Friday, March 6, 2009

The Scene
Longest. Week.Ever.

Unwind with a TGIF dinner at Fat Fish. This fat pig orders the banana split for dessert. My fat thighs never stood a chance ;)

The Outfit
Forever 21 cardigan and bubble tank
7 for All Mankind Jeans

The Accessories
Brass Plum necklace
Chloe sunglasses
Forever 21 bracelets
Gucci purse
London Sole flats

The Grade

The Commentary

Built the casual Friday outfit around this delicious F21 cardigan.

Love the detailing and the mix of colors. So playful. Reminds me of this Marc sweater I've been eyeing. Except mine is less clowny, more wearable.

Thought about wearing heels today. But had a lot to get done at work today so I opted for flats instead of fabulosity.

Decided in the car into work to hip up the look by cuffing the jeans.

the lovely Heather from Simply Me Today recently wrote me a Dear Diabolina question:

Hi! I have been seeing the Boyfriend Jean look around again and just wanted to know your thoughts on that trend.

Lately I've been thinking jeans are going to become more and more deconstructed. You can already see it on the streets and on celebrities - lots of rips and holes and customizing. Makes sense, right? Destroyed denim for a destroyed economy...

While I am not a big fan of ripped jeans (too self conscious and disingenuous), I am all for looser, more comfortable fits. Skinny jeans are starting to highlight the fact that I need to start working out again. Like yesterday. So currently loving me a wide leg.

Though a girl - especially those of us under 6 feet - has to be careful about how she wears it so as not to appear schlubby.

Whether it's a wide leg or a straight leg, a heel always makes a jean look sleeker, more flattering, even sometimes professional.

Fascinating the difference the cut of a jean and the paired shoe can make on the same body, no?

Hopefully Jessica has learned her lesson.


WeezerMonkey said...

I have always loved loose jeans. They allow me to eat more.

WendyB said...

Well, you know how I feel about boyfriend jeans!

Jean said...

Boyfriend jean is a misnomer for what looks good. I love the "vintage slim" (also a misnomer) that J.Crew is pushing:

And there's no question that bottoms in general are loosening up. But to wear pants that look like they actually belong to your man is sloppy and unflattering. I'm talking to you, Katie Holmes.

Milly said...

nice cardi and necklace

Anonymous said...

Mr. D says: My jeans are super sweet. Mrs. D is welcome to wear them anytime...

amber said...

call me nutty, but i think i'll always favor a small flare or bootcut, no matter the trends. they just look better on me than any other style.

tam pham said...

ditto what weemo said :-).


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