Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Scene
More June in January today. It was 80 degrees in the shade by noon. Bananas. Mr. Diabolina suggested enjoying the sunshine with our first foray to Runyon Canyon. Since we aren't in "The Industry", don't work part time or own a dog and aren't single, Mr. D and I had never "done" Runyon until today.

Background: Runyon is about as L.A. as it gets. Picture 160 acres of beautiful, glistening people - some doing yoga, others hiking with their dogs, most of them concerned about seeing and being seen. Not exactly our fave kinda scene.

Very glad we got over ourselves and just experienced the magnificent views today while getting a little cardio. Even if we had to endure all those pesky scenesters.

They were almost as tough to take as the punishingly steep inclines. My jiggly wiggly ass was dying within 20 minutes.

Felt tres proud when we discovered we'd managed to climb up to the highest peak from the lowest point of the park.

Definitely earned the delish lunch that followed: a California Chicken Cafe wrap with lots and lots of salsa and a side of Vogue. Heaven.

After a day of football and sunbathing, Mr. D and I went against our better judgment, followed the critics' advice and watched Gran Torino. Have no words for the awfulness.
Left the theater and beelined for some dessert to try to end the night on a sweet note. Nothing like a polar bear cookie to assuage a pissed polar bear.

The Outfit
BCBG leather jacket
Kokomo Hello Kitty tee
J Brand jeans

The Accessories
Ray Bans
Chanel bag
Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes

The Grade
H for Hello Kitty Hot

The Commentary
Today's evening look was as schizophrenic as the weather.

Mixed edgy

With adorable

Jean Bean gave me this tee last month during our trip to New York. Loves her. She knows I am a sucker for French speaking Japanese cats.

Adoring how matchy matchy the outfit ended up. White and blue Marc shoes with the blue and white Kitty tee. Especially loved the matching bow action.

Big bold bows were all over the Spring runway. Love the playfulness of a bow. And that it can either read feminine or masculine depending on the placement on a garment. Endless possibilities. Though here's an important distinction:

A dramatic bow on a stunning dress: a J Lo Do.

A bow fashioned with your "own" hair: a Gaga Don't.


WeezerMonkey said...

Everybody I respect hated Gran Torino. I haven't watched it, but I'm sort of happy to hear you guys hated it.

dapotato said...

oops, i kind of liked gran torino. as did another of weemo's and my asociates.

this reminds me i'm long overdue for a california chicken cafe wrap.

HazelnutPhotography said...

I've always loved Runyon Canyon! Kicks my ass every single time.

Victoria said...

i always say runyon is only full of gay guys, dog owners and retired porn stars, but since almost everyone i know does it (including me!) clearly i am wrong. :)

JillFantastic said...

Gran Torino was HORRIBLE. Glad others agree.

lookrichbitch said...

Ray Bans.. Runyon..

Why, you're just a regular Mischa Barton or Kirsten Dunst! Next you're going to tell us that Ken Paves does your weave.

Ew. Not funny.

I think I need Ray Bans.

Sable Crow said...

For all the reasons Victoria said, I love Runyon. Come to think of it, I sometimes dream of meeting a former gay porn star running shirtless with his dog up Runyon...

But I digress. Love the Hello Kitty. Baffled you wore a leather jacket in 80 degree weather. How DO you dress for summer in January? That was such a hard thing for me this weekend...

I'm not inspired by men's t-shirts anymore. What's an Angeleno to do?

Jadelily said...

I love to rock the Hello Kitty t-shirts sometimes too! Actually, I dressed up as Hello Kitty a couple Halloweens ago...

So jealous of LA weather. Can't see much of me nowadays since I'm buried under a blanket most of the time.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

I love the jacket. You looked super cool. And how crazy is Cali weather at the moment, nuts.

tam pham said...

hello kitty for life!!!

Ana said...

Fun outfit!

Can't wait to hear your take on the Blake Lively-ness of the current Vogue...AND your take on the First Lady's fashion choices for the day.

WendyB said...

I would totally wear a hair bow!

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Is that BCBG leather jacket current? I LOVE IT! MUST HAVE IT!

amber said...

runyon kicks my arse every.single.time. i normally go with my leggy, 6ft tall female friend who makes me look like i amble along like a snail. gah!

girl, if i came across you walking down the street in that outfit, i'd be really intimidated. you look awesome!


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