Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Scene
Never left the hotel today. Perfectly blissful, relaxing day:

Room service for every meal: check

Hour and a half workout: check

In room couples' massage: check

Vegging out in front of the television: check

Frolicking in the hot tub, pool and sauna: check

Best Valentine Ever: Check

The Outfit
Target pants
Juicy Couture zip up
Nike sports bra

The Accessories
Saucony running shoes

The Grade

The Commentary

Not much of a fashionable day. Juicy Couture casual doesn't count.

So here are some random fashion musings occupying my thoughts today:

No place I'd rather be than with my sweetie today. But if I HAD to be anywhere else it would definitely be NY Fashion Week.

Gaga over all the pictures of my two tone Chanel tights on fierce fashionistas. Wish I could wear them every day.

Loving all things gray lately like these Jeffrey Campbell flats

But I cannot condone this particular tights look. Just say no to Gwyneth's gray glimmer.

Just say yes to boys who ask for Valentine's Day gift advice. Like Texas Cowboy!!! He emailed me yesterday to say he knows Jean Bean loves JCrew jewelry and was wondering which piece I thought she'd like best. Adore this man.

Emailed right back that I think she'd love practically anything in the store right now but settled on the the coral flowery necklace I blogged about last Sunday. Advised him to snoop around her jewelry, however, and make sure she didn't have anything similar already. One wants to avoid repeating when gifting if at all possible.

Also told him to remember that if she doesn't like the necklace that he shouldn't take it personally. Fashionistas are notoriously tough to gift. Poor Mr. D can attest to that.

Thrilled tonight when Jean Bean texted to say she loved the necklace. YAY! She said she'd actually been stalking that necklace for weeks.

Currently I am stalking just the right neon piece,


An asymmetrical dress - preferrably BCBG


A new non-logo handbag

And all things raven haired. Especially Lily Allen. ;)


WeezerMonkey said...

You are cutie-patootie even in loungewear.

WendyB said...

Sounds like a perfect day.

JCH said...

Sounds lovely...

Jadelily said...

What a wonderful day, and such a sweet Mr. D! =)

tam pham said...

i'm impressed that you worked out...i would have just laid around in my robe all day, but i'm lazy like that.

Anonymous said...

Couples massage? LOVE IT. My boyfriend hates massages so I get so sad even when I hear the phrase "couples massage" but I think it is amazing you two had one. I live for hotels! Sounds like you had a great Valentine's Day weekend.

lookrichbitch said...

really?? no shimmer tights? i saw a gal wearing black shimmer and was instantly smitten. but if d says no.. then no. poopie.

amber said...

fun day!

when i was perusing the j.crew jewelry online after our meeting, my eye immediately went to that necklace.

then i saw the price.

i started praying for a sale.


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