Friday, January 9, 2009

The Scene
The bad news: The reign of Olivia Palermo continues. Today, Who What Wear Daily crowned her "Girl of the Month." Yawn.

The good news: A combination of searches for Olivia, Kate Winslet and Gwen Stefani kicked MY blog visitor count up to 676 today! New record.


The Outfit
Blue Cult jeans
H&M top
Marc by Marc Jacobs jacket

The Accessories
BCBG boots
Me&Ro necklace
Forever 21 sunglasses
Marc Jacobs bag

The Grade

The Commentary
Woke up with a bad case of ass-face. The culprit: that devil woman named Lauragami. Last night she taught me naughty things: vodka on the rocks with olive juice. It's like a dirty martini but um, even stronger.

Add to that a long work week behind me and still more work to do this weekend for a Monday deadline, well, I was a bit of a mess this morning. Eventually dug out this glittery golden top with visions of summer and Margarita Missoni dancing in my head.

Unfortunately I paired it with incongruous pieces like the very functional jacket and boots to equal a whole lotta fugs. First Friday F!

Had visions of looking Pucci sparkly like Kate Hudson.

Instead I looked butch like Rock Hudson.

Love this H&M top though. Missoni-esqueness for under $30? Yes, please. Just have to pair it with daintier shoes next time.

The sandals were the best part of the Spring 2009 Missoni show. The color palette of the clothes: too subdued and meh for my taste. But the neutral colors worked purrfectly for the shoes.

Remind me of these Marni dreams with neon nails I spied on Jak and Jil. ADORE!

And the BCBGirls shoes I saw at Nordie's for $109.

Not a bad facsimile of these $245 Pour La Victoire platforms which refuse to go on sale.

Here are two more lust worthy nude sandals on shopbop. $595 Proenza Schoulers.

And Sergio Rossis. $995.

Why oh why did I have to be born a pauper with princess tastes???


Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Love the top. You look great after a night of drinking. I would look like I dragged my face in the gutter

WeezerMonkey said...

How is that an F?!

WendyB said...

My record search topic was Levi Johnston's penis.

Sable Crow said...

WendyB kills me. You didn't deserve an F. A night out with Lauragami gives you a pass.

Big hug.

Jazmin said...

That does not deserve an F after a night of partying you look awesome.... Maegan said...

How beautiful is Olivia? although she totally seems jealous of Whitney ...I wonder if they're doing that on that new show!

tam pham said...

olivia annoys the living daylights out of me. the fact that she's gorg and rich makes me hate her even more.

amber said...

yeah, i gotta agree with the others. you're still upright, which means no F for you!


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