Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Scene
Last week I was minding my own business when

I got this in the mail from Saks Fifth Avenue. [squealing]

Just a little invitation to a joint soiree celebrating the official zip code change of a certain shoe department to 10022-SHOE

as well as the upcoming release of The Women starring Meg Ryan, Eva Mendes and Debra Messing.

Shoe shopping plus a chick flick fest???

Signed, sealed, delivered - I'm yours, Saks!

With fond visions of Chanel party sugarplums dancing in my head

I invited my favorite West Coast fashionista Little Miss MBA for a few cocktails and a little shoe fondling.

And fondle we did. Our victims of choice? Christian Louboutins. Neither
of us owns a pair of those signature red soles. Shocking I know. (Btw, this problematic flamenco pair is NOT where we'll be starting our collection.)

We are thinking something more classic. Likely black with a platform and a toe peep. Maybe a slingback. Definitely not a flat. Perish the thought.

We were not the only ones fondling Mr. Louboutin's goods all night. So was Debra Messing. Me thinks she got a free pair for showing up.

Debi Mazar was also on hand. No doubt starting to promote the new season of Entourage. And getting her free swag on...

Cloris Leachman was also there. She stars in The Women too so it's not that random. At one point, she toddled over and told Little Miss MBA how adorable she looked!!!!

Now that was random. But I was pretty excited. Um, hello, she was on The Facts of Life - the ORIGINAL Gossip Girl ;)

Glittery night catching up with one of my favorite people on earth before she heads back to where our friendship started - grad school!!!

And while the goodie bag included no Chanel goodies this time
(I need these nail polish earrings!!!!)

At least part of it was black and white and edible :)

The Outfit
H&M dress

The Accessories

Chanel earrings and bag
Marc Jacobs Mary Janes
Fashion District zebra bangle

The Grade

A for the outfit/C for the outfit at this event

The Commentary

Got this dress this weekend. $35. Reminded me of a great Michael Kors Trompe-l'Oeil sweater I saw in Vogue a few months ago. $795.

I think it's adorable but wasn't the right choice for tonight. Should have gone more fitted. More summery. Younger.

Felt dowdy and F to the frumps in the sea of bare arms and cottons. Best Dressed Award goes to Little Miss MBA. Her dress is not Development, it's FOREVER 21!!! Wore it just for me. The sandals too. They are the exact ones I fondled a few weeks ago at Revolve.

Should have worn the gray Stella McCartney's tonight. They are much more fab than these little ole Mary Janes. Wah.

I think this older lady carrying my bag also shot my confidence early in the evening. I find that my bag is a favorite of the early bird set. Double wah.

At least I take comfort in the fact that I was wearing the same color as Debi Mazar and Little Miss MBA

And that the center piece of my dress was bold buttons down the front

Much like Debra Messing's.

And thankfully I left my pink and black feather hat at home. That would have been embarrassing...

Here is some more Saks party coverage on WireImage!

And a Gossip Girl getting her Chanel on at Saks in New York.

And speaking of New York, this is the party Jean Bean went to tonight. Got to meet her Madman crush, Jon Hamm. He told her she looked beautiful. DYING!

We'll never know just how beautiful SINCE SHE REFUSES TO TAKE PICTURES LIKE I ASK HER.




WendyB said...

Awesome celebrity photos!

Da Fashionista said...

ya, um, the celebrity shots in the first half of the post aren't mine. found them online. my handiwork are the blurry/grainy hot mess ones in the second half of the post. my camera is not my friend. f.

Glam said...

I can see where you'd be uber-critical of yourself in that crowd, but I think your outfit was adorable. I especially love the Mary Janes.

Zarebski said...

You are looking nice!! Also I love those black shoes in the photo.

MissJordyPants said...

How do you not own Louboutain?! Go, get a pair. STAT.

Super jealous, sounds like it was fantastic!

lookrichbitch said...

As usual, I'm completely envious and in awe of you fabulousity!

Damn girl. I'm right there w you though. No Christians either. Must remedy the situation soon!

weezermonkey said...

I am sad that Jean Bean does not take pictures. Why must your friend be so classy?! ;)

Milly said...

Me want Loubis well as manolo's and choo' wants alot of things look lovely as always....oh and i'm so going to see the movie when it comes out

Victoria said...

dang i wish i went to the saks event now so we could have relived the chanel night. and don draper! omg.

tam pham said...

seriously, you need to jump on the Louboutin bandwagon ASAP!!! the key is to snatch them up on sale at Barneys or Neimans.

JillFantastic said...

F. I was invited to this event and didn't go. My husband was there interviewing the celebs (he's a mister fancy pants writer.) As I was debating on if I wanted to hang out solo while he worked, I seriously thought to myself "I wonder if Diabolina will be there?" I would have probably asked for your autograph ;)
P.S. DYING for some Louboutins. DYING. And I just picked up this top at Banana - it's similar to the Michael Kors sweater, no? And at a fraction of the cost. Weee!

Couture Carrie said...

Soooooo exciting!
Love your dress and the event coverage - lucky gal :)

And the blue Louboutins? Exquisite!!


amber said...

oh, miss D, of all the people i "know", you above anyone need louboutins! seriously, put that at the TOP of your to-do list!!

Angela said...

sounds fun! i want to be there too! as for your tote, it is not old. i have one from years ago without the quilt in flat pebble grain. i once ran into a woman wearing the exactly same pink chanel outfit at the trunk show as my savvy self, i turn around and left the show.

Jean Bean said...

It's not that I refuse, it's that it never occurs to me to take photos of work. Or even carry a camera unless I'm on vacation.


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