Monday, February 16, 2009

The Scene
This morning, Mr. Diabolina and I braved the flooded streets and met Peaches, his parents and some of their friends for a farewell at The Chateau Marmont.

Love people who plan their next meal in detail. And obsess over all the restaurants they want to try around the country. And fondly recall memorable past meals. All while eating the first meal of the day. Basically, I love the piggy Peach family. (BTW, the Chateau is not only great for star gazing on Sunday nights but its a yummy, chichi place to take out of town guests for breakfast. Order the crunchy French Toast and mimosas. TDF. )

In the afternoon, poor Mr. D had to work. I, on the other hand, did nothing but fart around. Read, worked out, devoured old episodes of Oprah, watched Donnie Darko for the billionth time.

After dinner, Mr. D and I caught up on TiVo, lost serious brain cells watching The City. We demand less Erin, more Olivia.

I think this was good ole Oli featured on the Sartorialist this week. I'd recognize that Pantene hair and Birkin anywhere.

The Outfit
Forever 21 sweater
Image wrap sweater
Mossimo jeans
Vintage raincoat

The Accessories

BCBG boots
Louis Vuitton Speedy and earrings
Forever 21 headband
Me&Ro necklace

The Grade


The Commentary
Dressed for the rain today. Built the outfit around my favorite raincoat.

Love the beautiful spring color on a dreary wintery day.

I got this Sgt. Pepper raincoat when I was a wee 22. At a Redondo Beach Goodwill. For $50. Nothing when you consider how much I've worn it in the last decade. But at the time, I was a po' graduate student so it felt like the ultimate luxury.

The minute he saw me, Peaches pawed at it. He has a good eye. Asked who makes it. Should have said it was Louis Vuitton instead of Goodwill.

Like this beautiful mint coat Jak and Jil just blogged. Adore!

Chose the Forever animal print top because it has subtle flecks of mint and is amazingly soft. Then I zeroed in on the gray jeans

And then the brown boots and wrap sweater and my Speedy.

The jewelry and headband tied everything together.

I've been noticing tons of skinny gray pants lately

Seems like the new hot chick staple. Very I'm a Victoria Secret model ;)

Have been thinking I want to invest in a pair of fancy gray skinny jeans.

Today's $20 pair from Target are nearly 3 years old.

And you can't see it but they have, um, bedazzled pockets. Ugh. I always have to strategically position my rear end when I wear them to conceal this fact.

Have been reluctant to fork out over $200 on anything lately.

Much less on such a hipster chick item. Not much hipster about me these days.

But I'm starting to reconsider now that gray is ALL over the Fall 2009 runway. Gray skinny pants in particular.

There they were at Carolina Herrera



Matthew Williamson

And Behnaz Sarapour

So I am thinking I was right. I need a pair. Like yesterday. Maybe J Brand

Or Hudsons

Or Citizens. I will also take one washboard stomach and two mile long legs. Sigh.
Hopefully will be able to snag a pair of grays on sale or resale. But I've got to act fast - before everyone catches wind that they will want them come September.


james said...

JB here. When you come visit we'll go to Uniqlo. The jeans are only $40.

Anonymous said...

I like the pairing of gray pants with non-black shoes. Must learn how to vary my accessories more. And thanks the for Chateau suggestion...making me hungry already.

WendyB said...

Oh, the shame of bedazzled pockets!

Sable Crow said...

Yay! I was ALL about gray skinny jeans on my trip to SF this past weekend. Paired with gray, waterproof shoes, they were the perfect base for black cashmere sweaters and chunky black eyeglasses. So hipster-chic. At LAX, I felt like a martian. In SF, I blended perfectly with the hipsters in the Mission.

My skinny jeans were $40 and are Levis. I don't know if they make a girl's version, but it seems ludicrious to me to buy $200 jeans at this point. That's like 22 shares of Wells Fargo common stock!

MissJordyPants said...

Bedazzled Pockets?! S-E-X-I-E!

Ana said...

Love this look. I'm a big fan of sun-washed feel of the tee!

And, you know I love those Image wrap tops. Can't wait to get my hands on those, D!

Have a fantastic weekend! - Ana

tam pham said...

i have a fear that light gray jeans will make me look more blubbery than I already am :-/.

lookrichbitch said...

ugh.. everytime i see your speedy i get a twinge of sadness because i think about the speedy that my mom used to have and then gave away because she was over it. oh the lucky fool who found it at goodwill..

amber said...

i waaaay to wussy to try skinny jeans, much less gray skinny jeans. i think you should def. invest in a pair though.


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