Friday, September 26, 2008

The Scene
Back in July, the delicious Daisy Duke's invited us to a fab launch party for S.N.O.B. Style TV, a fashion Web site started by her friend Stylista to the Stars.

Since then Stylista to the Stars and her site have been featured in Star, InStyle and 944 where she was called one of L.A.'s Women of Power. Very exciting!

Sensing we might have a lot in common, Stylista and I decided to get together for cocktails and shop(ping) talk. We have been trying to find the time that worked for both of us since early August. So glad our blogger date worked out tonight.

Stylista is sweet and genuine and driven. Her passion for fashion is infectious. She is willing to work hard and also knows her worth. A combination of traits that seems increasingly rare in twentysomethings. Think we could learn alot from each other. This moment seems filled with possibilities dancing around me. Exciting.

Ended the night watching Towelhead with Mr. Diabolina. It's from the same director behind American Beauty and an infinitely more raw, disturbing look at sex in suburbia. Aaron Eckhart is at his smarmy best. Proved I am not ready to have a teenage child anytime soon if ever. And forget about Mr. D. He couldn't watch several scenes. We're so Catholic.

The Scene

Forever 21 dress and jacket

The Accessories
H&M belt
Chanel necklace
Louis Vuitton bag
Marni slides
Fendi watch
Fashion District bracelet

The Grade

The Commentary

Was too exhausted last night to plan an outfit. But had something I've been wanting to try in mind. Short dress, chunky sweater and belt.

Pulled together the pieces and decided I wanted to wear the Max Azaria flat boots and Stella bag to make it all a bit more fall. Am kinda obsessed with flat boots at the moment.

Unfortunately the look didn't feel very work appropriate since this F21 dress is soooo short. Definitely more of a weekend look.

Love that Star Stylista wore a version of my original outfit. A frothy dress by Meghan Fabulous ( a close friend of hers and newly on my radar) with rich brown boots. She doesn't have to worry about an office environment. Lucky ducky.

The choice of yellow is further proof we are kindred fashion spirits.

My ultimate outfit came together very naturally. This gray dress is such a stupendous building block.

This week's US Weekly agrees. The color plus the jersey material makes it so easy, perfect for a casual Friday at the office. And the eyelet drapey jacket dresses up the jersey nicely.

The shoes are a newly rediscovered treat. Love the snakeskin. Especially with the especially pink toes.

The watch I never wear anymore but loved how it looked paired with the bracelet.

Very Hermes Medor watch.

With all these pieces in place I felt very Bar Rafali at the MTV awards. Except not perfect :)

Felt something was missing. Felt the look needed a little bit of pop.
A bit of glam.

That's when I thought to add the little sparkly bow belt.

Probably had visions of the aaaamazing Spring 09 Phillip Lim bow belt dancing in the back of my head. Need it NOW!

I did try out this Topshop obi style belt first. Have had it for ages. Since the last time Asian influences were big in fashion. In the early 2000s?

Have had obis on the brain since I saw the Marc Jacobs show last week.

The collection has actually grown on me quite a bit. Reading this LA Times piece probably helped. Now I can appreciate what Marc was trying to say with the hodgepodge of references.

Plus I took a closer look at the accessories. The bags, bracelets and shoes are stunning and original.

To quote a stylist to the stars, I die.


WendyB said...

Love obis!

Couture Carrie said...

Nice job on your look, esp. the belt and jacket - gorgeous touches! Looks like such a fun event :)


WeezerMonkey said...

Yesterday I wore an Esprit shirt from 1994, an ill-fitting tulip-shaped jean skirt from an outlet store, and Havaiana flip-flops.

In public.

It is amazing we are friends.

Tina :) said...

Love your look! That gray dress is such a great building block. And I am loving obis too.

Tina {Your Everyday Style}

bets0281 said...

Diabolina - I love, love, love your site. I have a goal for this Fall..."First Fashionable Fall. EVER" and your site is helping me get there!

Do you know of any male fashion blogs similar to yours? I would love to read one for my husband.

tam pham said...

i DIE for yellow dresses.

Kelley said...

I love the belt with the gray dress. Once I get in tune with my inner fashion diva, if she exists at all, I need to hit up Forever 21. I usually skip it because nothing ever fits me (Forever 21 = no good for Latina curves!), but I need to give it another try.

lookrichbitch said...

Love your dress! I ordered a new one from F21 and it should be arriving tomorrow. Hope it's cute in person. :)

BTW, I tried out your idea of pretending an old-ish skirt was a new and fashionable high-waisted skirt! I tucked in my tank and threw on a cardi and voila! Instant D-style!

I think it worked because I got a few compliments.

Kiss-kiss for your inspiration.

amber said...

i'm obsessed with flat boots right now, too! my only problem - finding a somewhat affordable tailored pair in a 9.5AA. yeah. F to me.

loving all the grey right now. it's really not stellar with my coloring (even with the bit of a tan i'm sporting right now), but oh well. i'm still rocking it on a weekly basis!


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