Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Scene
Woke up early and hit The Flower Mart downtown with Mr. Diabolina.

Always a wonderful way to start the weekend

Not only because you are bowled over by beauty at every turn

But because every Flower Mart trip is followed by breakfast at Phillipee's. Aw yeah!

Midday, had a very important styling date with Amber of Confessions of the Pink Obsessed. Met at her beautiful home and did her super sweet wardrobe consultation. EEEEEE!

Was pretty nervous since I know she adores Tim Gunn. Plus being allowed into someone's closet is like being allowed into their psyche. It's a pretty intimate experience and we were both virgins ;)

I am planning to do a dedicated, in-depth blog post about all my recent styling work but in the meantime, here's a little overview of our two hour session:

First Amber and I discussed in detail her fashion likes and dislikes, her shopping habits, her budget and what she likes to accentuate/obscure figure wise. Then I had her try on outfits (a typical work outfit, weekend running errands outfit, a night out with her husband outfit) to assess the best fits for her shape and her spirit. After that I put together a few new outfit/color combos for her to "shop her closet" with new eyes the next time she gets dressed.

Like The Modern Type, Amber was lovely and a total joy to work with. So eager for advice and excited to push her comfort zone. She has great raw materials to work with so it's really just about kicking her look up to the next fashionista level.

Next step: I send her a personalized look book of options that she can use as a shopping guide to flesh out her wardrobe. She may even hire me to do some of that shopping together. My dream is to get her into more prints, open necklines and hotter shoes.

In the afternoon, emboldened by my success at Amber's and bored, I decided I needed blunt bangs. STAT.

Total transformation: Just $7.

Thinking I was some new hot chick with bangs, Mr. D pulled out all the stops for dinner.

He was on his best behavior. Until he ordered bacon wrapped shrimp. Ay, his arteries.

Diet and exercise routine MUST get back on track this week...or maybe next...

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress
Old Navy sweater

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton earrings
Banana Republic necklace
Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch and shoes
Fashion District bangle
Banks & Biddle bangle

The Grade

The Commentary

Built the outfit around my new necklace. SOOOO MARNI!! Bought it this week when I stopped by Nana to pick up a birthday present for Daisy Duke's.

Saw the necklace in Marie Claire a few weeks ago and instantly fell in love with it. Went to several stores and looked online but nada. So when I found it it on sale for $40 this week I knew it was meant to be.

The day after I bought it, I finally got my Michelle Obama issue of Vogue in the mail and there was the necklace again. In the cheap chic section.

Decided to get my own cheap chic look on with the Forever 21 dress and the stripped Old Navy sweater. Combined the dress and the sweater cost less than the necklace. Love!

Confession: I cannot get enough of this sweater. So comfortable and adorable. And works so well with so much in my closet.

Plus stripes are big right now - on the runway

On the streets

And on the red (blue) carpet

Loving the idea of stripes with leopard print. Whole lotta look but fresh for spring.

Tied the whole look together with the adorable Marc shoes and the clutch. The whole outfit costs considerably less than just one Marni necklace. Love love love this outfit. Just the perfect blend of relaxed casual and fabulous fierce. Perfect for my first whirl at channeling Tim Gunn.

Speaking of, Amber had several basic jersey dresses in her closet like the one I had on today. They are her go to weekend look. So one of my recommendations was adding bolder accessories to really make the dresses pop. That means a scarf with a luxe print, a wrap sweater in a contrasting color, a metallic shoe or an interesting statement necklace.

That also means adding an assortment of belts to her arsenal. She currently owns ZERO BELTS!!! No bueno since she has a wonderfully tiny waist she could be showing off.

But even if you have no waist like me, consider incorporating a few belts into your rotation

Take a look at how easy it is to reinvent the same piece with just one simple, low-cost accessory.

Particularly loving these obi style/cumberbund belts I dug out.

So poor woman's Marc Jacobs Spring 2009.





WendyB said...

Nice 'do!

Shoezq said...

Perfect outfit! This is gorgeous.

Low Cost High Style said...

I luv that wrap sweater...I went looking for inexpensive wrap sweaters the other day, but have yet to find one for me. You make them look so fun and they work with everything....I want one asap :) ~Kendra~

Chi Princesa said...

Great look, love the color combination.

Milly said...

love this look....and i have no belts in my closet scared of them and how to use them
i have to start though

Jean Bean said...

SO excited your enterprise is gaining momentum!

Jessebel said...

I adore the bangs and the colors.

Jenny Hansen said...

Love the bangs...super cute! FYI, the flower mart is amazing...I could spend hours in that place...

WeezerMonkey said...

Love. This. Outfit.

So excited re Amber's consultation session!

Anonymous said...

You look like Spring-time :)

Victoria said...

cute bangs! my mom and i are doing the flower mart in the a.m. so you just got me excited with those pics.

Sable Crow said...

Great post Diabolina!! Had a lovely conversation with a beautiful and intelligent woman the other night and I thought of something that you could address: body type posts.

This post reminded me of it, with your comment about the waist and belts. It seems to me that almost all women are concerned about their busts/waists/hips being either too big or too small, and I'd like to see you address that for your Readers.

I--of course--recommended your services! Strongly.

Sable Crow

PS. I LOVE the flower market, and if you two ever want company, I would go in a hot flash.

tam pham said...

love the flowers. love the sweater! can't wait to hear more about your styling gigs! so awesome!

amber said...

eeee! had so much fun this weekend! the quick look at the stuff you've sent over looks great and i can't wait to delve into it more this weekend.

also, your outfit was so damn adorable! glad to see you gave yourself an A, though i think it could have really been an A+!

lookrichbitch said...

seriously need to go to LA. need some sun and shopping! perhaps in time for the Barneys hanger sale!


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