Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Scene
Got up early today. To be my mom's monkey butler.

She lost her reading glasses. Super sweet reading glasses that she can only get in the Fashion District. So she needed me to drive her to get a replacement pair. In the rain. She's lucky she's cute.

Afterward, Mr. Diabolina and I took Peaches to one of our favorite Hollywood spots for breakfast. Needless to say that pig loved it. Practically made love to this bowl of fresh jam.

Then it was time to head to Peach's office. One of my favorite places in L.A. The beautiful theater where as a child I saw every Broadway production that came to town.

Ugh. Never ever dreamed 20 years later I'd be joking out front with one of my best friends who is now starring in one of my all time favorite shows. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. So proud of him I could poop.

After touring us around backstage (no photos allowed - BOO), Peach showed us his dressing room. EEEEEEE! I die!

Can you beeeeelieve this is the equivalent of his desk?? Makeup and cough drops and Scooby snacks and a kinda singer's bong. LOVE!

Can you believe this is the ghetto jepetto cot Equity issues actors? F.

And that this is the bucket he gets watered down with towards the end of the show when he dives into the "river" to save Christine? HIGH-LARIOUS!

And that Peaches does push-ups to look good in his watered down see through shirt. EVEN MORE HILARIOUS!

Here's his said fey wardrobe for the show: flimsy dress shirts and tuxedos and white scarves and top hats and bow ties.

But my fave is his Masquerade costume. It's actually a jumpsuit!!! Soooooo on trend for Spring 2009!!!

Newsflash: The costume department even issues special undies to ensure there are no unsightly panty lines onstage.

And a special robe to kick it Hugh Hefner-style backstage. Adore adore adore!

As if seeing Peach living out his dream wasn't amazing enough, tonight we got to hang out with St. Jude and The Brown Devil.

Had a hoggy dinner with them at Red Lion Tavern.

Lost our minds and had several rounds of Jager.

Followed by Bailey's and Coffee.

Because we are old and needed to rally.

Had the haute birthday party of Mr. Architect to attend.

It was a black and white theme. Right down to the food. Adore.

Mr. Architect was the only one not decked out in black and white. He was channeling Oprah at her Legends Ball. Remember how she told everyone to wear black and white but wore red? That wiley devil.

Thankfully tonight there was no repeat of The Great Cake Incident of 2008. We are never going to let Mr. Architect live that down.

Wonderfully perfect day with FIVE of our favorite people on this earth.

The Outfit
Phillip Lim dress
Nanette Lepore jacket

The Accessories
Forever 21 camelia pin
Faux Chanel pearls and bob
Real Chanel earrings, shoes and purse
Fashion District ring
Red lips

The Grade
C for Coco Chanel

The Commentary
A black and white party meant one thing to me: panda chic. You know how much I heart pandas. All week I meant to put together a panda costume but never quite motivated beyond finding this picture of a panda fashion show.

So when Mr. D said tonight he was going to bust out his 1920s costume from our NYC murder mystery party

I realized I should channel 1920s Chanel - duh.

Painted my lips red and tucked my hair into a faux bob.

Donned my black and white nubby jacket and Lim dress and Camelia pin and pearls and new shoes. Perfectly Coco.

Alas, my outfit wasn't very special. Lots of ladies tonight rocked LBDs and pearls. Maybe I should have done a repeat of Karl. Or even my Brenda costume from Mr. D's 90s party.

Tonight's prettiest kitty award goes to Silver Haired Fox. From the salt and pepper coif to the Boss velvet jacket to his impeccable hosting skillz, I heart him.

The birthday boy won shinest and shadiest kitty. He got the redic jacket at American Apparel today. Left the tag on in case he wants to return it ;)

Another fave of the night was the Karate Kid. Brilliantly comfy black and white costume.

Just wish Peaches could have made it to the party after his performance. Would have fit right in in his penguin suit.


WeezerMonkey said...

I did a little sight-reading of "All I Ask of You" at my friend's house the other day. (They made me play piano.) I thought of Peaches as I mangled it. ;)

WendyB said...

Never make love to jam. Sticky and unpleasant.

MissJordyPants said...

I have so much love for Phantom. Absolute favorite!

Love the 20's Chanel!

Jean Bean said...

Actually pre Oprah, there was an episode of Alvin & The Chipmunks when Alvin's girlfried Brittany did that red-dress trick. Unforgettable.

I'm back!

R said...

I am dying and crying at the thought that I will never get to see this show. Every time I get close, something happens. Would have loved to see your Peaches performing. *sob*

Grace said...

Phantom is one of my top 5 musicals! I'll be watching the show on Feb. 15 w/ my hubby. Hope to see Peaches perform!

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

This is my favourite outfit so far. You look AMAZING!

amber said...

we saw peaches performing friday night. please let him know that we thought he was great!! :)

Jenny Hansen said...

We will see your peaches on February 20th..very excited since I've never seen it before!


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