Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Scene
My mom decided to get new carpet this weekend. I know, it seems bonkers to choose to add more stress to her life right now. But she figured if she's going to be home recovering from surgery, she wants to be 100 percent happy with her surroundings. She's one smart cookie.

She also has impeccable taste. This new Trisket carpet is a dream. I took my shoes off and danced around on it all morning.

At one point, she even rolled around on it to prove just how amazingly comfortable it is. HAHAHA!

My mom was in her USC gear when I came over this morning but I made her change. No me gusta how the day after a victory everyone dons their Trojan gear in this city. It smacks of being a fair weather fan. I wear my Ronald McDonald outfit the day of the game, all day, come what may. That's how real fans do.

In the afternoon, my mom and I went to see The Women. Been hearing about this movie for years. It's a remake of a 1930s film and at one point, every major female actress has been attached to it. And I must admit the recent Saks event did it's job - got me interested in seeing the flick.

Think it had the potential to be an enjoyable romp (good cast, screwball comedy, great director/writer) but it fell completely flat. Felt completely inauthentic from start to finish. All the characters seemed like caricatures of womanhood. The man hating lesbian! The unmarried careerist with an aversion to children! The money grubbing sexpot! The earthy stay at home mom! The aging mother who gets cheated on because she loses sight of her dreams! Ugh.

But worst of all the movie felt patronizing. Like a project green-lit by men who figured the vaginas would love any movie with the three S's: shoes, shopping and schmaltz. Several times, I wanted to get up and melodramatically say to the screen, "You, madam, are no Devil Wears Prada."

The movie felt a bit like the trainwreck that is Sarah Palin as a Vice Presidential nominee. Ugh to Republicans for thinking it's just about having a vagina. For thinking just any vagina will do. F.

The Outfit
Japanese purple shrug
Forever 21 tunic
Mossimo gray jeans

The Accessories
Fashion District necklace
Chloe sunglasses
Gucci bag
Canal Street earrings
London Sole ballet slippers

The Grade

The Commentary
Built the outfit around the necklace today. A real steal of a deal at just 20 bucks.

Loving the delicate feel of the long chain mail. And the bling bling pendant. Very Givenchy Fall 2008.

It's definitely more of an evening necklace but lately I am loving the idea of evening looks in the day and day looks in the evening.

Think jackets with glam dresses and diamonds with tshirts. Love the contrast, the counterintuitive twist. Figured why not give it a whirl today.

The execution of the outfit was off but oh well, one has to try. Choose the gray jeans first then the blingy flats to match the necklace.

Then came the simple satin F21 tunic with this keyhole back. Can't wait to pair it with the latex leggings. Think it will make for one hot look.

Finally I added this little purple bolero. Bought it in Japan for about $30 three years ago. It's cute 'nuff but not quite sure why I bought it. I was suffering from EXTREME jetlag the entire time I was there. Maybe I was half asleep.

I was in Japan for 10 glorious days but working like a dog for 9 of those days. So I only really had the chance to shop the first afternoon. And everything that was delicious was way pricey. Wah.

The best souvenir from the trip was straight hair. Got it straightened on the last night. For a full year I had stick straight hair with zero damage. It was a dream come true for a curly sue. Plus it cost just $100. Been looking to get it done in L.A. but have yet to get a solid rec for a reasonably priced reputable place. Sigh.

Realized this morning that my little sweater from Japan resembles the Lauren Conrad's $175 cocoon sweater I've been mooning over.

As promised, I found some nice options for about $35 dollars. All these wrap sweaters are at your neighborhood Nordstrom in the Brass Plum section - pun not intended ;)

This sweater drapes particularly well and comes in a variety of colors. Only down side? The finishing at the sleeve and the hem looks a bit cheap if you REALLY look.

Otherwise it's a dead ringer for the 5x expensive sweater.

My mom got the stripped sweater pictured above. Looks very luxe for just $30. And I got this odd plaid jacket. $42. Love the buttons and the collar and the sleeves.

Think it looks a little Vivienne Westwood, alot L.A.M.B. Definitely something Gwen would rock - English rocker's wife style.

Think it will work with today's neutral Gucci hobo purse. Loving how the tasteful studding is on trend. Now all I need is the perfect studded bootie to match. :)


WendyB said...

Love the plaid jacket. I did the Japanese straightening too for quite a while and loved it, but now I stick to the flatiron.

tam pham said...

i wish i had pretty wavy hair. it's amazing how one desires what they don't have.

weezermonkey said...

I hate Sarah Palin. I posit that (1) she really has no need for glasses and just wears them in a sad attempt to look smarter, (2) she has no non-white friends, and (3) she hates polar bears.

I mean, how can anybody hate polar bears?! She is Satan. See, Palin even rhymes with Satan.

Leslie said...

Sarah Palin is the Antichrist. I have to admit that picking her as his running mate was a genius move on McCain's part (or McCain's camp, I should say). Genius for red, scary for blue. Do you know that there are people out there who are going to vote for McCain out of spite (since Hillary didn't get the nomination)? What a bunch of babies.

Sable Crow said...

Yikes! This is the lowest grade I've ever seen you give yourself. I was joking with a colleague the other day that you never give yourself below a B-, since on those days you just choose pass/fail. Like a good Trojan, you know when to take it for credit, and not for a grade.
Love you and kiss your tiny toe-tap into politics.

Jean Bean said...

Palin looks like a porn star playing a librarian.

Re: those Givenchy chains, I can't remember if I told you but I got a 4-strand version at Express.

Love that the carpet is called Triscuit! Break out the Cheez Whiz.

Da Fashionista said...


i totally think she's the antichrist too. mccain will croak and she will become president and rip off her mask and be a ram and usher in the apocalypse. i just know it.

silly bean,

I named it the Triscuit.

Nololos said...

I should find out the new technique my friend got (hair straightening I told you about) She is loving it, has no damage and it will last till it grows out. I know she didn't pay a lot to have it done either.
It looks fab.
How cute is your mama rolling around on the carpet!

amber said...

please tell your mom that i <3 her red poppy blouse. so pretty!

i think your tunic would look awesome with the latex leggings. hot indeed.

Ann Marie said...

I feel the same way about The Women. And Sarah Palin. She's horrifying.

Cee said...

All this vagina talk makes me want to watch Sex and the City movie.

That sweater is dead on to LC's. it's been ages since I've stepped into BP. Maybe i'll take a gander later. sigh. You are such the bad influence.

Oh and i've been scouring the internet for a shirtdress and found zip. Please hurry up and find yours so i can copy. TYVM


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