Monday, August 25, 2008

The Scene
I hate Mondays.

When Mr. D left for work this morning, I had a mini-breakdown. It was the first time in a few days that I was completely alone. Alone with my thoughts, alone with my fears.

And suddenly I felt very lost and overwhelmed and confused. So I cried for about an hour. Then I called The Peeper and Sable Crow and cried some more.

Then I put on my sunglasses and went to work. Then in the afternoon I got a massive headache. Then at 7:30 I came home and went to sleep.

Then Mr. D woke me up two hours later and we watched The Hills and Exiled on MTV. And I felt better.

The End.

The Outfit
Resale tunic
Forever 21 leggings
Image black wrap sweater

The Accessories
Manolo Blahnik patent pumps
Chanel purse and earrings
Tarina Tarantino bracelet
Gucci sunglasses

The Grade

The Commentary

Studs, studs, studs!

On shoes and bags and belts!

I am obsessed with studs lately. (That's what she said.)

This sweetly studded top is the only garment that fits the bill. Just barely. Think the juxtaposition of the hardware at the neckline with the blush pink trim and adorable buttons is so unique. Love how it works with the Hello Kitty necklace and the Chanel earrings.

Seems practically every fashionista in the blogosphere has at some point been seduced by these Louboutin studs. In fact, they seem to be sold out everywhere.

Remind me of the boots in Desperately Seeking Susan?? Gawd, I miss the 80s.

This Burberry sandal was also hot a few seasons ago. Spawned a nation of copycats.

But I am currently mooney over this Burberry bag. The studs are small enough that they create a shimmery optical illusion. Look like diamonds.

Love how Cameron Diaz wore it recently while traveling. Purrfect with the belt and the beret and the boots. BBBeautfiul. I want this exact look, please. Though am sure the price of this diamond encrusted beauty would give me a heartattack. F Chris Bailey.

I also want a studded belt. Love how chic it looked when Pat Field styled one in Sex and The City with gorgeous feminine frocks. I have owned so many studded belts over the years but none have survived the test of time. Want to find a vintage one. Will feel more authentic, I think. Less trendy. I have to go thrifting soon....

I want studded shoes too. These Rodarte ones are a dream.

I like the idea of a colored shoe. Though this hardware is more spike than stud. These look like I might seriously hurt myself or a small animal so I will pass.

Gucci is all about studs and fringe this fall. Very boho chic.

I think I love these slouchy boots best of all.

I've seen a few fashion bloggers succumb to these Colin Stuart booties. They are cute and under a $100. But they also look like they are under a hundred dollars. Think I will pass.

I should have bought these ridiculous Marc Jacobs booties a few years ago. They are so Purple Rain. Purfect for my 80s fetish. Sigh to being practical.

For now I'll just have to settle for these little old shoes.

p.s. More Gucci fab selections on Couture Carrie.


Victoria said...

don't know how you feel about counseling/therapy, but it might help you out since it seems you are crying a lot :(

dapotato said...

ack! i actually have 2 pairs of michael kors' studded shoes (although on the demure side).

HUGS. a good cry is often needed in times of stress.

amber said...

tater took the words right outta my mouth. sometimes you need a good cry.

hang in there, D.

Da Fashionista said...

i cry alot in general tho. everyone who knows me can attest to that. always have, always will. I think it's healthy and important to cry. it's vital to feel and process real emotion for me.

and, i LOVE therapy. i planned to be a therapist for most of my life. am lucky to understand most of the techniques from my undergraduate training so thats helped me arrive at a pretty self aware place, me thinks.

i also have the benefit of friends who are phds in psychology at my beckon call, for free ;)

but maybe i'll go back soon. maybe, maybe, maybe.

Milly said...

me wants anything studded or fringed....just looking for the right item for me

weezermonkey said...

We send you hugs. Always! Whenever you need them!

I'm too chicken and blah for studs, but I do love me some Exiled. That Masai girl was so cool.

WendyB said...

I visited the Burberry bag in the store when it came out and honestly, it was too heavy to carry!

Couture Carrie said...

I am totally obsessed with studs too, especially the spiky kind like on those Rodarte shoes - talk about killer heels!
Great post :)

Enjoy the long weekend, darling!


Ann Marie said...

A good cry, a nap and tv are all therapeutic for me. Glad it worked for you too.

Apparently I must catch a rerun of this Exiled show.

tam pham said...

the outfit is tres chic. the hills was kinda boring this week. blah. hope you're feeling better, mami!

Victoria said...

crying is wonderful just wanted to make sure you are ok.

Jadelily said...


I'm glad you have Mr. D and other wonderful people around you to help you through these tough times.

Michelle said...

I thought the same thing when I saw those boots! DSS!



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