Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Scene
Tonight, Mr. Diabolina+Pinkberry+TIVO=Heaven

We catch up on The Hills (died laughing at the heart-to-heart/Mensa faceoff at the end) and the awful new BH 90210 (That baby is the spitting image of Steve! But I think Dylan is the daddy) and Project Runway (I want to physically harm Kenley.)

Last night we also stayed up to watch the new Rachel Zoe show. Love the closet and the shopping. Hate the bitchy, inane people.

They are the exact reason I never considered a career in fashion even though I love it so. F. Thinking I'll watch it every week with the sound off. Can't stand the sound of Taylor complaining about one of the cush jobs on earth.

She and Kenley and Lo need to get Exiled. Find out what it's like to clean elephant dung.

The Outfit
Forever 21 jacket
Old Navy tank
Madewell straight rail jeans

The Accessories
Forever 21 pearl headband
Fashion District bangle
Juicy Couture necklace
Marc Jacobs bag
London Sole flats

The Grade

The Commentary
Tired and uninspired today. Feel like the worry and fear over my mother are constant accessories now. Carrying them in my eyes :(

Stuck to my signature colors today. Tried channeling this simple, clean Katie look. My wardrobe is lacking just the right vest at the moment. So opted for this peekaboo jacket.

LOVING this recent Charlize look. Bold necklace and easy separates and curls. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

Focused in on the accessories since the outfit felt a bit blah. Added this adorable Juicy necklace I've had for about five years. Delicate but a bit tough too.

Debuted the new pearl headband. $5. Loved wearing it tiara style how B Waldorf taught me.

Added the neutral flats and the bag to make the outfit less black, more interesting. Less blah, more ballet.

Here are some more simple but hot looks dancing in my head. Wish I could wear latex to work ;)

p.s. Today I got snail mail from Chanel. For the first time ever, they are making limited edition bags, jewelry and accessories available online at Brilliant.

They get what I was saying earlier in the week about a new generation of women consuming fashion differently now thanks to the Web. Shouldn't be surprised. Chanel always knows what women want.

For ejemplo, the bag featured in the mailer! Do you love? Would have gone perfectly with today's outfit. Heart the heart.

Soooo excited for the Coco Chanel movie this Saturday. Set your TIVOs!


weezermonkey said...

I love Exiled. I am clapping my hands to read that you watch!

WendyB said...

I like your little ballet-feet shot there.

Couture Carrie said...

J'adore Pinkberry and the cas looks you have pictured here :)


lookrichbitch said...

Oooh! I just signed up for the Chanel online boutique. Can't wait.

Can I reiterate? I need more headbands! Am lusting after a couple at Nordies. May take the plunge next week during triple points!

Jean Bean said...

Wait, wait, wait. You cannot rule out a career in the entire fashion industry because of some idiotic, fame-whoring assistant stylists with a camera pointed at them. There are bona fide geniuses in fashion too, (insert your favorite designer,) and there are plenty of bright, sensitive, creative, conscientious people (like moi!) who don't make good TV. But I dare say you'd like working with us.

Blue Bird said...

Seriously, Kenley better hope she never meets me in a dark alley. She will be harmed rhetorically or otherwise. She's just such a brat!

** This is Kate speaking. Too lazy to sign Ben out.

tam pham said...

i was super excited to get that mailer. so ready to spend $$ on Chanel ONLINE.

Unknown said...

You've got a great blog! =)

Fashion_Girl22 said...

I watched the Coco Chanel movie and it was a bit boring. It was a nice movie though. I hope there will be a movie about Karl one day. That would be very interesting....<3

amber said...

love the simple black and white look.

i only got about 1/2 way through PR before hubs came and reclaimed the tv for football-watching purposes. sounds like it's a good one.

Juana said...

That baby is Brandon's.

Anonymous said...

I hate Kenley too!


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