Monday, February 25, 2008

The Scene
So Peaches and I are big nerds for USC. We’re talking BIG like our appetites.

We were both on big baller scholarships and ended up in the super involved crowd - really active in lots of organizations all across campus.

So involved that he got named Mr. USC and my name is etched on the Wall of Scholars...twice!!

We truly sucked the marrow out of every moment of our undergraduate experience. Feel indebted to our alma mater for so many unique opportunities, a stellar education and even better friends. We bleed cardinal and gold.

Today, we arrived at SC giddy with anticipation since it's been 9 years since we were on campus together!!!

Have loads of fun catching up with one of our advisers in the morning. Followed by a quick raid of the bookstore.

The bookstore is a Trojan wonderland. You can score anything and everything your little heart could possibly desire with USC emblazoned all over it.

One of my best friends, a die-hard Bruin, noted a few years ago that Trojans don’t just wear a T-shirt or a cap to football games. We sport full-on Trojan get-ups. We deck ourselves out from head to toe in all our Ronald McDonald regalia...all at once :)

I was burning up with sartorial envy when I discovered the uppity little "boutique" that’s opened up on campus since we graduated. It’s full of Ella Moss, premium denim and a full KIEHL’S wall!

WTF???? We didn’t have none of that. No fancy tunics or designer jeans or delicious soaps. Humph. Only at the University of Spoiled Children.

We meet Mr. Diabolina for a sushi lunch in downtown at Takami then head back to campus for our official CART tour. Yes, that's right: old-alums-who-can't-walk style. The baby tour guides do an OK job (we both gave campus tours in our day so we have obnoxiously high standards.)

Strolled around campus all afternoon. Talked about where life has taken us, our careers, how young we still feel, how much more life still lies ahead.

As we discussed all these weighty topics, we’d interject “Uggs at nine o’clock” or "Uggs on a bike" whenever we’d see Peach's beloved furry boots on a coed.

We'd then wait for her to pass by to confirm whether they were real or fakes by inspecting the little label at the heel.

We quickly decided USC really stands for Uggs of Southern California.


I would say the fake to real ratio was 40/60. Wonder if the stats are the same for hair color or boobs on campus?

Head to Philipee’s for a piggie feast then meet Mr. Diabolina at Seven Grand for some scotch then Canter’s so he can grab dinner too.

The last time Peach and I were at Canter’s together we were 21. It was 4 am. We were on the road to being drunk as skunks. And dressed in tuxedo bow ties and tails.

It was the beginning of our S & D initiation day. One of the best days ever.

Loved today's Trojan trip down memory lane!

The Outfit
Old Navy tank
Citizens of Humanity jeans
Chocolate wrap sweater

The Accessories
Marc Jacobs Irina tote
Marc by Marc Jacobs aviators
3 bangles
Banana Republic flats

The Grade

The Commentary
This is one of my latest Old Navy purchases. Love the neckline. Especially flattering, slim silhouette from the side.

Also liked this version and color combo. Very Marc.

Loving how the shades of brown in this outfit all compliment each other - the top with the bag, the sweater with the shoes. Can’t wait to work it in the summer with lighter hair and darker skin. Wanna pair it with some gold sandals and white pants and turquoise accessories.

Felt uber comfortable walking around all day. Think we blended in with the students fairly well. Ok maybe not the undergrads but maybe the grad students. At the very least, don't think we looked like 30 year olds trying to recapture their glory days. Sigh.

Peaches looked long and lean and preppy. His Prada shoes are funny to me but he is so delish he can work anything he wants.

Saw one girl wearing my shoes with a short black dress and ethnic jewelry.
Very cute. In addition to the Uggs, I saw loads of very fashionable flats on the hot young chicks.

Tried to recall some of my personal go-to outfits as a student but couldn’t. I know I was a bit preppier in college. Definitely more casual. Rocked lots of jeans, shorts and flip flops. Surfer chic was very in so I was pretty tan and sporty spicy.

My frat party looks were mostly disposable downtown finds. Jean Bean and I would also hit this store across the street from school quite a bit. It was called Elegance but wasn't :)

I still have all the fancy dresses (lots of Laundry by Shelli Segal) that I rocked for formals and big receptions. I tend to go classic in my evening looks instead of trendy. Should try some of those dresses on to gauge my weight loss...

So strange to think now that I can’t remember the clothes I absolutely loved back then. Memory can be so funny, so selective, so elusive.

Glad this blog will serve as a kind of priceless snapshot of this moment 10 years from now when I am forty, fearless and hopefully even more fashionable ;)


Jean Bean said...

USC does not belong in butt cracks. I'm offended.

Mr. T said...

It's been way too long since my narrow little man feet have been on that campus. And no, foot size is not an indication of anything. How rude of you to insinuate such a thing...

Nevermind me, it's a freakin' crime that my amazing child hasn't been to campus yet. He's so on board the SC train. There was some football on TV this morning and he said, "SC! Trojans! Trojans!"

An excellent thing to hear at the start of my day.

WeezerMonkey said...

Let me see that thooooooong.
That thong!
That thong-tha-thong-thong-thong!

Kate of All Trades said...

Well Jean, at least Trojan butt cracks are superior to all others.

And Mr. T, W has been to utero.

Jean Bean said...

I still remember what you wore in college. For day we wore SoCal surfwear, USC paraphernalia, slip dresses and baby tees, camisoles and board shorts. Bra straps all over the place. Always flip-flops. We would also get excited for Tweeds sales at the Shrine because we could get Diesel, Miss Sixty and irregulars from Gap and BR. Roxy was the ultimate brand and it was never on sale anywhere. For partying, the uniform was a glittery or crushed velvet camisole and black hussy pants. In addition to Elegance we took a 25 cent bus to a shopping center downtown that had Express, Ltd, VS and Macy's. Senior year we started going to the Beverly Center and building work wardrobes. You got a dark green interview suit, I think from BCBG.

amber said...

i managed to read through this whole cardinal and gold post without gouging out my eyeballs. sometimes i even impress myself ;)

says the girl that bleeds bruin blue and gold!

from jean bean's description of your college wardrobe, sounds like the ucla campus was sporting similar fashions. the black "bar pants" and back-less shirts were staples in our wardrobes back then. ah, the memories ;)

USC said...

I'm seriously disturbed by those USC thongs - what WILL they think of next? Glad to see you and K had a great visit down memory lane.

Kate of All Trades said...

I loved Elegance. We called it The Cheapy Store. I got most of my best ho tops there.

Diabolina said...

jean bean,

i adore you!

i love when you talk to yourself in your comments. LOVE IT!

COME VISIT US ALREADY. And definitely bring Mr. Thrill. Hmmm feeling hungry just talking about it!

brian doing the thong song at your 30th goes down as one of the FUNNIEST things I have ever witnessed. EVER!

me loves you. btw, i worked at ucla for 2 years. love me more ;)

kate of all trades,

AHAHHA! that elegance was truly the precursor to forever 31!


Sable Crow said...

Khiels!!! I want a refund on my education. It was clearly incomplete, as I wasn't given the advantage of hanving a wall of fine cleansers and moisturizers at my disposal. Kids these days have it SO easy.

KFR said...

Love your blog 'cos I learn so much about you. Jean Bean's post is fab -- what superb closet memory.

Americans are amazingly keen on their alma maters -- so devoted! I still get surprised about this -- even after THREE years working for UCLA and 16 years living in the U.S.


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