Friday, August 15, 2008

The Scene
Worked late tonight. Nervous about the big conference. Events take so much attention to detail and I've been so distracted. Ugh.

But all the work anxiety melted away when I found out Mr. Diabolina planned a perfect night. A little Mexican followed by a silly movie. Just what I needed.

So remember how I am a salsa addict? Mr. D wanted to capture the extent of my "problem. " Here I am enjoying - count em - FIVE salsas. All for me. Mr. D is not allowed to touch my salsas. He must get his own. Please don't judge me like he does.

With a belly full of salsa we then enjoyed some riotous belly laughs. I beseech you: GO SEE TROPIC THUNDER.

I had NO desire to see it from the movie posters. But then I started reading about it everywhere. Realized it's actually a great movie about a bad movie.

It's a hilarious, star-studded, tongue in cheek parody of the movie industry. Zoolander - Ben Stiller's hilarious, star-studded, tongue in cheek parody of the fashion industry - to this day is one of my all-time favorite comedies. If you notice, I do Blue Steel quite alot in photos.

Confession: Ben Stiller has actually been on my laminated "freebie" card since 2001. True story. Ask Mr. D.

I like to think we have a very similar sense of humor. And I think that would go a long way in terms of chemistry. Though he is quite a bit, um, more hobbit sized than I typically like.

Speaking of shorties, Tom Cruise as a furry Rupert Murdoch-type is at his comedic best.

And Robert Downey Jr. as a Russel Crowe-ish douche is his nutty best since Weird Science.

I won't ruin it but there's also a scene with a panda that was MADE for me.

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress
Chocolate wrap sweater

The Accessories
YSL bag
London Sole flats
Nordstrom headband

The Grade

The Commentary
First time I've worn this dress since New York. I had such a fabulous day in it last time that I was hoping it'd bring me some luck today too. Plus it matched my toes :)

Between the adorably furry round toe flats...

And the satin bow preppy prepster headband...

I ended up feeling like a cross between a Gossip Girl and a Suri today.

Sickeningly cute combo, no?

p.s. Please to enjoy this oldie but goodie:


tam pham said...

i won't judge you for the 5 salsas because i've been known to guzzle some salsa myself. HOWEVER, I WILL judge you for having stiller on your laminated card! :-)

Morgan | Mrs. Priss said...

Oh myyyy, wasn't Tropic Thunder hilarious?! The Booty Sweat commercial totally caught me off guard though, haha.

amber said...

my husband can watch zoolander on an endless loop and still laugh to the point of convulsion with every viewing. :)

WendyB said...

When I read "a little Mexican" I thought you partied with a midget from south of the border. I'm a little disappointed.

dapotato said...

i LOVE zoolander, but the hubs thinks i won't like tropic thunder as much.

um, the bear and me drink salsa when there is nothing left to dunk in it or pour it on top of. totally bad sentence, but you know what i mean.


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