Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Scene
Slept in, went out to breakfast with Mr. D, tried on Stellas at Nordstrom and watched the Angelina Jolie movie set in 1930s Los Angeles, Changeling.

Tough to watch despite the lovely costuming. If I had a kid, I'd never let her out of my sight. I'd exist in a constant state of worry. Ugh. I am a crazy. Another reason to think long and hard about having kids...

Invited my mom out for more celebrating tonight. Over dinner at Musso & Frank's, Mr. D ate up her Guatemala stories and she ate up his trial tales.

I just ate alot.

The Outfit
Fashion District dress
Dolce and Gabbana jacket

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton earrings
Sam Edleman booties
Marc by Marc Jacobs airliner clutch

The Grade

The Commentary
Been wanting to wear this tiered mini since I realized how similar the print was to this Spring 2008 DVF maxi. Adore mine cost just $35ish this summer.

Was initially going to pair the dress with gladiators but decided the booties felt fresher, more fall, more now.

Was inspired by Reese this week at her movie premiere.

And my BFF Nicky Hilton at the Nylon party for Paris' cover.

When Mr. D looked at my footwear choice bewildered and a little frightened, I knew I'd struck gold.

Parisian, high fashion gold.

Like Balmain Fall 2008.

Where the fugly styling of evening slips with fringed booties was unexpected magic.

And Balenciaga Fall 2008.

Where monochromatic booties donned with dresses seemed futuristic, a little Blade Runner and a whole lotta fierce.

Or Chloe Fall 2008

Where the pairing just seemed girly and flirty.

Decided to top the dress with a well cut Dolce blazer ala Gwyneth.

Quickly realized the whole look was very Gwyneth.

She is after all the queen of dresses with booties.

Except for the tights, sleek coif and flawless body thing, this picture is like looking in a mirror ;)

So is looking at my mom. Today we both wore our LV earrings much to Mr. D's delight. Adore.


Milly said...


WeezerMonkey said...

There is nothing cuter than when you and your mom match.

lookrichbitch said...

so true! you know your outfit is hot when your man doesn't "get it". Maegan said...

great outfit!!! love the commentary!

WendyB said...

Love your reaction to Mr D's shoe reaction.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

LOVE the dress. And the booties

Tiffany said...

that blazer is to die for! would love to own a Dolce and Gabanna blazer one of these days.

I love that dress! I so need to call you when I visit LA so you can show me all the cool places to shop. :) always love all your finds.

amber said...

what a stunning look. adore.


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