Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Scene
Dying for it to be Friday.

Mr. D stays out late so I watch four more episodes of Gossip Girl. Here are some of my thoughts so far:

1. Could Little J beee any more annoying? Her head twitch and freaky eyes drive me nuts.
2. The underlying premise of frenemies REALLY bothers me. Not a good message for young girls.
3. Dan's teeth kill me. Hope the producers pay for Season 2 braces. F.
4. Endlessly fascinated by Blair. So many sides, so many headbands.
5. I KNEW Eric was gay. Hope we see more of that storyline. Not like Melrose Place.
6. Very inspired to rock candy colored tights this fall.
7. Rufus throwing Jenny that birthday party was adorable. I could see Mr. D being that clueless with a teenage daughter.
8. Chuck is my favorite character. There I said it. He is who he is. He is Chuck Bass.
9. Georgina/Michelle. Ugh. Why does she insist on ruining good CW shows?
10. Anyone else transfixed by Mrs. Van der Woodsen's boobs and all her Hermes? Yow!

The final specialist appointment got moved up to tomorrow. Nervous.

The Outfit

Banana Republic tank
Rogan for Target wide leg pants

The Accessories
Target necklace
Steven wedge gladiators
Me&Ro skull earrings
Louis Vuitton Damier tote
Damier- inspired bangle

The Scene

The Commentary
Built the outfit around this new necklace. Picked it up at Tarjay for $10ish.

Reminded me of the statement necklaces Vera Wang did for Fall.

Loving the idea of heavy ropes of diamonds. Very David Yurman. Very Mr. T.

Something about knotted, intertwined sparkle that really speaks to me at the moment. Manages to feel Upper Westside AND rock and roll.

Need more necklaces for Fall. Bold, bejeweled ones.

Easy way to transform old, simple pieces.

Felt chunky monkey today. Must work out. Also not used to tucking in tops. But have finally accepted that leaving stuff loose often makes me look like I just had a baby. Fine for Gwen. F for me. Sigh.

The wide leg Rogan for Target pants threw Mr. Diabolina for a loop today.

He inspected them closely and asked if I was going raving. Then he techno beat boxed. Ugh ;)

p.s. Jonathan Saunders is the next Go International designer. When Jean found out months ago, I said Who??? Steve Saunders????


WendyB said...

Hmmmm...I don't know about those Me & Ro earrings....somehow I've got to get some WendyB earrings on you instead ;-)

I love the pants. Tell Mr D to stop teasing!

weezermonkey said...

Georgina = Satan. Blech!

tam pham said...

i hate jenny too. so annoying. i agree with wendyb, those jeans are great.

JillFantastic said...

Hello! You do not look like you are going raving. When I debuted my wide leg jeans, Mr. Fantastic was also bewildered. :(
You look hot.

dapotato said...

i have started to catch up on the gossip girl, too. ;). i'm behind where you are, though.

amber said...

love the new layout!

i think the said that eric's storyline was going to be explored a bit more this season.

Emily said...

I'm finally watching Gossip Girl from the beginning after loving the last 3 episodes of the season. I have to keep telling myself "these girls are in high school" because it is just sooooo far from what I knew as high school (my school was private and all girls, but that's where the similarity ends!). But who cares about realism, it's TV and fashion and very very entertaining!


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