Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Scene
So I didn't quite go as far as Tina Fey to get out of jury duty but I definitely exaggerated that I would not be able to be impartial. About DUI. On a case that was going to last 6 days.

And the defendant - ugh. He looked like he had hit rock bottom. Horrid. I said a prayer for him. And I'm not really the praying type anymore. Not really.

Sobering St. Patty's Day. No fun at all.

The Scene

Fashion District bubble top
Robert Rodriguez cropped pants
Vintage trench

The Accessories
Chanel bag
Louis Vuitton earrings
Stuart Weitzman gold sandals
Fashion District bangle

The Grade

The Commentary
Last year, I wrote about how I feel about St. Patrick's Day fashion. This year green was the last thing on my mind. Was trying to figure out what angle to work to not get impaneled.

Thought about dressing like a ragamuffin. But Mr. Diabolina told me to hammer the "professional extreme hardship" serving would create. To emphasize that my company was spending a quarter of a million dollars on this event and that I am the sole point person.

Figured I had to dress the fancy part if I was going to go that route. Thought about wearing a suit but didn't. Thought about wearing black and white but didn't.

The Chanel Fall 2009 outfits would have been perfect.

But wasn't feeling the leprechaun.

Apparently I was feeling blingy. Don't know why this top and these shoes seemed like a good idea but I wore them.

Guess it's better than showing up in this Balmain. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

This look would have been perfect. Leave it to that Olivia to get jury duty on St. Patty's Day just right. F. Fascinating to me how the brown and black work together so well. Not something I naturally do.

Loooooooving this green on Michelle too.

And still drooling over these emeralds. Must get some good costume ones.

In the end I added the trench coat. Figured it's kinda green, right. Seafoam green ;)

Mr. Diabolina, who was wearing bright kelly green like a good Irishman, said thanks for playing but no, that coat is not green on any planet ;(

Felt bad that I didn't quite represent for his peeps but I was too busy sweating the jury thing. Would have been a nightmare.

(A picture of a supermodel with a pit stain shouldn't give me such joy but it does...it really really does.)


Liz said...

lol @ the pit stain!

Anonymous said...

Jury duty can definitely suck the St. Patty's spirit out of anyone. You look good though.

harp said...

your hair looked great!

WeezerMonkey said...

The pit stain is priceless.

Sable Crow said...

Love that bubble top. So PH3.1.

Pit stains scare me more than clowns.

Anonymous said...


WendyB said...

If you like green, get the little tsavorite stacking ring I just did. I like tsavorites better than emeralds!

amy said...

ha! even models need certain dri. i agree with mr. diabolina - seafoam green is NOT st. patty's day green! jury duty is your civic duty, ms. diabolina... i would kill to get on a jury!

Kate of All Trades said...

Trench coat was the perfect add. Love.

I always get out of jury duty because extreme professional hardship. I'm kind of running this company single handedly... I'm bummed though. I totally want to be on a jury. I think it would be interesting.

amber said...

Kinda drooling over that green dress outfit from Olivia.

And I say the trenchcoat is definitely green-ish. ;)


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