Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Scene
My mom made up for two Sundays of apart with a bit of a spree today. On her list of purchases: new Tory Burch peeptoes, a Forever 21 blousy sweater and Marc by MJ shoes 70% off. As a new citizen, she is definitely doing her part to stimulate the economy :)

I on the other hand am being quite tight with my (Louis Vuitton) purse strings. Sure I tried on the Prada shoes that I've been lusting after for half a year. Sigh. And they are shockingly comfortable. And they practically begged to come home with me. But I resisted their siren call.

Even passed on this delish Marc dress. 65 percent off. And a hot pink heart print. And flattering waist and adorable neckline. Now THAT is called restraint, people.

But despite my miserly ways, my mom and I had loads of fun today. Even posed for our first holiday photo together. It's beginning to look alot like a ridiculous Diabolina Christmas.

The Outfit
BCBG dress
Banana Republic sweater

The Accessories
Stella McCartney pumps/Fashion District sandals
Louis Vuitton purse
Me&Ro earrings
Damier inspired bangle

The Grade

The Commentary
My closet has been depressing me of late. Everything feels so safe and uninspired. Or maybe that's my career. Sigh.

So today I decided to take a risk and do something my sales person at Phillip Lim suggested: pair function with fabulous.

When I complained I wouldn't get much wear out of this stunning satin evening dress, he suggested I pair it with a chunky sweater coat. Voila. Instantly the preciousness was dialed down. An evening look became day time appropriate in the blink of an eye.

So today I wore a sparkly polka dot halter I love but usually reserve for special occasions, special evening occasions.

Bought this dress about four years ago on deep discount.

Have worn it to countless holiday parties and weddings ever since.

Love the tiers and the color if not the fit and the snag-prone material.

Instead of the typical evening accessories I pair with it - metallic slingbacks, sequin clutch, gray pashmina -

I did a cozy wrap sweater and heels and LV tote today.

Felt a bit strange to sparkle in the day time. And frankly to not be tipsy in this dress. Or surrounded by lots of tipsy friends.

As we make fun of the guy who passes out first.

But I am really appreciating the idea of bringing more glamour into the day. Of blurring the line between work and play. I think BCBG is a brand that does casual elegance well. Especially around the holidays.

Am digging this Herve Leger look alike I saw in their store today. And $200 beats $2000 for the real thing. However this recessionista is determined to find a Leger look alike for less than $50. Will
keep you posted.

p.s. Didn't my mom look cute as a button today?

Said seeing my beautiful Dolce and Gabbana jacket last night inspired her to don one today. Tahari. With a light pinstripe. ADORE!

I love like mother, like daughter fashion.


ShoeZQ said...

Holy CRAP! Those Prada's are Ah-ma-zing! Way to resist. There is no way I could have been so strong.

tam pham said...

mommy daughter fashion is THE best.

WendyB said...

I don't know how you can resist Pradas with fins. I love mine! Go back and get those, girl!

lookrichbitch said...

OMG.. I totally tried on those Pradas too! And they are surprisingly comfortable.

Ugh. Maybe we should both go back and get them!

WeezerMonkey said...

Everything feels so safe and uninspired. Or maybe that's my career.

Hey! That's my career! ;)

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

You belong in Fashion, as a Creative Director for design house. I want to style for your first collection. Just make sure you remember me.

Oh and you and your mom are adorable, it's almost too much.

Jalila said...

I have that scarf your mom is wearing! Looks adorable on her.

amber said...

how did you leave those pradas at the store?! i'm crying that they didn't go home with you :(

Anonymous said...

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