Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Scene
Guess who's now a citizen??? YAYAYAYAYYA!

The interview/test was a breeze. She knew her stuff backwards and fowards. Did I mention her citizenship class instructor taught good ole Governor Arnie? We both worried for nothing.

We picked her patriotic ensemble out on Monday. Like the Project Runway contestants, we thought red was a must. Wanted the look to scream, "GO USA."

The sheer polka dotted blouse is Marc Jacobs as are the shoes and the sunnies. All dreamy together. The slacks are Theory, the bag Canal Street Goyard. She even got her hair did yesterday. Love the slight pompadour. Very Amy Winehouse ;)

Celebrated her ability to vote in the upcoming election with a big breakfast. Then did a little retail therapy on the Westside. Hit Shabby Chic and then The UCLA Thrift store - the real haven of shabby chic.

This hidden gem of a resale place has been a favorite of mine for over a decade. But it is the very definition of hit or miss. Today it was a hit.

First of all it was brimming with Chanel.

Nubby yummy classic tweed jackets that normally retail for thousands were under $400.

Knew on sight none of the jackets were The One.

But couldn't resist dating them all in the dressing room. This last one would have been a possibility if it had been two sizes bigger. The shoulders were a bit more modern than the other two.

I always cherish the chance to soak up a Chanel piece up close and personal.

The details are delightfully stunning. Like this violet lining of interlocking C's. Ugh. Heavenly.

And this button alone is worth the price of admission. My camera sucks but you get the idea - a swirl of interlocking C's and more interlocking C's :)

Also found a beautiful beaded Alexander McQueen dress for $30!!

Alas it did nothing for my figure. No waist definition. And a weird in-between length on me. Boo.

The slit was hot tho.

The shoe section was also full of gently worn treasures. These Prada peep-toes were lovely and just $35. Half a size too small for me. A full size too big for my mom. Wah.

Almost got these Bottega Venetas but decided I wouldn't wear them much. The shape is not great on a larger foot and the heel too sensible. Tough to "just say no" because they were just $30. REDICULOUS DEAL!

Ended up getting my mom a great pair of Stuart Weitzman tortoise shell pumps ($30.) And I got silver Gucci heels ($80), Fendi peep-toe wedges ($60)

At the last minute also found the perfect Robert Rodriguez high waisted skirt($25.) Looks strikingly similar to a Phillip Lim one I've been admiring that's about $400. Amazing scores.

Continued the celebration with mani pedis. My mom decided to live dangerously and use my Blue Satin Chanel nail polish.

I followed her lead, did something I never do - PINK ON MY NAILS! Also fell in love with a purple for my toes. The name is hilariously dramatic - Desperate Attempt!

Ended our day of girlie fun with Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. LOVED the first movie. This one wasn't as good but still enjoyed the tales of female friendship. Very Sex and the City meets The Babysitters' Club.

Tonight one of the Olympic stories I heard was quite inspiring. A Chinese gymnast under the media glare said "When you are under so much pressure, you need to transform it and turn it into something that helps you overcome." Wise words to keep in mind in the coming days.

The Outfit
Fashion District bubble tank
Rogan for Target shorts

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton earrings
Stuart Weitzman sandals
Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch
Chanel sunglasses
Banks&Biddle bangle

The Grade

The Commentary
Got colorful today. Figured all the sherbet colors screamed "Hooray, you passed your test!" and "That tumor can't keep us down." Sigh.

The bubble top was perfect with the $6 Rogan shorts. It hides a bit of 31-year-old tummy perfectly while drawing attention to the still-perky cleav instead. Love how one of the buttons at the neckline is the exact color of my desperate toes.

My fashion mentor Gwynnie recently rocked some white shorts herself. She paired hers with strappy stilettos and a sheer tee with rolled up sleeves. What do you think??

I HATE it. There I said it. I think Mrs. Seinfeld looks Hamptons chic but Gwynnie looks trailer park trashy.

I mean I get it - you have insanely great legs, G. Thanks for all the near crotch flashes! I just firmly believe that when you see the beginning of ass cheek you're shorts are too short. Simple. Bought my cuffed white shorts just baggy and long enough to be seemly for a lady of my age, figure, and stature in the community (the daughter of a new citizen after all.)

Here are two more white shorts disasters. Dig the color palette Hilary's going for but the short shorts with the tight tube top are not as becoming even on someone so young and pretty.

And this whole Jessica Simpson outfit is an UGH. She is like the UCLA Thrift Store. Total hit or miss. More misses than hits unfortunately.

But even she can't ruin the dreaminess of my mom's Marc Jacobs blouse ;)


lookrichbitch said...

So proud of your mom! Yay!!!

I need to go to LA asap! Thrift store heaven!

weezermonkey said...

Mr. Monkey is clapping and cheering! We both say YAY!!!

WendyB said...

Congrats to the new citizen!

tam pham said...

congrats mami!!!

Michelle said...

Hooray for your mama! Both of you - Que linda!

Fabianna (H.Finn Jewelry) said...

congrats to your mommy! love that robert rodriguez skirt! need to visit that ucla thrift store- never been!

Jadelily said...

Congrats to mommy!

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! Sounds like it was a great day!!! I need to get to LA if for nothing other than that thrift store (thrift stores here in Ohio never seem to have decent designer pieces)!

I found this Olympic fashion review and figured you'd get a kick out of it:

Victoria said...

congrats to your mama! that is amazing :) you guys both look adorable!

amber said...

congratulations to your mommy!!

you both look so sunny today :)

Juana said...

Yippity dippity!! The pic with her hand in the air kills me. Too cute!! I saw Sisterhood 2 and thought that art model was hotter than lava rock. Those eyes!! I think the movie jumped around more than a Mexican jumping bean, though.

Ann Marie said...

Congrats to your mom!

dapotato said...

congrats to mommy! her hair looks so much better (and more real) than amy winehouse's.

Ly said...

HOORAY for your mommy! and love the fun new toes. i need to get mor risky on my nail-polish color one of these days, I have no problem with color anywhere else in my life:)

Kate said...

Love mommy's hair and outfit. Love the purchases you two made. love that you are into the Sisterhood/pants too. I'm getting teased really hard right now for wanting to see that movie. Also, your hands look really skinny and elegant. Cracking myself up with "skinny hands" compliment but it's true.

Mar5195 said...

I am definetly going to his up that UCLA thrift store. Geez Louise the footwear alone is pretty awesome.

Felicidades to Mama D on her citizenship! What a great time to make your first vote for President.

Sable Crow said...

Congrats to mama! there are few things more celebratory than Chanel. Kiss you.


alyssa said...

Yeah to your mom! I love that you and your mom have such a close relationship/friendship! You're so fortunate! Congratulations!!!

Tiffany said...

congrats to your mommy!! yay!


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