Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Scene
Longest day at work. Ever. I hate leaving on vacation. You have to do so much prep work to make sure no one f's up your projects while you're out. Ugh.

Get through the day by fantasizing about Nicole Richie bangs. Decide to complicate life by getting bangs before our red eye flight. Seriously, who am I?

Mr. Diabolina discourages it. Says he doesn't want to hear about it if the bangs end up busted. HA! They don't end up busted...just not transformative. Boo.

Grab a quick dinner with my mom after which she insists on buying me gloves and Mr. D some socks for the trip. What a momma.

Head out to LAX with our carry-ons and giddy visions of a winter wonderland. As we are going through security, a passenger on our flight gets paged: Patricia Field. My eyes bug out at Mr. Diabolina who stares at me blankly. F.

It couldn't possibly be THE Patricia Field, I think. The mad mad genius behind the fabulous fashions of Sex and the City AND The Devil Wears Prada!!!! I couldn't possibly have two SATC encounters in the span of two weeks, right??

But as we were boarding, there she was in the first class fur. There was no disguising that flaming red hair even with a hoodie under a hat. She had sunglasses on, persimmon colored skinny jeans, gold sequin flats and the exact fur coat in this picture. Quite the Carrie get up.

I wanted to say something, snap a furtive picture. But she looked tired as I felt and uninterested in fawning fans. Besides, the last time I approached her (during NYC Fashion Week 2006) was kinda a bust.

You see, my stepdad knew Patricia Field. My mom saw her on TV and casually mentioned he'd introduced my mom to her like 20 years ago. At a fashion show. In Paris.

My jaw dropped. WHAT??? It was one of those moments as an adult when you realize your parents had this whole cool life that didn't involve you. Wah.

So when I saw Patricia in the tents at Bryant Park, Jean Bean encouraged me to approach her. I told her what a big Sex and the City fan I was and mentioned who my father was. She was gracious but clearly did not remember my dad. F.

But tonight, I took the fact that she was on our flight as a good sign. A sign that our NYC trip will be SATC fabulous! YAYAYAYAYA!

The Outfit
Banana Republic tank
Theory slacks
Filene's Basement cardigan

The Accessories
Forever 21 necklace
Gucci shoes and bag

The Grade

The Commentary

Kinda a throw-away outfit today.

Couldn't wait to get home and change and get out of town.

Though as the day progressed, I started worrying about what I'd packed for our NYC jaunt.

Worried about what and Jean Bean called "wintery mix" heading our way on Sunday.

Worried that I should have packed oodles of fur...

And less functional boots...

More fabulous accessories to wow the Bean with...

And a fiercer coat to fling carelessly into people's faces.

Gulp. We'll see if this California girl survives ...


WeezerMonkey said...

We need a close-up of those bangs!

Milly said...

the bangs look great!

tam pham said...

keep the posts a coming! missed you.

WendyB said...

I beg to differ -- the bangs ARE transformative! :-)

bubbie said...

LOVE the bangs! Super cute.

Julie said...

I don't usually comment, but I LOVE the bangs--good call!

Tiffany said...

cute bangs!

Anonymous said...

love the bangs!

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

I think your style will be fabulous no matter what city you are in. And the bangs and banging!

Sable Crow said...

Love the bangs! To get in the Christmas spritit, I've been threatening my assistant with Devil Wears Prada references. Her desk is so perfectly oriented for coat-and-bag-tossing when I come in the office.

Nothing says holidays like a new Armani coat flung at one's assistant. LOVES IT!

Jean Bean said...

Wow, now you got me thinking about Nicole's entire haircut...

amber said...

the bangs are cute!


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