Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Scene
Tonight I met up with a pretty Sable Crow. He helped me with some work stuff, I helped him with some life stuff. We laugh, we cried, we shopped, we grubbed. That's how we do on Tuesday nights.

Also watched The Rachel Zoe Project. I wanted to cry when I saw her INSANE closet and how she packs 40 pairs of shoes for a jaunt to NYC. I actually teared up when I saw how fabulously she lives during Fashion Week - showroom previews, front row seats, makeup artists dolling her up. I openly wept when she had a tete-a-tete with my Marc.

For the last 31 years, I've had some ideas about what would make me happy professionally. Write a book, inspire people, do something with my eye for style, leverage my people skills, travel, be surrounded by creativity and greatness.

Now I know. I know what I want. I want Rachel Zoe's life - said with a Varsity Blues drawl ;)

Except I want it not as bitchy. And much funnier. And more intellectual. And with better perspective. And some gratitude. And definitely more eating. And preferably less wrinkling.

You got that, Universe? Danke.

The Scene
Banana Republic sleeveless turtleneck
J Crew mini skirt
Vintage sweater

The Accessories
Manolo Blahnik heels
Chanel earrings
Stella McCartney purse

The Grade

The Commentary

Had a big meeting today. A guy in another department sent an email around yesterday with an idea that got some big cheeses excited. Only issue was that I had already had it. And started to excute on it. Months ago. When I was on the job all of two months. F.

So today my boss called a meeting to find out if there was anything new about the idea. And there wasn't really. Ugh. I sat in a room for half an hour with men who were talking but not saying much. Sigh. All I could think of was: how did I get here?

Well, that's not all I was thinking. The lack of creativity in the room sparked a good idea in me. When I shared it, my boss LOVED it. We'll see what happens.

So with ALL that background, you understand why I wanted to look buttoned up professional Barbie today. Grabbed the simple basics in my new fave color combo. And only at the last minute added this beautiful sweater. Funny that it turned into the centerpiece of the outfit.

Got it at The UCLA Thrift Store years ago. $20. The cut is so rich old lady I loved it on sight. It's got this funny drawstring around the bottom and a great ribbed texture (that's what she said.)

And the collar! The ruffled collar kills me. Love that there's no need to pop it :) It's a little Star Trek meets Queen of England. Felt very regal all day. Also reminded me of the ruffled dreaminess of Christian Siriano Spring 2009.

Sable Crow ate my outfit up today. YAY. He also pointed out my earrings matched his new cuff links. Purchased in Peru. Excuuuuse me ;)

Two more fashion thoughts on my brain today. This was my favorite dress at the Emmys. Ruffled wonderland. And the color with her coloring. Exquisite.

Saw this picture of Ms. Zoe at the Milan shows. Cropped black pants with killer heels. F. I had just been thinking it's a look I want to try. Very Euro. And Fashion Toast is feeling it too. Love watching someone else fall for my studded Rodarte lovers. Demon shoes, I tell you.

Here are some more delish inspirations. Can't wait to give it a whirl. Think I will call it high water chic...


Sable Crow said...

I would argue for an A or A-. I really did like the ruffles, and stared at them all night.

Delicious entry. I'd buy your book. I think there are a lot of people that would.

WendyB said...

Great sweater.

WeezerMonkey said...

Rachel Zoe is shriveled and mean. You are nothing like her!

Are you watching Lipstick Jungle?

Diabolina 3.1 said...

nah, weemo. i don't have the bandwidth. GG is the only scripted fashion show i can handle right now. please do recaps of LJ so I will get into it. thanking.

I don't want to say bad things about rachel here. There's enough of that out there. I feel for her. She is one of those people everyone thinks should be happy but she's clearly not. I can relate. I can understand how that unhappiness breeds ugliness at times. And I would like to point out that she and I actually have one pretty big similarity - THE similarity - a geniune love of fashion and natural understanding of its transformative power.

Victoria said...

she has always been nice when i've interviewed her and i've also seen her at fashion shows and dinner parties. i think people always want to tear down whoever is at the top of their field and let's face it, at $6,000 a day (per client) she can afford fendi casa furniture and multiple birkin bags. i think the thing we learn most from the show is that this level of fashion comes at a HUGE price. she has no time for friends, her husband or the simple joys in life. you can visit designer showrooms and sit in the front row without having the lifestyle that she does. but everything comes at a price and i'm sure jean and ginny would tell you that the real inside of fashion is not always as pretty as you would think. i still think you'd make a great shop owner or fashion writer, but even that comes at a cost.

tam pham said...

i die for that sweater.

lookrichbitch said...

ooh ooh me too me too!

i die for that sweater!

and i'm kinda diggin' the high water chic too.. I should hem some pants!

Milly said...

I'm into her show...love her closet
me wants her life too minus the wrinkles..yikes!.....very cute sweater

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

I love your blog more and more every day.

Nololos said...

That sweater is bananas! (winky!) Love the color combo as well girl.
Thanks for the F21 tips, forwarded to my girl with the straight hair. Damn her! Can't wait to go...will send a pic! (double winky!)

dapotato said...

seriously nice sweater find.

amy said...

i'd read the book, watch the show, see the movie. when i was little my brother used to make fun of my "highwaters" (purely not intentional - i was always tall) and at first i thought he was making fun of my candies pink sneakers and remember thinking how could he be picking on these shoes? then i think he asked me if i was waiting for the flood and it finally dawned on me. he was talking about the pants.

amber said...

love the cropped pants and heels look. one of my favs for the office during the summer.

can't get behind the "highwater chic" look though. :/


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