Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Scene
Follow-up appointment with The Modern Type today. She came over to try on the final looks she'd chosen from the over 70 options in her personalized lookbook. P-o-o-p-i-n-g excited!

When she showed up in her rosette top, belt, wrap sweater, dark jeans and boots, I marveled again that such an adorable little doll would need any styling help. But then I remembered that a) she only shops when she absolutely has to and b) she hardly ever shops for dresses.

Am ecstatic to report that four looks worked AH-mazingly well on The Modern Type. Even better than I had hoped. I felt a unique blend of pride and satisfaction as I watched her body language shift in each look. She stood a little taller in each look, a little more confident, a little more sparkly. I thought she looked in the mirror a few times as if she was seeing herself for the first time.

She marveled at how she would never have picked out any of the looks for herself, never thought they would look so beautiful on her. As we parted ways, she said she'd be the happiest girl in the world if I could shop for her all the time. Love.

There was a moment today when I realized I could be good at this. Not just because of my fashion and bargain hunting skills but because of the person that I am.

One of my gifts has always been making people feel special, maybe even understood. I always try to connect with people, delve deeper than just the surface. I look inside them and try to reflect back all the beautiful things I see. I think that's what so many of us need, right? I think that might be my secret to success...

Spent a leisurely, lovely afternoon with my mom - eating and chatting and trying on hats ;)

Loved her flower earrings and cocoon sweater today. Love that she is so happy when I am happy.

Late night, Mr. D and I met up with Peaches, his bf who is visiting from NYC and Mr. Prettier than Me. Over several bottles of wine, we discussed the economy and Phantom and the breaking Chris Brown/Rihanna news and the Kinsey scale of sexuality and a possible joint vacay in Cabo this year. We also discussed my appointment with The Modern Type this morning. All the adorable boys were so excited for me.

But none more so than Mr. D. He was so nervous and proud and giddy for me today. Ugh. There's no feeling like the feeling I get when I see myself reflected in his eyes. I feel beautiful and understood.

The Outfit
Forever 21 tunic
Blue Cult jeans
Old Navy cardigan

The Accessories
Vintage trenchcoat
Fashion District necklace and ring
Faux Van Cleef and Arpels earrings
Tory Burch flats

The Grade

The Commentary
Was putting all kinds of pressure on myself to look fabulous for my meeting with The Modern Type. But everything I tried ended up feeling too forced. Too Fashion with a capital F.

Especially since we were doing the meeting at my house in the middle of a the day on a Sunday. Ultimately decided it was more important to look relaxed so that she would feel relax.

When Mr. Diabolina saw my outfit he proclaimed my outfit "the most Rachel Zoe I have ever looked." Ha! He is bananas.

Built the outfit around the necklace. Bought it in the downtown Fashion District for $10, haggled down from $15.

A recessionista version of the Van Cleef neckalce Eva Mendes rocked at the Golden Globes.

Perfect statement necklace for Spring.

As promised, I found a great version of the Ginnifer Goodwin orange flower necklace today. JCrew. Loving the yellow necklace too. Very Burberry. Both over $100 though. I'd wait for both to go on sale.

Found some cheaper versions on sale at Macy's.

These will only set you back about $20. But they kinda look it.

Debuted my new golden sphere ring today. Knock off of a Bottega Venetta look. Scored it downtown too. $7.

Balls are a big trend for spring (that's what he said!) Here's a cool necklace at Banana currently on sale that is strikingly similar to these pricey designer ones.

Chose the purple tunic/dress to matchy the necklace,

And because I am loving all things purple lately.

Especially this dress!

And imagine my necklace with this one!!! HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE THAT HEADLINE!????

Thought about losing the jeans and swapping them for tights tonight. After all we were going to Dominick's. Very young Hollywood. Lauren just had a surprise b-day party there on Wed.

But once again, didn't want to force things today. Didn't feel young or particularly Hollywood today. Plus I figured the necklace AND the balls on my hand would be enough for da gays ;)

Also glad I wore the gilded Tory Burch flats. Matched Peaches' new Pradas. We are such hot chicks.


weezermonkey said...

We need pics of all of The Modern Type's new looks!

WendyB said...

Love the Mr's Rachel Zoe comment. Too funny!

Da Fashionista said...

Will put up the pictures from today eventually. The Modern Type wanted to hold off until she makes her final decision/has the photo shoot.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

So glad you are realising your dream! You can do this full time, you have the talent.

Sable Crow said...

Yay! About time chica! If I were a girl (that's what he said), I would hire you as my stylist.

In you do boys? (THAT'S what she said!) I would like to hire you to move me past Armaniland. Would love to see what you would do for my style. I need casual looks. Jeans are killing me and Armani is too fancy. I just looked at my wardrobe last night and thought: I hate all my shirts, and I need a style pick-me-up.

I'm serious. Call me.

HazelnutPhotography said...

eeek! so glad that it went well!

And it's true, your ability to reflect what's inside other people is astounding. And will make you a perfect stylist. Your career is going to blow up in the very near future :-)

In other news, the mustard hat... where's it from!? I'm going to need to go buy that.

Jean Bean said...

I heart Mr. D!

So disappointed in Michelle's cover shot. It's Photoshop of Horrors, and why, WHY the 1950s yearbook arms?

Jadelily said...

Super giddy for you! I can't wait to see The Modern Type's final outfits!

Emily said...

"There's no feeling like the feeling I get when I see myself reflected in his eyes. I feel beautiful and understood."

The way you write about Mr. D pretty much sums up all those little intangibles that together add up to love. There have been several times that I read something you write about him and just go "yes, I never would have thought of it, but that's how I feel." So thank you for putting my emotions into words!

amber said...

i need that necklace. it's all my colors wrapped up in one pretty, inexpensive piece!


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