Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Scene
Pick up dinner at Un Poquito Mas tonight. Am so tired it takes me a beat to realize Nicky Hilton is standing in line in front of me. She's with that Katzenberg boyfriend that used to date one of the Olsen twins! (Yes, I hate myself for knowing these things.)

Probably didn't recognize her because she is so dressed down. She's wearing essentially the exact outfit in this picture: black hoodie and black yoga pants. Sneakers and no purse.

Plus, I am shocked that she is shorter than me. I always figured her to be at least 5'9.'' Even more shocking: he is a tad shorter than her!!! After living in this city for 3 decades, it still shocks me that stars are so small in person.

And yikes, she is TEENY TINY THIN. See this recent picture. Not natural.

She orders one small appetizer and a water. And demands no cheese, no sour cream, no flavor. Blech.

We end up having a bit of a face off at the salsa bar. Remember how I was a salsa monster the last time I was at this restuarant? Well I'm at it again today. Hording salsa at the bar like I own the joint when she comes up and tries to get up in the salsa mix. I take my time. F her. Salsa monsters cannot be rushed.

She flashes me a dirty look as I walk away. She emits a pretty witchy vibe in general but I imagine it's just cuz she's perpetually hungry.

She also looks me up and down. And zeroes in on my Chanel bag. Which she owns too. F. I wore it best.

The Outfit
Banana Republic cardigan
Old Navy tank
Laundry skirt

The Accessories
Chanel bag
Forever 21 wood cuff
Louis Vuitton earrings
Marni heels
Goody hair clip

The Grade

The Commentary
Built the outfit around these Marni shoes today. Resale. Under $100. Adore them. The perfect transitional season sandal with the chunky wood heel and autumn pallette.

Decided to combine it with this animal print tank. The last time I wore it was February when my Peaches was visiting. Decided to dress it up a bit today with the skirt and the shoes.

Have been bananas for animal prints lately. I really NEED a vintage leopard jacket this winter. Every fashionista does. Have been scouring consignment stores for nearly a decade for just the right one.

Added the light cardigan for the refrigerator that is my office. Looks alot like this granny Thakoon sweater (see more A+ cardigans in this Carrie Couture post.) Love how I got mine for $20.

Added this tri-colored cuff and the little leopard print hair clip to make me smile, make me get through the day. And finally the Chanel to tie everything together.

Glad I didn't run into Katherine Heigl at the salsa bar. Or else it would have been ON. Like Donkey Kong.


Pandesaldreamer said...

haha, love your line about Nicky Hilton being biznatchy coz she's hungry. HAH! I find it so hard to believe what a B she was. What at turnoff. Everytime I see her in my gossip mags, I'm totally going to think of this blog post.

Da Fashionista said...


to be fair I WAS taking my sweet ass time at the salsa bar. and she DID look extremely, um, hungry.

MissJordyPants said...

Salsa monstering is an art that cannot be rushed.

Who knew Nicky ate food?!

In other news, I have that top and adore it!

Ann Marie said...

Nicky Hilton had no chance of winning this salsa showdown.

Ana said...

Love this post. Tom Petty sang it best..."I won't back down" :)

weezermonkey said...

I didn't believe Nicky Hilton would be at Poquito Mas.

Until you listed what she ordered.

I'm glad you made her wait for salsa.

WendyB said...

No fighting with celebrities -- you might scuff your beautiful shoes.

Couture Carrie said...

You look fab!
And your account of your encounter with anorexagirl is hysterical - people often get cranky when they are starving so I guess that explains her demeanor!


Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

OMG - Just fabulous.

amber said...

such a funny story. i agree, she is probably a bit bitchy b/c she is hungry. ugh.

what adorable shoes! <3

tam pham said...

i love marni shoes and salsa!

Sable Crow said...

F! Poquito Mas on Sunset by Equinox?! That's where I had my run-in with the Hilton sisters! And of course, I didn't realize who they were until Paris practically pooped in my burrito. F.

For all their $$$, don't these Hilton's eat anything else? Oh, and Paris made a big deal about FRESH salsa ("Is this salsa FRESH?") F for Fresh.

Heart you,


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