.

The rear view isn't the most flattering on my large and in charge back but I like to think the bow makes up for the chunk.

Have been wanting to wear this garter as a head band since I got it with my Madonna beaded bustier back in August. So pretty principessa!

Reminds me of that Mischa.
Which always reminds me of my mister ;)

Here are some of my recent all black inspirations por vous to enjoy

p.s. I've been meaning to blog about Maison Martin Margiela's super creepy Spring Show.

And the two tone tights are the perfect excuse because they remind me of this look. Happy Nightmares!


WeezerMonkey said...

Mr. Monkey wears suits every day. His wardrobe was bought exclusively at the Brooks Brothers, Hugo Boss, and Ralph Lauren outlet stores.

It was the only way to outfit him decently without taking out loans.

Lynn said...

Walked by a Chanel store tonight in Tokyo and saw the two-toned tights and thought of you. Love your outfit; glad to see you giving yourself an A.

WendyB said...

Sooooo loving those tights. Great celebrity spotting!

MissJordyPants said...

YAH for Mr. D. YAH for Chanel tights. YAH for birthdays!

Sable Crow said...

AHHHH!!! Pooping over the tights. Saw them in the window of Chanel and thought, "God, D should get those."


Chanel has men's clothing?! Sartorialist said so. MUST have a Chanel jacket. MUST.

GO VOTE PEEPS! NO ON 8! Hate is terribly unfashionable.

Sable Crow said...

PS. My personal attendant and Emporio Armani would have been happy to help Mr. D. If only he'd asked...
The good thing about Armani is that it's all so subtle you can repeat and mix/match more often.

Saves $$$.

That's me: Frugal.

tam pham said...

you and your momma looked so pretty! yay for birthdays! those tights are to die for, by the way :-).

Victoria said...

love the tights.. don't love you putting down your perfectly attractive back

amber said...

you totally rocked those tights! so awesome.

and i'm swooning over the bow on the dress. positively swooning!!

lookrichbitch said...

Ugh! (I swear, I start all of my comments to you with that!)

I hate your tights so much that I love them! They're tricking my eyes and I can't stand it! No wonder that Nicky something-or-other gave you the stink eye! How dare you be hotter than her? You're my hero!

amy said...

happy birthday to your mom and very excited for mr. d and his upcoming trial. i am currently a less exciting lawyer who came across the following quote in of all dull and tedious places, an article about estate tax, but that i have been dying to use in reference to the hiltons of our generation:

“The parent who leaves his son enormous wealth generally deadens the talents and energies of his son, and leads him to lead a less useful and less worthy life than he otherwise would.” - Andrew Carnegie

and that's how i feel about the stink-eye nicky and her more useless sister.

love your fun tights, too.

eileenerb said...

Dear Miss Diabolina,
I don't want to be negative on my first comment but, I wish you'd worn the YSLs. Couldn't you have leaned on your husband or gotten a piggy back ride into the restaurant? Once you get where you're headed, you can just stand there and look pretty. BTW, how does one learn to walk in 4.5 inch heels? Is there a class? Does it help if one weighs less than 100 pounds?
your fan

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Those tights are fierce! You looked celebrity perfect.

Claire said...

those tights are hawt!


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