Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Scene
Is it Friday yet?

The Outfit

Marc by MJ top
Marc by MJ skirt
The Accessories
Marc by MJ clutch
Marc by MJ shoes
Louis Vuitton earrings
Susan Daniels headband

The Grade

The Commentary

Only one thing I heart more than Marc Jacobs - and that's head to toe Marc Jacobs!! I rarely do head to toe in one designer. Partly because I don't find too much creativity in that kind of styling. But mostly because I can't afford it :)

This morning as I rummaged in my closet for something inspiring to get me to through the day, I realized I could easily do head to toe Marc. After all, I own more Marc than any other designer. And I've consciously purchased complimentary pieces in his signature reds, blues and beiges so that the pieces play off each other seamlessly from season to season.

Today I centered the outfit around this dream of a skirt. Love love love it. Was one of my very first Marc purchases that wasn't resale. It was brand new and waiting to come home with me at Loehmann's about five years ago. 40 percent off. Still a pretty penny for a mid-twenties Diabolina but my devilish mom talked me into it.

It was part of Marc's brilliant Fall 2003 collection. Adore practically every look in that collection.

All the pieces were quite mod. Very 60s stewardess. Very signature Marc.

Instantly fell in love with this pattern. Such a fresh take on plaid.

My skirt has proved to be the perfect transitional season piece. You can bundle it up with tights and a sweater or wear it bare legged with a t-shirt. Looks adorable either way.

As with most Marc pieces, it's full of delightful details. Like the surprise that is this rich blue lining.

And the cartoony initials winking on one of your hips in turquoise. Most of his pieces back then had the MJ hidden somewhere on the garment. I'd always look for it. Like a fashion Where's Waldo.

Combined the top with this ruffled, key hole Marc tee in tomato. Tucked it in to try and make the whole look a little more 2008.

Debated which Marc purse to carry hoy. Decided the clutch would break up all the red and again feel more 2008

Finished the look off with the new Marc shoes

And a little headband that resembles all the Marc bow jewelry I've been pining for lately. Perfect perfect look.

Speaking of looks, there's been lots of debate on whether the old nerdy Marc

Was better than the new buffed out, tattooed Marc.

I personally don't have a preference. I heart his talent more than the shell. And I think we all have the right to transform and reinvent ourselves. Plus, I truly think he is one of the most gifted, influential designers of all time. Like most designers, sure, he's flamboyant and over the top. But like most artists, he's a bit of a tortured soul so I cut him some slack.

As long as he's (relatively) clean and making adorable clothes that inspire me I'll keep right on hearting him.


Mrs. Shorty Cake said...

I'm diggin' his new look~ he's kinda cute that way ha!

weezermonkey said...

Adorable head to [not camel] toe!

TINA said...

I am drooling over this look! I love Marc Jacobs too!

TINA said...

P.S. I love the new blog look!

WendyB said...

I normally don't care for Marc's work but it looks great on you.

Eva said...

Agree, I love Marc all the way too;)

Nololos said...

Loving Marc! Girl I could tell you stories that would make you love him even more. He is a sweet compassionate man. Take away all the fame and media and he is a super down to earth guy. Loving you, loving him! ;)

Jadelily said...

I get so excited everytime you carry that clutch. It's beautiful. Looking good!

amy said...

Who snaps your outfit pictures? Mr. D?

Angela said...

i like marc jacob, his clothes are so wearable, esp. marc by marc jacob.

Jean Bean said...

I finally sat down and caught up on the NY shows. I really wasn't feeling any imperative at all. I guess I'm not opposed to sloppy draping, a general lack of color, and MORE ruffles. (To transparency I just say hells no.) But regarding silhouette, there is a total lack of direction. I think designers are feeling rudderless after the tailored austerity of fall 08. I love that stuff, but I'm sure it was hard to sell since tailoring is expensive and one size does not fit all. So now they're all floundering, trying to get their commercial traction back. The irony is the only message I get from the incoherence is to keep my wallet shut. Personally, I wish someone had continued to develop the themes of fall 08. My biggest complaint about Marc is that he never does this. He leaves us high and dry 6 months later. I still worship him though, for his singular artistic vision.

amber said...

the blue clutch was perfect with the skirt. and that skirt!! ugh, so adorable!

Victoria said...

i have the exact same skirt! i got it on sale at neiman's in early 2004 :) definitely one of my favorite MJ pieces. you look tres cute in it.

tam pham said...

what a delightful outfit.

Sable Crow said...

I love love love that skirt, and seeing you in head-to-toe marc makes me smile. I love that you point out the key to a balanced wardrobe: a consistent style over time (whether one designer or many) yields a wardrobe that plays well against itself, yielding endless fun and beauty.

I also love Marc's new look, and his delicious obliques. F delicious obliques. F me too.

Marc's boyfriend used to do porn, and has a gigantic dong, so he's the king F. I'm just saying.

But the skirt is beautiful.

honey my heart said...

yay mj :) great post.

Unknown said...

I will also always love MARC. I cannot believe it has been 5 years since that collection. I would have to take a look at all past runway shows, but off the top of my head, I think Fall 03 remains my favorite.

P.S. I too have that top, but in teal. I bought it at Bloomingdales at the Beverly Center.

Anonymous said...

Oh my!
My real name is listed up above!


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