Friday, February 6, 2009

The Scene
Friday has never felt so sweet. Practically skipped out of The Office. Even the torrential rain and mentally challenged L.A. drivers couldn't dampen my TGIF spirits.

Decided to do a final looksee for The Modern Type before heading home tonight. We are meeting on Sunday. V. excited to see how the half dozen dresses she's picked work on her body. Hoping she falls in love with several of them. I know I have.

That's the bad thing about this personal shopping/styling gig. I fall in love with the merchandise too easily. F!

Tonight I fell - hook, line and sinker - for this ruffle blouse, key hole dress, sheer rosette cardigan, and grey/yellow print. Ugh. All look very high end designer, no? They are JCREW!!!

Then at Bloomie's this kelly green sweater winked at me.

And this drapey BCBG dress whispered sweet nothings to me. MUST RESIST URGE TO SHOP FOR SELF.

Got home, ordered Chinese, snuggied up with my Lucky Magazine and Mr. D.

And then we watched Stoploss. Mainly because we wanted to see the movie that ended Reese's marriage.

Also because we are too scaredy to watch the other one we rented, The Strangers. Ugh. Masks and home invasions are too much creepy on a dark stormy night.

The Oufit
Forever 21 dress and belt
Burberry trench coat

The Accessories
Marc Jacobs bag
Fashion District bracelet and ring
DKNY tights
Forever 21 belt
BCBG boots

The Grade

The Commentary

Started with the boots today. Want to wear them as much as possible before it gets too warm. Ugh. I'd die to look this winter fab in boots with the fur ;)

Added the no brainer black dress with black tights to keep everything simple. Cinched in the waist with a belt to feel a little sassier.

Wore my Burberry trench again...belted, thank you very much.

Then I decided to add a little bit of color and spring to the outfit. Debuted this rosette bracelet and Dior knock off ring. J'adore.

Scored both downtown in the Fashion District. Each just $10.

Sure beats paying $5,500 for the real Diorette ring at top right.

Or the hundreds that this Marni blossom would set me back.

Now I just have to find the perfect flower necklace.

Would love one as intricate as this one.

Saw one in coral at Macy's tonight. $20ish.

Decent look for less version of Ginnfer Goodwin's yum flower necklace. But I can do better. Stay tuned...


tam pham said...

i want that jcrew yellow top!!!!!!!!!!

MissJordyPants said...

I think I might need that JCrew ruffley top... even though I already own the F21 version. It's just soooo perfect!

Fabianna (H.Finn Jewelry) said...

major jinx! that purple bcbg was my bday dress!! must remember to post pics on my blog soon, isn't it wonderful? and the back is to DIE. so wonderful you are getting your stylist shoes on!

WendyB said...

If you're gonna spend $5,500 on a ring, it better be one of mine.

Tabitha said...

I love the bright colors!!!!!

Unknown said...


Victoria said...

love u in the snuggie!

Tiffany said...

excited to see what you put together for the Modern Type.

I have fallen in love with JCrew's latest line but darn them they do not make clothes that fit a small Asian girls body. All their clothes are oddly deformed on me.

Emily said...

Note to self: hit up J.Crew when next in CA. Loving those outfits!


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