Wednesday, April 16, 2008


The delovely TamPham is my newest blogger pal. I think she is hilarious and love that she loves my mom :)

Most days, I think she is inside my head because her posts are exactly what I am thinking. It's freaky Friday style. OH and she also has a tall white man legal eagle of her very own. WEIRD!

Today she tagged me. Being new to blogging, I don't know about such reindeer games. But apparently here are the rules:

1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules in your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blogs letting them know they've been tagged.

So here goes TMI about Diabolina:

1. I have a problem with toothpaste. The problem is that I manage to get it everywhere. I've tried different types of tubes and being careful when squeezing the tube but to no avail. It's like a sickness. Jean Bean and Mr. Diabolina have bonded over this weird grossie josie tick of mine.

2. I have bat ears. I really should work for the CIA. I fancy myself a sleuth because of my mad auditory skillzzzz. I've toyed with the idea of starting a detective agency with my mom. Ironically my mom is partially deaf. This has lead to many an unpleasant/embarassing/frustrating situation over the years. Boo!

3. Probably because of #2, I abhor people who eat loudly. ABHOR!! I often say people who eat audibly were raised by wolves in a barn. I should not be able to hear ever smack, crackle and pop that another person's mouth makes.

The universe clearly hates me because, without fail, I'm a magnet for apple/nut/potato chip crunching aficianados. THEY DRIVE ME BONKERS. Maybe I just need to calm down and not let it bother me. More likely, though, they just need to close their mouths when they chew instead of eating like horses.

4. I am a salsa monster. The Peeper just dubbed me that last week after a particularly bad episode! What can I say I love copious amounts of salsa on my Mexican food and occasionally my eggs. The spicier the better. Ugh, I can never really get enough of it. Mr. Diabolina thinks it's seriously embarrassing. My mom's green tomatillo is my favorite followed by the one at Philipee's. Now you know what to get me for my b-day.

5. I have a thing about pandas. The thing is, well, that I love them. They are the planet's perfect animals. Plus I love me some Panda Express (I know, I know, I'm gross) AND I may never have kids AND though remarkably cuddly cute, I'm still a natural born killer so lots of my friends call me Panda/Pandita/Pandaista.

6. I have a golden eye. Which is technically a lazy eye. It was really bad when I was little but I had corrective surgery so it's much less noticeable. Peaches dubbed it "the golden eye" because it catches the light oddly in pictures and looks golden. Ugh. When he calls me Golden Eye, he sings it like the James Bond theme. F. I'm a freak.

I would like to tag these 6 pretty ladies:
The Jordana Project
Confessions of the Pink Obssessed
Undomestic Goddess
Kate of All Trades
Arsty Fartsy
And anyone else who wants to play leave a comment. I am all ears!


tam pham said...

OH MY GOD! That's it...your adorable mommy somehow had twins (one Latina and one Asian), and we got separated somehow!! My bf makes fun of me all the time because I get toothpaste all over the sink and myself! Also, I'm FAMOUS for my salsa recipe...I make a ridiculous amount every Sunday night so that my bf and I can snack on it everyday! Last but not least, I'm Panda-obsessed...I'm digging up evidence of that right now to post on my blog!!!

MissMissy said...

I always said that if chips and salsa was a man, I'd marry it. I was serious too!

Jean Bean said...

Frank told you we bonded about the toothpaste thing?! Did he come clean about the cereal thing too?

OK I wanna play TMI too!

1. When I tweeze my eyebrows, I leave them on the bathroom mirror. Indefinitely or until the next Windexing, which can be months. I just am too lazy to reach for a tissue.

2. I am a WHORE for chips, especially PRINGLES, Doritos, Sun Chips and lime-flavored Tostitos. The jingle is true. Once I pop I can't stop.

3. The same is true for roasted, salted seaweed. I simply open and inhale packages intended to feed large Asian families with rice-based diets.

4. When I make popcorn, I place the pan on the floor and lap it up with my tongue. It prevents the salt from falling off on the way to my mouth!

This might have been a bad idea. I'm stopping at four.

Artsy Fartsy said...

oy yay! Artsy Fartsy loves tags. I will try to drum up some good stuff for my post!

Da Fashionista said...

dying laughing, jb. DYING! My fave is the popcorn trick. FAVE.

ugh and the cereal thing is that I can never roll the bag closed or really close the box. ugh. we can put a man on the moon but can't make a packaging solution that keeps cereal fresh with minimal effort????

tam pham said...

so glad i didn't freak you out with all my "new friend love"!!! i was in a sorority (it was fun at first then it just sucked bigtime)AND i still hate that damn question! YES, please tell OUR mommy about her long lost gooky daughter!! ooh, she's in NYC...I bet she's going to bring you some amazing stuff back!!! lucky lady!

Jean Bean said...

Who says we put a man on the moon...?

Kate said...

Hysterical. And I'll back you up on the Panda Express. I too am embarrassed about that though. Have you tried the new Beijing Beef?

And I have the same cereal box problem. Well, I used to. I had to work it out for the sake of my marriage. Ben doesn't tolerate shabby treatment of food that can go stale.

Lynn Tran said...

I love that I'm still learning new things about you. I [heart] your Golden Eye. I think it is the source of all your power.

Blue Bird said...

Dude, Will is so into Pandas right now. The next time you see him, you should let him know that you're secretly a Panda. He'll lose his shit.

One time, many years ago, Katie and I had just finished watching Requiem for a Dream. We were significantly creeped out by the dark ickyness and needed to watch something else before we went to sleep. So we searched around on TV until we found a show on Pandas on Animal Planet. It was the perfect choice. Looking at Pandas makes all bad feelings magically disappear. I've noticed all my bad feelings disappear when I'm around you, too.

-Mr. T

KFR said...

Loving the TMI confessions! D, I'm so with you on the noisy eating thing. I cannot stand it. It's about the only thing that can make me put down my own fork.

I too have supergirl hearing ... pity poor JSR!

You lost me at Panda Express however.

I prefer polar bears ... have you seen the WWF commercial where the polar bears have barely any ice? ***sob***

tam pham ought to share famous salsa recipe since there are a few chip lovers in this group, apparently.


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