Friday, January 16, 2009

The Scene


And TGIH (thank god it's hot.) The summer-like weather lured Mr. D's tallest friend Mr. Saint home from Chicago for the weekend. Tonight three muskateers hit a perfect trifecta of L.A. hotspots to kick off the three day weekend.

First, dinner at the newly remodeled, always delish El Chavo.

Followed by chintzy fun at the legendary Tiki T.

And nightcaps at The Goodluck Bar. Lest you think we are hep or anything, we were all home by 11. When did we turn into the early bird special set? Wah.

The Oufit
Forever 21 top
J Brand jeans
Image wrap sweater

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton earrings
BCBG boots
Juicy Couture necklace
Stella McCartney bag

The Grade

The Commentary
The original plan was to go bowling tonight straight after work. But the boys changed the plan on me and my sporty spice outfit. Glad the caz look still worked for the hipper plans.

Really love the tiered effect of this Forever 21 top. Reminded me of all the ruffles on the spring catwalk - particularly the Phillip Lim zipper top but just $20.

Currently coveting this Pamela Roland ruffle look head to yellow bowed toe. Ugh. That green is such a stunning color on tan skin.

No coincidence that 1920s style is back in vogue right now. A 70s fashion revival is likely around the corner...

Also felt very Project Runway today. The top looks like a cross between shredded newprint

Coffee filters

And Leanimal ruffles. Gawd, I miss how good that show was once upon a time.



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