Monday, March 16, 2009

The Scene
Man, woman. Old, young. Rich, poor. No American is immune.

Not even my fellow Leos and divas

J Lo and Madge.

Jury duty. Ughy. Today I reported at 8:30 am to the municipal court in downtown. I am that A-hole that gets called every year. Like clockwork.

Last September, I postponed my service when my mom got her tumor diagnosis. Just couldn't deal. Unfortunately, now it's butting up again my biggest business trip of the year. F. CANNOT MISS THIS NYC TRIP. So screwed.

On the bright side of things, I got to eat all this at Philipee's today Nummy num num.

Plus this prettiness was staring back at me. Num num nummy.

Read most of the afternoon. At 4:04 pm, when no one in the room full of 150 potential jurors had been called to a courtroom, I figured I was scott free. Then they started calling names. 35 of them. Still felt like my odds were pretty good. Until they called my name. Have to go back tomorrow for jury selection. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

To calm myself, I popped into Crossroads on the way home. Heart this dress by a fancy designer I had never heard of but reminds me of Prada. $27. Alas a size too small.

Tried on this DVF. Because it was a DVF. And $24. But decided to pass. Not particularly flattering or inspiring. NEXT...

This jacket on the other hand I FELL IN LOVE WITH. So Carrie Bradshaw. No label. Adore the odd shape, the harelquinn stripes, and the $10 price tag. Sold.

Have been stalking this little Marc Jacobs bolero for years. $26. Yum. Velvet is going to be HUGE next fall. Both little jackets came home with me. The Marc alone would have cost at least $200 retail so actually I spent much less than I saved ;)

Caught up on work emails until 3 a.m. Ugh. Did take a break to watch Gossip Girl. FINALLY A NEW ONE.

Too bad it sucked.

Best part of the episode: these shoulders

Followed by this headband.

Cutest moment today: Mr. Diabolina earnestly saying, "Doesn't get much better than that" when DVF gave Whitney life/love/career advice. Adore!!

Hate to agree with the devil herself but Whitney needs to stop bringing her Jay shit into the office. It makes her totally lame girl central. Like Adam blowing up at the bangs chick. F.

p.s. Anyone else think Olivia resembles the queen banana herself, Julia Roberts?

The Outfit
Madewell jeans
Old Navy sweater
Forever 21 bubble jersey tank

The Accessories
Marc Jacobs bag
Tory Burch flats
Me&Ro necklace

The Grade

The Commentary

Have been in total denial about jury duty so this morning I didn't really think about my outfit or what might happen if I got picked for a jury.

All I knew was that jeans and a wrap sweater were a must for comfort and cozyness.

Cannot get enough of this yellow and beige stripped sweater. So Whitley Cross at Old Navy prices.

With the new gray tank top, it's very Leighton slipping the tongue at a Knicks game, no?

Bought this bubble tank top at Forever along with the the bubble skirts. Not in tank top wearing shape right now so the bubble helps obscure the midsection pudge.

Love: Dressing up a tank top with pricey fur

Don't love: A pricey tank dressed down. Get ready for this: this Balmain tank top costs $2600.

Much prefer mine for $20ish. The pockets are the added bonus. LOOOOVE LOOOVE LOOOOOVE them!

Currently lusting after this color block tank. Hoping it will drop below $200 any day now.

Looking forward to styling my new tank a million different ways. Next I'd like to make it a bit edgier - Fashion Toast in Alexander Wang style.

Also looking forwad to the day I can expose this much back flank. No chance of that happening if I keep snarfing double dipped beef sandwiches and slices of cherry pie. WHY DID GOD MAKE ME A PIG?

For now I'll just show off the tank's pretty back. DO YOU LOVE IT???

Ugh so Net-A-Porter does jury duty ;)


Liz said...

I absolutely love that tank!

Emily said...

I really like the first dress you tried on...sad that it was too small. And I too love the colors in Richard Nicoll's SS 09 collection! So many great combinations. My fingers are crossed for you that the price on that top will go down.

Milly said...

love the tank!

tam pham said...

the tank= amazing!

My Very Worst Date said...

Bring your plane ticket and you'll be out of Jury Duty in a flash! I get called every year and even when I want to serve they don't pick me. The back of that tank is insane!!!

Jean Bean said...

But Olivia ASKED Whitney why she was down, and then slammed her for answering the question.

lookrichbitch said...

comfy at jury duty is a good thing. and so is that tank!

how is your mum btw?

WendyB said...

The bolero! I love it so much!

WeezerMonkey said...

I dressed like a hobo the last time I was called for jury duty. I didn't get impaneled.


Tahoebound2009 said...

Love the tank!

Fabi said...

omg amazing finds at crossroads!! i heart that DVF dress! which crossroads did you go to?? Maegan said...

omg LOVE that striped jacket!!! LOVE ...I didn't mind the new GG ...but I LOVE THE RS ...also loving that gray tank with the pockets!!! sexy!

amy said...

jean bean took the words out of my mouth... she asked whitney to divulge! seriously, olivia is, as you aptly pointed out, the devil herself. i dream that after the episode ended, after whitney dumped jay and went back to the party, that whitney kicked ass, made olivia seem as week and underhanded as she really is, and was promptly chosen to take olivia's place on the london thing.

amber said...

What a fun little outfit. And I'm dying over the back of the tank - soooo cute!


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