Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Scene
Wake up to another beautiful morning of nom nom nommy treats

And Jordan Catalano ;)

Said bye to all our peeps and headed into Reno for our midday flight home.

Take in the staggeringly beautiful sights we missed driving in to Tahoe at night.

Feeling all kinds of emotional today. For so many reasons. Partly because I don't want to head back into work on Monday. Partly because this weekend I just felt off. Separate. Different. As I listened to stories of childhoods spent skiing, family traditions, of fathers and siblings, of craving domesticity and children...well, I just couldn't relate. Ended up feeling surprisingly discombobulated.

Thank goodness I brought along the Obama book, Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance. That I can relate to. See so much of my own journey in his. Am currently on the part where he goes to Kenya for the first time and meets his father's family. He details the exact emotions that stir in me whenever I go back to Guatemala, visit my mother's family, feel haunted by the ghost of a father I never met.

So much heavy stuff swirling around inside. So much I want to write...but when? Sigh.

In the afternoon, I met up with my mom for manis and pedis followed by sushi. She is non too pleased that I skiied. Ugh. Tells me I could have killed myself. Realized how much of my fears as an adult are still tied to her overprotection when I was child. Fascinating...

Ended the night with just what I needed: a fabulous night surrounded by creative pretty party people. Joined Peaches and his lovely co-workers for some cocktails with a side of cackling.

The minute we sat down we were told to spy the celebrities in the back corner table. I squinted excitedly since the girls were all atwitter.

There in the darkness sat Amy Poehler's husband Will Arnet, the new blond James Bond Daniel Craig, my favorite Jim Halpert from The Office aka John Krasinski and Mr. Oscar nominee/Madonna ex himself SEAN PENN! UGH. The motherload of Hollywood hotties!!!! Our poor vaginas.

(The minute I snapped this picture I was curtly told photos weren't allowed at the Chateau. Whatever. I had the money shot - ninja paparazzi style ;)

And then the night gets even better. The star of Peaches' show joins the par-tay!!! Everyone calls him The. Ugh. Such a delish man in that delish pink shirt. I was probably more star struck about him than the table of TV/movie stars. Any man who can do this with his voice has a written invitation to my vag. Seriously. Engraved.

As if the night wasn't amazing enough, Peaches' bff from the show eventually joined us. ADORE THIS MAN. Met him in Chicago in 2007 when Peach took me to the show's holiday party.

We are kindred spirits. Especially when it comes to mocking a Peach.

After all these years, Peach and I have such a funny dynamic. We are like siblings - except both of us are only children so we don't quite know how brothers and sisters really relate to each other.

All I know is we are each other's biggest fans. And yet we live to cut each other down to size. It's always entertaining.

Adore him. Such a light in my life - so supportive and hilarious and piggie and talented and just sparkly. So thankful we get to spend time together this month. I'd be all kinds of maudlin otherwise.

Forever 21 leggings and hat, Cashmere sweater, Polo puffer , and Uggs.
The Grade
ABC is for Airport Blah Casual.


The Outfit
Forever 21 dress
American Apparel leggings
Vintage coat

The Accessories
Fashion District bangle and scarf
Steve boots
Chanel earrings and bag

The Grade
B for I'm Back.

The Commentary
Would have loved to channel the Karadashian sisters traveling to Sundance today. So much black, luxe hotness.

This Gwyneth outfit would have been perfect for traveling too. I die for those boots.

Was dying to sass it up tonight after three days of casual blah.

Decided nothing says sass like the latex leggings. Probably because of High Heels and Sweatshirts' recent post.

Upon seeing me, Peach proclaimed the ensemble "sexy." Ugh. He knows I hate when he says that word.

He draws out the "s" in a way that gives me the creepy crawlies.

Pondered wearing the day's hat out tonight like Jessica and Nicky.

And some fur like this impossibly gorg European. But didn't want to look too forced for a quiet night out.

Decided I could use a bit of a pop hence the purple eater scarf.

Wish I had chosen a top that was a little hotter though.

Especially for the stars in the house. Wouldn't have had to resort to making my signature "hot" face. F.

I'm so retarded.


tam pham said...

i would have literally died if i saw that group of fabulous men in person. i immediately emailed that pic to fiance and demanded that he take me to LA so that you can take me out. you lucky girl. who was the old guy? he looks a little like anthony hopkings, was it???

dying of jealousy in dallas,

zoe aka drinkupthefashion said...

wowwwwwww, so many famous people.
you mentioned the female sexual organ many MANY (way too many) times in this post. :) are you trying to tell us something? ahahaha :D

weezermonkey said...

"Hot" face is hilarious.

Da Fashionista said...


peaches' coworkers actually went up to them and sean penn was really cool. ugh. i die.

Come to la to shop with me not for star sightings. You never see celebrities when you go looking for them. Only on random Sunday nights.


you can never say vagina too many times. Vagina.

Fabianna (H.Finn Jewelry) said...

that is like the motherload of celeb sightings. usually you only see one or two lame-os. BTW, love how you rocked the leatha leggings. Still figuring out how to wear my cheapo Forever 21's.

Anonymous said...

question: i caught your post on google. my bffs and i are tryin to figure it out but did you see if john krasisnki smoked? ic ouldnt help noticing the pack in front of him in your picture.
cute blog, btw!

Da Fashionista said...


Thanks for sending all the traffic over. Site is crawling with The Office fans - yay! ;)

I didn't see him smoking. And tell everyone on the thread that Sean Penn came in separately with the older guy. They were at one table and the other guys were at a neighboring one.

Then John and Will got up to go to the rest room and stopped by Sean's table to say hello. That's when Sean Penn moved over to the bigger table.

Seems like famous people always do that. Maybe safety in numbers. Smart since all the girls at my table were drooling and ready to pounce ;)

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

OMG! I die! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Daniel Craig.

lookrichbitch said...


I would've run my butt over to that table screaming and grabbing anything souvenir worthy. Would be worth getting kicked out at the very least!


lookrichbitch said...

btw, if tam is going to LA, so am I!

MissJordyPants said...

What a fantastic star siting! Seems the Chateau is the best for that... it's the site of my most fabulous siting in the last four years.

Victoria said...

the chateau never disappoints, but that is quite a group of mens!

Ana said...

Jon, Sean and Craig! Yowza! (I like Will a bunch too.)

Glad you had a great time in Tahoe, by the way.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I just started reading Obama's book too. He is an amazing writer too! *SIGH* I think I have my first-ever crush on a president!

ShoeZQ said...

That can't be YOUR hot face. That's MY hot face! LOL! Awesome! Great minds.

Lisa said...

I'm verclempt...A shout out on Diabolina's blog? I have arrived :).

Latex leggins and some too hottie celebs, makes for quite a night...

Milly said...

you lucky gal!!

Angela said...

sounds very fun!!!

amber said...

<3 sean penn <3

you know, my mom was mrs. overprotective mama, too. freaked out when we went to the amazon last year. i've found that i carried a lot of fears about things because of her. jim has been great to get me out of my comfort zone on a lot of stuff as he is much less risk adverse than i am. it's really opened up my horizons with a lot of things.


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