Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Scene
AM: Prepped for next week's business trip.
PM: Hit the gym and then watched the Presidential debate online.

While I was happy Obama CLEARLY won, the content of the debate was quite depressing. Between the wars and the economic meltdown, we are in deep doodoo. Marc's window display said it best. George W. Bush=Worst President Ever.

There is so much fear in the air right now, no? It's palpable. I can practically taste it. And I fear that all this fear will make Americans too afraid to vote for change in November. That would be the most frightening outcome of all. Hope I'm way off base on this one...

If you are a fashionista who still hasn't supported the Obama campaign, I encourage you to donate via Runway to Change. Some of today's hottest designers have created affordable andadorable pieces that you can purchase to wear your support loud and proud.

The DVF tote is my fave.

Jean Bean digs the Alexander Wang tank.

Help take the country back.
And look cute doing it.
Paid for by Diabolina Does Politics :)

For dinner, Mr. Diabolina and I hit Sonora Cafe. Always delectable. He had their signature pork chop, I had the Cochinita Pibil. Because I am a cochinita. Boo to meals that are NAMED for you.

After dinner, as we waited for the valet, I taught Mr. D how to pose like a fashion blogger. If you don't know, I'm a bit of an anomaly. When I do my daily outfit snapshot, I look at the camera. I don't try to make it look like a candid. I don't get artsy. I actually pose. And - gasp! - I even smile.

I don't scowl. I don't try to look vacant. I don't pretend to be fasinated by my shoes. It's a little thing but an important distinction to me. It's a little like the difference between Lucky and Nylon.

I want my blog to feel real. I want to help make fashion accessible not alienating. I want to create a place for women who are interested in fashion but who have a lot more on their minds than just shoes.

I'm not really interested in being just another fashion blog. God knows there are enough already. I want my writing to make others think and feel. Cry and laugh. Maybe feel inspired. Or understood. Or not alone.

Most of all, I'd like to create a community where women connect - not only with each other but with their own beauty, inner strength and power.

And, call me crazy, but I find it hard to connect when you're looking down at your shoes self-consciously ;)

The Outfit
J Brand jeans
H&M lace top
Emporio Armani blazer

The Accessories
Chanel earrings and bag
Michael Kors stilletos
Forever 21 belt and Fashion District bracelet

The Grade

The Commentary

Rushed to get dressed this evening for dinner. Was a bit discombobulated from listening to the debate and realizing how long it's going to take to undo the damage of the last 8 years. Felt like black was the only appropriate, somber enough choice. Thought black lace might make it look on trend for fall.

Decided to debut this new H&M lace top. Just $30. And unfortunately it kinda looks like it cost $30. The horror.

Buyer beware: Lace is notoriously hard to get right on the cheap. It's one of the fabrics where you really get what you pay for so you should expect to pay top dolla. Wish I had serious cash to drop on this season's Prada. The craftsmanship is exquisite. Especially intoxicating in person.

Tried to salvage the top by luxe-ing it up: added the Armani jacket and the Chanel earrings and purse. Also removed the top's satin sash (BLECH!) and added the pretty F21 belt. Felt like I was performing a surgery where I was trying to stop the bleeding. F.

Thankfully, Mr. D was much more concerned with my hot shoes than with the cheap top.

I think I've created a monster.


MissJordyPants said...

hahahaha love the blogger commentary. I HATE those photos... the "I'm too cool to even look at the camera. Blah."


WeezerMonkey said...

This is better than "pass"!

Kelley said...

I agree! Much better than pass...especially for throwing it together last minute.

I also agree about there being a strange fear in the air. I'm scurred, even though I think we've done everything to protect ourselves. It still feels like anything can happen, kwim?

Leslie said...

Your fears about people being afraid to vote for change are my fears as well.

It is a tough world out there.

I always enjoy reading your blog, even though I'm not really into fashion. I like the way you make it more about being real and less about being a supermodel.

WendyB said...

My big smile totally disqualifies me as a typical fashion blogger too. ENC and I are plotting a shoot together that will involve hair-touching, lip-pouting and shoe-staring. Just so we can fit in.

lookrichbitch said...

Mr. D is a crackup!

Emily said...

I loved looking though the Obama/designer gear...thanks for sharing the link.

Just FYI, in Chile "cochinita" is a pet name, something you say to friends and lovers when they're being particularly cute. Not just a little piggy. So you can choose to focus on that side of things, no? And as far as the inspiring and laughing and crying do that. And you usually look damn good doing it, even if this economy means that some of the higher end pieces will not be making their way into my wardrobe any time soon.

tam pham said...

i'm not the biggest fan of lace, but the prada lace pieces KILL me. want them so bad.

Ann Marie said...

"I want my writing to make others think and feel."

This reader thinks you have succeeded at this. :-)

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

Ok, you have convinced me, I will try to look at the camera and smile. I hope I don't break the lens. Thanks for a fab post as always. So love your blog.

amy said...

boo to women who stare at their feet. unless you stare with the carefree innocence of Mr. D, whose pose seems to say, "yes, i can conjugate the past pluperfect, and yes, i also have fun shoes!"

JillFantastic said...

Mr. D has an amazing fashion blogger pose. He's soon to be a MySpace Muse - I'm sure of it.

"I want my blog to feel real. I want to help make fashion accessible not alienating." You have accomplished this. While I enjoy gawking at many of the "scowler" blogs, I can't relate. You, your clothes, your blog make sense to real people. Meaning people over the age of 15.

Tiffany said...

There are so many of "those" fashion bloggers out there that's why I'm glad I have blogs like yours to read.

I like being in the "smiling into the camera" group. Seems to be very few of us out there.

ShoeZQ said...

I love how you are cracking a big smile even while staring at your feet. Your blog is one of a handful of fashion blogs I read and serves as great inspiration for little ol me sitting here in the midwest. So thanks for being you and keep rocking those belts. You're getting the hang of it.

Nololos said...

I love your Blog, girl. The reason I do is because you are so relatable! Keep it up, you inspire me and make me think.
Michelle and I are hitting Honolulu today. Watch out! We can't even tell you how excited we are to see a real live F21.
I'll snap a pic.
Keep up the great, fun and silly work.

Audrey Leighton said...


My name is Audrey Rogers. I am style editor for The Durham Sanctuary University Newpaper, I also am a contributor for and have my own blog: I just wanted to say, that I LOVE your blog, its content is truly inspirational and I love the way you present fashion to your blogger audience. Yours has, I must admit, become a must-read for me. Anyway, I was wondering, would you like to exchange links? Personally I would love to reccommend your blog to my readers and would really appreciate it if you did the same for me. So let me know, check me out on, for some delicious fashion ramblings and digressions!

xxxx audrey leighton rogers

Couture Carrie said...

Glad to see Mr. D has impeccable taste as well!
And yes it makes me physically nauseous to consider the damage W has done to our country. I think Jon Stewart said it best this morning on The View, that Bush won't be happy until he leaves the White House burning. So sad.
Go Obama!
P.S. Love your real poses :)


Bostonista said...


Sable Crow said...

F. I love you two, looking at your shoes. But Mr. D is smiling, which ruins the look. He should look disaffected, and unhappy if possible. Or not unhappy, but resentful. That's a better word.

When did resentful become sexy?

BTW: I know he's a straight guy, but what digs with the untucked, oversized embroidered shirts on Mr. D? Can you show me the fashion reference? I don't think I get what he's referencing. On a boy with SUCH delicious taste in shoes... for girls AND boys.

Anonymous said...

Like all the others before me said, I love your blog because there is so much personality. & smiles! I say instead of artsy, those other bloggers are pretentious! I also love that you make an effort to comb your hair. Do you notice they never have pictures with friends? All alone....just saying.

amber said...

that is what is so great about this blog, that it's so accesible and not pretentious. <3


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