Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Scene
Today we went to see a homeopathic doctor who comes well recommended by a friend. We are told he believes most things can be treated naturally. And since my mom and I have always been open to alternative medicine, we figured why not. There are alot of things that Western medicine can't explain so anything is worth a try.

The doctor today doesn't think my mom needs surgery. After giving her some tests, he believes the tumor is actually a cyst caused by head trauma at some point in her life. He also focused in on her emotional state quite a bit.

Think we will rely on western medicine for her treatment. But don't think it ever hurts to get a different perspective. It was definitely an interesting experience.

After the appointment, we had dinner at St. Jude's. She's been amazing over the last month. So supportive. I am lucky to have her.

Invited Chowmein and her babies over too.

Figured nothing perks my mom up like gorgeous children. YAY! No need for me to get pregnant ;)

Mr. Chicken Nugget and I are soooo excited about Saturday's big Pac Ten/Big Ten match up. He showed me what he plans to wear! Love that kid!

And tho Bana can sing along to the fight song, she was far more interested in showing me her array of shoes. Ah, a lady after my own heart.

Wonderful glimpse into the weekday routines of two dear friends and their beautiful baby dolls. At one point, I even got in on the mommy action. Put on a puppet show for the kids. A super sweet one.

The Outfit
H&M lace top
Robert Rodriguez skirt

The Accessories
Forever 21 sunglasses and necklace
Marc Jacobs bag
Loeffler Randall for Target flats

The Grade

The Commentary

Built the outfit around this gilded lace top with scallop edges. Rediscoverd in my closet. Bought it 7 years ago. In Paris. At H&M. With St. Jude. Loves being able to say that!

Was inspired to don flirty lace by my visit to Prada this weekend.

LOVING Linda Evangelista in this season's Hitchcockian ads.

And now that I've seen these flower shoes in person I need them more than ever. F. Would go perfectly with today's outfit.

Am a bit obsessed with this RR skirt. Keep dreaming up new ways to wear it.

Love how it can be dressed up or down based on the top and accessories. Think today's look was pulled together but kept casual by the flats. A bit sheer for work but oh well.

Here are some lace options dancing in my head for fall. Definitely want to pair it with leather. And seriously considering lace stockings. Maybe in burgundy. YOW!

For a more sublte take, Katie's ballet slippers would be ADORE.

And well this "lace" Prada bag would be THE crown jewel of any fall wardrobe.

Maybe I'll put in a call to Miuccia. See if she can help a sista out.


amber said...

if done well, lace can be so pretty and luxe. love the top and that bag you're lusting after.

did you see the article by plashke about OSU and USC this week?

tressel is, of course, totally back pedaling. and you know he is thinking 'oh dear god, please don't piss them off!!'

Victoria said...

loving ms. evangelista too!! you look adorable in the puppet theater. hugs to you and your mom.

weezermonkey said...

I bet your puppet show kicked ass.

tam pham said...

wished i could have caught the puppet show. have fun at the game! it should be a goodie!

Kate said...

love this outfit, love.


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