Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Scene
Have a long overdue date with Styleminded this morning. Over brunch at Taste, we catch up on our three favorite topics: boys, work and fashion. Realize just how much I miss her humor and perspective. Can't believe it's been nearly 6 months since I worked with her every day.

Oh, and when I tell her about my San Francisco conference, she reminds me that two of her friends worked at Zappos!! And they know the CEO quite well. The world is soooo small.

Then we head next door to Revolve to return the Jeffrey Campbell booties I bought online. Tempted to keep them just because of the box. But ultimately decide I can live without them. Trying to hold out for just the right pair at the right price. Have become so picky in my old age.

While we are there, we browse.

Peep some adorable shoes.

Chat with these adorable and lovely salespeople. Learn how business is going at the brick and mortar boutique and Revolve's L.A. based founders and their new soon-to-be launched site, Forward.

At one point, they (shyly) tell us we look fabulous. Eeks!! So I (shyly) ask them to capture our fabulousness in their fabulous store. It's a shyly fabulous love fest.

In the afternoon, Mr. D and I head to campus for SC football. We snag the last spot in our lot - the best parking we've ever gotten. Right by the gate and in front of the Coliseum. Purrfect for old alums who can't deign to walk very far :)

We tailgate, booze and talk politics with old college friends (one who looks like Jack Nicholson and I LOVE.)

And meet up with old work friends who I don't see nearly enough of lately.

The game finally turns in the third quarter and the Trojans get their rhythm.

Just in time for the rain. Ugh. Mr. D nervously monitored my chia pet hair situation as the frizz-inducing cat piss came down. F.

Ended up leaving a bit early, confident in our imminent victory. Sorry Ducks. F you, Oregon.

The Outfit
Urban Outfitters tshirt
Forever 21 vest
American Apparel leggings
Vintage trench coat

The Accessories
Chanel earrings and bag
Fashion District bangle
Steve Madden boots

The Grade

The Commentary

Dressed for the rain this morning.

And for the stylishness that is Ms. Styleminded. Here she is in a typicallly fab outfit last year at The Standard. She bears full responsibility for my love of leggings. She wears them with such elan both at the office and out on the town. And see her boots? They are the brown version of mine today. She teaches me all hip fashion things.

Decided to rock the latex-y leggings for day. Why not? Bring a little rock and roll to the gloom and doom of a rainy Saturday.

Saw Katie pair them with casual separates and flats recently. I likey.

Been loving all the skinny leather pants at the European shows over the last few weeks.

Figured pairing the leggings with the long trench coat balanced things out. Covered me/them up a bit.

Didn't leave me all exposed and S&M like Posh in this recent day time look. Yowzers!

Brought in a little humor into the outfit with this new anime Karl Lagerfeld t-shirt. Chanel-ed it all up with the earrings and the bag. Added the vest for a little bit more coverage. Love love love.

Switched into a less flashy leggings/boot ensemble for the game. Yes, I am THAT Angeleno that reaches for her Uggs whenever the sky threatens rain. I know: F to me. But there's a reason they are the #1 best seller on Zappos: sooooo comfortable and cozy.

My latest greatest rain gear? This resale Burberry jacket from the layaway shopping spree! Kept me much warmer than anticipated. And adoring the flashes of plaid at the wrist and collar.

Loads of Trojans at the game did too. Got tons of looks and counted five other alums in this exact Burberry jacket.

They were all over 50. Wah.


amber said...

personally, i love uggs. i wear the things to death during the fall and winter here.

as far as the jacket, i think it's one of those things that crosses age lines. jim's grandmother rocks one, but so does my 6' tall, blonde, fashionable 30-something friend. and it looks fabulous on everyone.

WendyB said...

LOL -- wear those Uggs proudly, girl!

Sable Crow said...

Love your Chanel-inspired outfit. Sorry the boots didn't work.

This post really worked for me. Think it's because you had two separate things that SC loves: Shopping and USC.

A to you.


WeezerMonkey said...

I chose to buy some Kate Spade rain shoes over some Jeffrey Campbell ones last night. Now I am thinking I made a mistake. F.

Jean Bean said...

What's in the giant Costume National bag? Explique por favor!

Milly said...

Loving your F21 vest...I have to get one...going there pronto :)
I love my uggs and proud of it lol

Diabolina 3.1 said...

jb, you would be the one who notice that. it's just the bag i used to carry in the shoes to return. it's sable crow's.

Kate of All Trades said...

I'm giggling about the other (old) alums in Burberry. Pay no mind! I covet your jacket. I love Burberry and have been scheming to get a flash of that luscious plaid into my life too. Maybe a scarf, maybe an umbrella. Maybe a many options. Ben's aunt will very occasionally give me some Kate Spade item...trying to drop hints that I want to trend elsewhere now... Hasn't worked yet.

Lynn said...

Loving your outfits for both occasions. Mr. D and I would be matchy-matchy in our SC jackets - yay.

tam pham said...

uggs look so comfortable, but fiance detests them with a passion. i'm in love with the karl t-shirt.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

I'm Aussie, Uggs originated here, and we LOVE our Uggs. I have 3 pairs. They are the best slippers and winter boots ever.

Mrs. Lexi said...

Ha, how CRAZY are Posh's boots!? And to second (and third and fourth...) everyone else, UGGS are comfortastic.

honey my heart said...

your karl tshirt is too cute!

lookrichbitch said...

inspired to try wearing the latex legging in a casual way now! always feel like i have to go all out rock n roll but now i've seen the light!

hmm.. and i have that burberry jacket in pink. but i never wear it because it's, ya know.. PINK! maybe I will now. need to find the right mix of non-girlie, label-whore.

Tiffany said...

YAYAY the debut of the Karl shirt! I love that it on you even more than the model on the website!

with the leggings, the vest, the boots!! perfection! Seriously a total A. not a B.

styleminded said...

i want that long drapey vest!


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