Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Diabolina Digs

Being a Recessionista.

Today my Tam Pham-licious sent LookRichBitch and me this tip:

On today's show, Oprah and Suze Orman are talking about how people should be using layaway in today's economy!!!!

D, you were totally ahead of the curve last week :-).

Ever modest, I wrote three words back:

I amaze me.

DEAR LORD, whose ass do I have to kiss already to get my trifecta book deal: Diabolina Does Fashion, Diabolina Does Deep Thoughts and newly added, Diabolina Does Money.

Oh and I have been thinking about a children's book lately too. Diabolina Does Kids not such a great title though ;)


WeezerMonkey said...


Morgan said...

I love your blog! You totally make me laugh....and want to dress cuter!

Milly said...

you kill me!!...in a good way :D

Tiffany said...

when you write your books, can I be your photog? I think I would take an excellent author picture. ;)

I gotta somehow be part of the Diabolina Dynasty!

dapotato said...

yeah, not too sure about that last one.

amy said...

your kids book should be titled: "style star: how to dress like barbie AND get good grades in school." do you like the use of the colon in the title as a throwback to the witty term paper titles of john ... (frat brother of mr. d)


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