Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Scene
My mom is one of those women that was born to be a mother. Being a mother is just who she is - loving, nurturing, self-less.

Like so much in her life, becoming a mother was not easy. She lost a couple of pregnancies in her mid twenties. So I was a bit of a miracle baby.

That's why I was/am so cherished. So overprotected. And so, um, spoiled. That's also why it was particularly difficult for her when I left home for college.

Enter this baby, Mr. Pink Pig

And this baby, Diabolina Jr.

Their mother befriended mine right around the time I left for USC. And she asked my mom for help with her gorgeous Pink Pig who was just six months old at the time. At first, my mom just babysat him occasionally but eventually she looked after him every Saturday. Like clockwork.

My mom and Mr. Pink Pig shared an instant bond. She has such a way with children. She was there for his first words and steps and tumbles. She became like a third grandmother to him.

Two years later his adorable sister came along. In a move of strategic genius, they gave her my name as a middle name - and sealed my mom's undying love for her!

Diabolina Jr. was a dream come true for my mom. Just as her only child entered adulthood, my mom got a brand new cherub cheeked, girly girl to cuddle and dress and spoil.

Over the past thirteen years, these two little people and their entire extended family have become family to us. Our blond family :)

These two kids have also helped stave off my mom's need for grandchildren. And for that, Mr. D and I will be eternally grateful ;)

When my mom found out Peach would be doing Phantom in L.A., she asked me to get four tickets.

She wanted to take her three babies to the show.

She wants the kids to be able to look back and remember that she was the one who took them to see POTO for the first time. Love love love.

Such a surreal lovely bittersweet afternoon today. Sitting in the theater where my dad and mom took me as a child to see every show that came to L.A. Watching one of my best friends from college perform on that prestigious stage.

Holding hands with this beautiful girl, who is my namesake, as she experiences a Broadway classic for the very first time.

And kidding around with this handsome teenager to whom I feel so indebted, as he drinks in new sights and sounds.

A moment in time they will both remember as adults, a memory they will equate with my mother's extraordinary love for them.

After the show, the four of us get an EXCELLENT tour backstage from Peaches' good friend on the tour.

My mom and I are kinda obsessed with him. Such a lovely gracious man.

Meanwhile Peaches gives other friends a tour, signs autographs, and shows me how his dresser fans him in his dressing room. Only the grapes are missing. That DIVA!!!!

Amazing to think that when he started the tour, holding this music box was his claim to fame!

After the show, we meet up with Mr. D for burgers and shakes in Hollywood. The kids have us in stitches the whole time. They have always been sooooo funny - but now their humor is sarcastic and self-deprecating and nuanced.

While we wait for their parents to pick them up, Diabolina Jr., my mom and I play in my closet and flip through fashion magazines.

The boys play video games. Under the picture of Mr. D when he was exactly Mr. Pink Pig's age. Perfect!

That was my day today. Family and memories and art and laughter and love. So many layered, beautiful connections. So many blessings.

The Outift
H&M sleeveless turtleneck
Ann Taylor leather skirt
Vintage coat

The Accessories
Chanel bag and tights
Forever 21 bracelet and sunglasses
Canal street earrings and scarf
Dolce and Gabbana shoes

The Grade

The Commentary
Today was my third time seeing Phantom in the last two years and my mom's second time in the last two months. We are officially groupies.

But at least we are not groupies of the costumed variety. Yes, people come dressed up in masks and top hats to the show. Yes, sometimes the actors look out at the audience and see a Phantom staring back. Yes, Peaches takes pictures with them. Yes, that's fear in his eyes.

Today, my momma opted for black and white and gray Tory Burch. Love this bejeweled cashmere, the tweed jacket and the black version of my pink rosette bracelet.

I on the other hand did all black with touches of Chanel. Similar to the last time we saw the show in San Francisco.

Chanel is after all the mother of all things black and white :)

Have been dying to wear my Chanel tights again before it gets too warm.

They were perfect today. Partly because it was so chilly, partly because something about them screams POTO. Remind me a bit of the mask.

Not a fan of this season's two tone Chanel stockings. Even on SJP.

A little too biker short, your control top is showing.

For most of the day, Mr. Pink Pig stared at my tights with curiosity. His eyes dancing with mischief.

Then after dinner, he finally blurted out, "Do you only wear things with CC on them? Like the CCs on your giant socks." HAHAHA! Then he looked at my scarf witheringly and asked, "What's Chan-Nel?"

Before I could respond, Diabolina Jr. - exasperated like only a little sister can be - corrected him, "It's Cha-nel not channel. And it's fancy." Then she rolled her eyes. Ugh I love her.

I love that she wore black and white today. And that she proudly informed her brother that I have a "fashion web site." And that she didn't skip a beat when I asked her about her cutie shoes - quickly propped them up for me to get a good shot to feature on the blog.

Love that she gasped "Wow" when she stepped into my closet and that she couldn't get a pair of my shoes on fast enough. With encouragement from the devil aka my mother.

After all a girl is never too young to fall in love with dirty pretty things. Especially designer ones.


somecallmejordy said...

The exact kind of read I needed while home sick. Your family is beautiful!

WeezerMonkey said...

This was a very cute day!

Sable Crow said...

In early high school I went over to the Sacramento home of my friend's older sister and her husband. He was a lawyer, and he had a closet full of Armani. Well, it seemed full of Armani to me at the time, though I think in reality it was only a few ties and a suit or two.

I vowed then and there, in the presence of all that silk and wool, that I would have a closet like that someday, too.

Achieving that has been so much fun over the last 10 years. Amazing to have a little one see you. I think we see ourselves differently in their eyes. Like we're the grown up.

Great giant socks. Not just a little bitter that I've never seen them in person. F.

Mar5195 said...

Sounds like a great day. You really need to do a lesson how to tie a scarf. I tried this weekend and failed miserably.

Hurry before it gets warm again!! Thanks!

♥Rosie said...

What an adorable couple of kids.. what a cute day!

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

You look sooo amazing in those tights. YOU GO GIRL!!!

WendyB said...

"they gave her my name as a middle name" -- it is like nobles naming their child for the king/queen back in the day.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Your mom sounds like such a sweetie, and you two both have that wonderful smile. Love your outfit too.

harp said...

that scarf is so chic...and to think I walk by canal almost daily...need to re-visit STAT!;)

sarah said...

i don't think i'll ever stop laughing about "giant socks"!

Anonymous said...

You are SO cute! Thanks you for the kind words about my blog. I want to marry those Chanel tights, by the way...xo back!

mrs. cly said...

just too cute! i think i adore Diabolina Jr.

amber said...

this post makes me all warm and fuzzy for so many reasons. <3

i want to take diabolina, jr. home with me. she is adorable!


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