Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Scene
Felt better today.

Went running after work. First time I've worked out since we found out about da tumah. Yes, I know I've been a naughty kitten. But just haven't had the energy until today.

It felt great to move and sweat and accomplish. Also felt great to do it while watching Hilary Clinton endorse Obama. LOVED when she called her supporters the sisterhood of the traveling pantsuit.

I was quite moved when she talked about generations of women who have come before us and the generations still to come. Am FINALLY starting to get election fever. What a historic moment we get to witness.

Finished the night with a little Gossip Girl. Am up to episode three. So far it's heavenly.

The Outfit
Jennifer Nicholson button down
J Brand skinny jeans

The Accessories
Chanel bag
Fashion District zebra bangle
Tory Burch sandals
Me&Ro necklaces
Gucci sunglasses
Louis Vuitton earrings

The Grade

The Commentary

Built today's entire look around the top. I got it over five years ago at a sample sale for something like $30. Makes me feel like a West Palm Beach lady who lunches. Wore my Me&Ro gold neclaces and Louis Vuitton earrings to play up the golden girl effect.

Adore the vibrant print but I love the little details even more. The pointy collar and the blingy buttons and the pleating through the body. Love how perfectly it works with the Chanel.

Also loving how it plays off the zebra bracelet so well. Just look at how the zebra's green eyes match the shirt perfectly!!!

Selected this little Marc Jacobs hair clip to complete the matching detail madness. (Please excuse my scalp. WTF??? Apparently I am finally going bald after 20 years of dyeing my hair. Ugh. )

Tamed the fro with a little retro pouf in the front and winged my eye liner.

Very Valley of the Dolls.

Very sixties-pill-popping-Sharon-Tate chic.

Also very JLo somehow. Maybe it's the Florida connection...

Definitely JLo when she was pregnant. I have been eating soooo much lately that I have taken to cupping my belly much like this photo. Sigh.

Me thinks the print of the top is also a little Pucci meets Tibi crossed with Trina Turk, no?

Maybe a little Tory Burch too. That's probably why the flats felt so right with it.

But it is actually Jennifer Nicholson. She is Jack's daughter. Not sure what happened to her.

She was hot for a while there in the L.A. fashion scene and then she all but disappeared. She was a little Betsy Johnson, a little Juicy Couture. Girly and frou frou and a tad gaudy.

Little Miss MBA took me to one of her runway shows at Smashbox Studios years ago. She had a front row seat through work and even ended up wrangling me one. I was kinda pooping my pants about it.

But then right as the show was about to start there was a mad scramble. They started asking people to shift seats. We were moved to the third row. Little Miss MBA was not pleased.

Suddenly, there was a blinding flash of cameras. And when they stopped we saw it was all for Jack. He ended up taking the VERY seat I'd vacated in the front row.

Apparently, there was a Lakers game that night and no one had expected him to show up at his daughter's show. Super cool that he did. I kinda worship him. Terms of Endearment and The Shiningn are my faves.

In the gift bag that night we got lots of little trinkets - gift certificates to hair salons I couldn't afford back then and some awesome Kerastase products. But this remains one of my faves.

Just a simple, off the shoulder tank top with a pop of pink. I'd pair it with white pants and green earrings for summer nights out with my high school girls. When I was s spry 26. And had a full head of hair. Sigh.

I'd feel a little bad ass when I wore it. Probably because of the Jack story. Probably because this is what it says on the back. Hee hee. I like when my clothes swear and make funnies.


weezermonkey said...

So excited you're loving Gossip Girl! Hope today was fun! My football boy is still not home yet.

Kate said...

That picture withe jacket checking is hilarious. I think tangerine was probably the best choice.

Kate said...

withe....funny typo. I'm just being efficient.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Hilary looked fresher then normal in that orange suit!

I'll try to remember to link you...

WendyB said...

Ooh! Jack touched your seat!
I like that top -- great colors.

we wear things said...

great outfit! and great blog! thanks for stopping by!


Victoria said...

i've always wondered what happened to jennifer nicholson too... love the shirt!

amber said...

glad you're enjoying GG! my stupid dvr ate last night's episode so i'm having to catch the encore on sunday night. booo!

that is huge that jack missed the game to see his daughter's show! very cool.

Fabianna (H.Finn Jewelry) said...

how totally funny what a small world it is, was totally at the fashion week and on that day. was in line for the JN show and saw Jack, but alas it was so packed I surrendered and gave up. Checked out YaYa earlier in the day though and was fab.

And I love that JN top! It is so palm beach but in a young and fun way.


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