Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Scene
My mom wanted one thing from San Francisco: sourdough. This morning she made french toast with it. Yum!

Thankfully, we had this bit of tummy joy because soon after breakfast, my mom discovered she'd lost her wallet. Ugh. Poor thing.

Spent the next few hours running around trying to find it and then cancelling cards. Total nightmare. In the 31 years I've known her, she's NEVER done anything like this. She's so organized and together. Clearly, she's had alot on her mind the last few months.

In the afternoon, I worked out and read Obama's book on his father. Am loving it. Then I headed downtown to pick up Mr. Diabolina at the office and had a tapas dinner at Ciudad in downtown

Afterward, we headed to the Ahmanson to watch - drum roll - 9 to 5: The Musical. Totally random, I know. A partner at Mr. D's firm had last minute tickets so we snagged. Perfect because I love the theatre and Mr. D loves DDs ;)

It was an unexpectedly fun romp. Alot like the movie, according to Mr. D. All the music was done by Dolly Parton and the three female leads - Alison Janey from the West Wing and two original Wicked cast members - were terrific.

Plus we had front row seats. Very fancy. The only other show I ever had front row seats for was Puppetry of the Penis. Ugh. Don't ask.

The Outfit
F21 jumpsuit and vest

The Accessories
F21 necklace
Chanel earrings and bag
Steven gladiators
Fashion District bracelet

The Grade
A for Adventurous

The Commentary
Behold my MC Hammer jumpsuit. $29 at F21. Her name is Fugly. And she is weird and comfortable and strange and flowy and odd and totally not me but I love her. Mr. D was utterly, completely horrified by her and my mom was bemused by her.

I have loved the idea of a jumpsuit for ages. The ease of a dress, the comfort of pants.

Like them for day more than evening and loose rather than fitted in darker colors rather than light.

So when I found this languid jersey one with the interesting neckline that would work so well with the new chain necklace and drapey vest I threw caution to the wind. Felt a little self conscious today since everyone looked at me like I was a freakshow. But overall was pleased I took the risk. Safe is getting boring. In my fashion choices and my professional ones.

However, I must admit I didn't take too much of a risk.

Ballony cropped pants and jumpers were all over the Spring runways

Here's the look on Gucci's head designer.

At my beloved Phillip Lim.

And Stella McCartney

At Dries Van Noten

And at Yves Saint Laurent

Here's's take on the YSL collection as it pertains to Hammer proportions:

The Orientalist-modernist mix came out in the towering lacquered chignons and soft, cocooning shapes that had been derived from kimono wrapping and Japanese fishermen's pants. Pilati can claim authority over the drop-crotch trouser: He started it, and now that it's entered the mainstream he's edging it further along into fluid, baglike shorts, rompers, and jumpsuits. If that sounds awful, by the end of the show the concept of a garment that happens to be joined between the knees—worn with buttoned-up shirts or tailored jackets—had gained a degree of visual inevitability that might be a staging post on the way to normality. (Fearless young stylists have already been sporting their own versions of them around the shows this week, so that's another sign.)

And here are some of those "fearless young" women I've noticed over the last few weeks - kindred spirits in fashion, members of the sisterhood of the traveling Hammer pants.

p.s. My new fave blogger i'm addicted reported on Hammer pants in French Vogue. Please, Hammer, don't hurt me but I think I draw the line at RED AND LEATHER Hammer pants ;)


WeezerMonkey said...

I can't believe you saw 9 to 5 in an M.C. Hammer jumpsuit, no less.

Sable Crow said...

Delicious! I love the pants, and give you an A for the combination of those killer shoes and strappy pants. The black straps remind me of Helmut Lang's collection a few years back. I saw Cher in Beverly Hills sporting strappy flowing pants (albiet not a jumpsuit!).

The people were probably looking at you because it's such a striking line; from your decolatage down the gray vest and flowing pants--seamlessly!--to the break at the ankle (oh no! where does the eye go?!) and then *splash* into those fabulous shoes. Visual heaven.

You're my muse.
Sable Crow

Sable Crow said...

Yes, I spelled "decolletage" wrong. What do you expect? When was the last time YOU spelled decolletage?


Pandesaldreamer said...

hahahah, I saw the Puppetry of the Penis, but I didn't have front row seats like you. That must have been horrifying!!! LOL

Jean said...

My friend's brother did the set design! And what. A. Cast. I didn't like Wicked but Chenoweth and Menzel were awesome. Yay, happy you liked.

I have been getting used to the new pant silhouette. I remember first seeing it on Irina Lazareanu when she opened Phillip Lim's SS08 show. She went the wrong way and the photographers howled. The crotch was at her knees, but they've crept back up to reality in the past year. So I dig the pants, especially with heels, but I still have not purchased any non-jean pants in ages. I just can't go through the ordeal of finding the right pair. No fun.

As for jumpsuits, they look cool, but please explain how to negotiate a toilet in them, because I do not want to be stepping out of my entire outfit every time I have to pee at the office or some even-dirtier place. Thank you.

WendyB said...

I was never brave enough to see Puppetry of the Penis.

You look fabulous in the Hammer pants.

harp said...

I wore hammer "poopy" pants back in da day and am traumatized. Don't think I"ll ever sport em again, no matter how many designers say it's trendy. However, I applaud your adventurous spirit, it's fun to takes risks in fashion. Also, I adore jumpsuits too, but prefer the clean and fitted lines of the evening ones in dark colors. (I wear them with a fab, luxe blazer or colorful wrap) I find them slimming which is always a good thing on the thick/curvy girls like me:)

Juana said...

My scooter boy would jizz himself for that sourdough bread. And..we've got to pray just to make it today...

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

You are brave, I've been thinking about getting a jumpsuit but I keep worrying about how it will look. But you look amazing. Well done, the whole outfit looks great.

bets0281 said...

Reader Request - can you do a post on the "10 Must Haves for Fall? Pretty Please!

I think I am still in need of gray boots and bag, latex like leggings, maybe the wrap!

lookrichbitch said...

you're my hero!

The Stiletto Effect said...

love your outfit!

Jadelily said...

I did not expect to see that outfit on you when I scrolled down. You look hot! Inspires me to be more adventurous. ;)

Tiffany said...

you look fab! A for Awesome!

amber said...

adventerous indeed!

i'm horrified at your front row tix to puppetry of the penis :0


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