Sunday, March 15, 2009

L.A.M.B Cape

The Sunday

Mommy day. Ugh. Today she looked INSANELY adorable in her new mandarin JCrew blouse and matchy matchy rossette bracelet. Both picked out by moi, thank you very much.

Trying to get her interested in writing a post for the blog. About having a Diabolina at her styling beckon call for 30 years (yes, by age two, I was styling my mom, weren't you?)

Think it would be quite a coup to get her to whip something up. She is HIGHlarious. But OF COURSE she is the one guest blogger who I've pitched that is playing hard to get. F.

In the morning, we run work errands for my upcoming business trip. 5 days in New York. My mom's decided to tag along. V. excited. We've never hit Fifth Avenue together.

To prepare for our Big Apple fashionable adventure, we FINALLY caught a showing of Confessions of a Shopaholic. As expected, meh movie but FUN to look at. Patricia Field styled it after all.

A little disconcerting how much I could relate to the main character. Glad I didn't get a credit card until last year. I know only too well that rush prettty things in pretty stores can create.

The Outfit
Old Navy dress
LAMB cape

The Accessories
Stella McCartney bag
Forever 21 sunglasses
BCBG boots
American Apparel tights

The Grade
B- today/A- next fall

The Commentary

Wanted to wear boots today since the sky was omnimous. Ended up grabbing this old Old Navy dress to showcase the footwear.

Now that I think about it, this dress is very Gucci Spring 2009.

Very slut on safari :)

Ralph Lauren did a more American, less sexed out version on his spring runway.

More Lauren Hutton meets Indiana Jones.

At the last minute this morning I decided to top the army green mini with my LAMB cape.

Then I dug out this little Marc Jacobs wine-colored belt.

To reference the purplish brown tights and Stella bag.

Cannot get enough of the contrasting colors lately. Think it means I am feeling fearless.

Tip: Next fall, if you are not into the Marc Jacobs capes in crayola 80s colors

Or the animal print ones at Dolce and Gabbana

Invest in a gray or black one. They don't have to be Armani but they do have to be fierce.

Not quite as scary fierce as Gareth Pugh.

But think fabulously languid and voluminous. Like this dreamy MaxMara look. Extra points for the leather gloves ;)


WeezerMonkey said...

You didn't get a credit card until last year?!

The Modern Type said...

I cannot wait for the fashion tour! Also, when will you be in NY? I'll be there next week for 4 days. =)

Mrs. Lexi said...

Your mummy is yummy! :-)
And I can't believe you haven't had a credit card all this time!?!?

Diabolina Da Fashionista said...

my mom has always had a thing against credit cards. so i have too.

i feel stupid for missing out on all the benefits of miles and all that jazz. but v. glad i didn't have the temptation of getting into debt when I was a po' twentysomething starting out.

Liz said...

Today I was told by two different surgeons that I looked like a movie star. I think it was my scarf that caused them to say it. The bar is set ridiculously low in Minnesota... Either that or Diabolina is working some magic with this blog. :)

Diabolina Da Fashionista said...


puffing my chest out with pride,

WendyB said...

How did you ever get a plane ticket without a credit card?!?

tam pham said...

i dying over the credit card thing. kinda embarrassed to admit that i've had one since i was 15 (albeit just a secondary card on my parents' card but still)!! also, dying over "slut on safari".
i dying for your mom's jcrew top.

dying in dallas,

Diabolina Da Fashionista said...

i know i have mentioned the credit card thing before...maaybe we are just more atune to financial disclosures now??

a check card works like a credit card so you can buy anything with it. only difference - is that- duh - the funds will get pulled from your actual bank account.

Sable Crow said...

Love the finance turn this is taking. It's the only thing that makes fashion even better--a means to pay for it.

F. I mournfully perused Macy's men's department today looking for color. Meh. Instead I bought underwear. Black.

But I got pink, blue, and purple socks!!! So British. So hot. So Diabolina styled me.

I also looked at their shoe selection to see if I could find a Diabolina/Recessionista version of the AMAZING Tod's purple suede shoes. Natch, nothing. Is it wrong to drop big bucks on shoes when I want real estate? Sigh.


Lynn said...

It's so easy to get trapped in credit card debt, so I'm glad your mama passed along that lesson to you. I've been trying to cut down on my # of cc's and realizing that I never really use the "rewards" from the cards anyway - other than the cash rebate from my Costco Amex. Thanks to work expenses, I got a $1000+ back this year. Straight to the savings acct, TYVM.

Anyway, loving that you and mamacita are heading to NYC together. I'm sure you guys will have a blast. Can't wait to see what steals you guys get in Chinatown and more. Kisses.

JAS said...

Love "Slut on Safari" comment. Too funny:)

Milly said...

good for you....I've had one since i turned 18..and oh lord!..i went crazy...i'm finally almost done paying all the crap i bought..i have no idea what i its either cash or my debit card!

Anonymous said...

eh!.not crazy over it but i do like your moms blouse...can she tell us more about the rings she is wearing?

harp said...

3 things:

1) agree with you on Shopaholic, it should of been a rental for us...

2) LOVE your mom's tangerine blouse..Gorgeous with her skin tone

3) I'm also a little surprised about the CC thing. How did you build your credit otherwise or rent a car? (Well aside from car payments, school loans and mortgages that is:) Fortunately I've had CCs since 19 but have managed to live virtually debt free despite temptation, and work hard to keep my credit score in excellent condition. I also cannot live without my AMEX, I use the reward points for all my travel whenever possible...

Jadelily said...

Love the cape, and yes on a mommy guest post!

amber said...

I LOVE that dress paired with the purple tights and the cape. One of my favorite outfits on you - seriously.


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